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Daria Shchegolyayeva

Дарья Щеголяева

Prime Minister of Romanovskaya
Assumed Office
2nd June 2020



Preceded By

Timofey Shevelyok

Deputy Prime Minister of Romanovskaya
In Office
18th May 2018 - 2nd June 2020



Prime Minister

Timofey Shevelyok

Preceded By

Matvey Rokossovsky

Minister of Finance
Assumed Office
13 March 2005

Prime Minister

Artemiy Rabrenovich
Sergey Nekrasov
Timofey Shevelyok

Preceeded By

Karolina Shushaleva

Minister of Health
In Office
28 February 2003 - 12 March 2005

Preceded By

Viktoriya Kazakova

Succeeded By

Valentina Kuvychko

Deputy of the Imperial Duma
Assumed Office
11 February 2001


Royal Appointment

Personal Information


9 February 1966 (age 54)
Vyborg, Romanovskaya




Leonid Charkov (m. 2003)

Alma mater

University of Vyborg


Doctor of Economics (2008)


Professor (2017)




Statesman, Politician, Financier


Russian Orthodox Christianity


Daria Shchegolyayeva

Daria Alexeyevna Shchegolyayeva (Russian: Дарья Алексе́евна Щеголяева; born 9 February 1966) is a Romanovan politician and economist who has served as the Prime Minister of Romanovskaya since 2020.

She served as the Minister of Health from 2003 to 2005, Minister of Finance from 2005 to 2020 and Deputy Prime Minister from 2018 to 2020. She has served as a member of the Imperial Duma since 2001.

She graduated from the University of Vyborg with a specialization in public economics in 1987. She became a Doctor of Economics in 2008 and a Professor in 2017.


In 1987 she graduated from the General Economics Department at the University of Vyborg , specializing in Public Economics.

In 2005 she wrote her thesis on "Formation of the organizational and economic mechanism for managing the economy of Romanovskaya on the basis of effective regulation of inter-budgetary relations", prepared at the University of Vyborg under the scientific supervision of Doctor of Economics, Professor Lyagushkin.

In 2008, she wrote her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economics (topic: “Theory and Methodology of Management of Intergovernmental Relations in Romanovskaya”), again prepared at the General Economics Department at the University of Vyborg.

In 2016, anonymous internet activists reported that numerous undocumented borrowings from other works were found in Shchegolyayeva’s candidate and doctoral dissertations.

Professional Career

Ministry of Finance

  • 1987 - after graduating from the University of Vyborg, she worked as a junior researcher in the wage department of the Ministry of Finance.

  • 1990 - 1st category economist, leading economist of the consolidated department of the state budget of the Ministry of Romanovskaya

  • 1992 - leading economist, chief economist, head of the budget policy and analysis department of the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance of Romanovskaya;

  • 1995 - Head of the Consolidated Budget Division of the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance of Romanovskaya

  • 1996 - Deputy Head of the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance of Romanovskaya

  • 1997 - Member of the board of the Ministry of Finance of Romanovskaya

  • 1998 - Head of the Department of Budget Policy of the Ministry of Finance of Romanovskaya

  • 1999 - Deputy Minister of Finance of Romanovskaya

  • 2002 - First Deputy Minister of Finance of Romanovskaya

The main task for Shchegolyayeva while working at the Ministry of Finance of Romanovskaya was to draft a national budget. In addition to budgeting, as Deputy Minister of Finance of Romanovskaya, Shchegolyayeva oversaw intergovernmental relations , financing of science , the state apparatus , the social sphere and security.

Daria Shchegolyayeva as Head of the
Department of Budget Policy, 1998

Minister of Health

In February 2003, Shchegolyayeva was appointed Minister of Health of Romanovskaya in the government of Artemiy Rabrenovich, taking this position after the dismissal of Viktoriya Kazakova.

During Shchegolyayeva's time in the Ministry of Health of Romanovskaya, a pension reform was carried out, the result of which was the unification of the basic and insurance parts of the pension, the replacement of the unified social tax (UST) with insurance contributions, an increase in contributions from 26 to 34%, the launch of the co-financing of pensions program. The new regulation received the circulation of drugs: a law was passed that introduced a new system for regulating the price of drugs and established new requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. Also, under the leadership of Shchegolyayeva , a number of programs were launched, including the creation of a national blood service, the prevention of serious diseases (oncological, cardiovascular, support for reproductive health), and the creation of trauma centers along major routes. A number of Shchegolyayeva's initiatives, for example, the reform of the pension system and the replacement of the unified social tax back with insurance contributions, provoked a sharp reaction from the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance. However, Shchegolyayeva managed to defend her position, which was due to her high authority and trust on the part of the then Prime Minister Artemiy Rabrenovich.

Under the leadership of Shchegolyayeva began reform in the health sector to improve the quality of medical care. In 2004, Shchegolyayeva presented to the Imperial Duma a draft state program called “Accessible Environment” to ensure access for people with disabilities and other low-mobility groups to facilities and improve their living standards.

Minister of Finance

In 2005, Shchegolyayeva became Minister for Finance. Her period in office in the Ministry of Finance coincided with the rapid growth of the Romanovan economy due to increased female participation in the labour force, decades of tuition-free secondary education; targeting of foreign direct investment and a low corporation tax rate.

Shchegolyayeva has always been consistent in campaigning for further cutting taxes and spending. As Minister for Finance, she had an opportunity to implement these policies. During her term in Finance, she has made many changes to simplify the tax system while cutting spending by streamlining many public services. She has maintained a significant surplus during her fifteen years in Finance by forecasting tax takes which were lower than average. She simultaneously implemented a tax-cutting programme, major increases in health, education and policing spending as well as increasing investment in infrastructural development to 5% of GDP.

Unemployment fell from 8% to 3.7%. Real GDP growth fell steadily, however, from a peak of over 11% in 2007 when Shchegolyayeva took office to just over 4% in 2014. Real GDP growth across the full period of Shchegolyayeva's tenure represented by far one of the highest average of any European country. Inflation was increased from 1.5% in 2007, to 5.5% in 2010, before falling steadily to just over 2% in 2014.

Prime Minister

Following the announcement by the then Prime Minister, Timofey Shevelyok that he would be resigning, Shchegolyayeva announced her intention to seek nominations for the position. Her campaign was successful, with 16 of her nominators getting elected giving her a majority in the Duma. She was subsequently elected to the position in the first round of votes, defeating Yuriy Illyushin and Vsevolod Yevstigneyev.


Shchegolyayeva's colleagues noted her efficiency, and also claimed that Shchegolyayeva remembers all the National budget figures by heart. For this, she received the nicknames "Miss budget".

Shchegolyayeva had authority by having support of Princess Marina which was part of the reason for Artemiy Rabrenovich offered her the post of Minister of Health in 2003. The support of the Princess, according to journalist Vsevolod Demidov, helped Shchegolyayeva solve controversial issues, such as the reform of the pension system and the replacement of the unified social tax back to insurance premiums.

When she was the Minister of Health, some experts criticised Shchegolyayeva for the sole decision-making without having important discussions with the professional medical community.

Shchegolyayeva's work as a Minister was accompanied by a number of scandals in regional ministries. One of them was related to the purchase of a CT scanner for a total of 35 million Imperial Rubles ($2.5 million). A it turned out, it was purchased through intermediaries at an inflated price. Prime Minister Artemiy Rabrenovich instructed Shchegolyayeva to bring the guilty officials to justice.

Personal Life

Daria Shchegolyayeva during a press conference
at the Ministry of Finance, 2019


Daria Shchegolyayeva has been married twice. The first marriage lasted five years; According to Shchegolyayeva , the reason for the divorce was “different views on life”. In 2003, she married Leonid Charkov (also his second marriage). Charkov is a member of the board of directors of KRA Royal Romanovan Airlines.

Daria Shchegolyayeva belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church through the Metropolis of Vyborg and All Romanovskaya. In 2001, Leonid Charkov and Daria Shchegolyayeva created a charity fund for the refurbishment of the Konevsky Monastery. The co-founders of the fund were also a number of large businessmen. For participation in the restoration of the monastery, Shchegolyayeva and Charkov received church awards.

The press noted Shchegolyayeva’s tendency to wear expensive and extravagant outfits and jewelry, sometimes not in line with business ethics.

According to Shchegolyayeva she enjoys skating, cooking and adheres to a special diet.

Property & Income

Shchegolyayeva’s income in 2012 amounted to just over 1 million Imperial Rubles ($74,000). She ownes land in Romanovskaya with a total area of 75 acres as well as an apartment with 142.4m² living space. Her husband is the owner of an apartment with an area of ​​218.6m², land with a total area of ​​1.99 hectares and two residential buildings with an area of ​​991.4m² and 336.8m².

It has been reported that Shchegolyayeva and Charkov own various real estate properties in a number of global cities around the globe however this cannot be confirmed.

Community Activities & Charity

Shchegolyayeva is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Support of the Deaf people, otherwise called "Unity".


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