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The Chronicle of Commonwealth #3

21.03.2027, first Slavic day of 7536 (spring)

New Slavic Year.

The new year 7536 has started! Vulgarians and Graznavians were uproariously celebrating it. A lot of Marzannas/Maras has been drowned in the rivers. King Lech XXI was celebrating with his family, too. He made a big Marzanna, which however he burnt instead of drowning. Marzanna (in Vulgarian) or Mara (in Graznavian) is a goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature. She is an ancient goddess associated with winter's death and rebirth and dreams. Burning or drowning her doll symbolises the farewell of Winter.

Vulgaro-graznavian commonwealth