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The Global FreeTrade Consortium

The Global FreeTrade Consortium

Name of Organisation:

The Global FreeTrade Consortium



Organisation Type:

International Economic Consortium /
International Economic Block


Discord for Members:

Founder Nation:

Republic of Port Ember

Current "Chairman of the Consortium":

Republic of Port Ember


Jenny Jenkins Tower; Financial District; Lilly Black Borough; Port Ember Megalopolis; Republic of Port Ember.

Member Nations:

28 Sovreign States

Membership Status:

Open for Application

Member Nations

Republic of Port Ember

The Militarised Nation of Iarann Grudaidh

The United Socialist States of Crysuko

The Royal Commonwealth of Palmyrion

The United States of Ibica

The Armed Republic of The Chuck

Federal Empire of Astares Amauricanum

The Union of British North America

Republic of Upfetra

Federal Republic of Nacrad

The Most Serene Republic of Delmonte

The Democratic Federal Republic of Willitya

The Republic of Voxija

The Halcyon Archipelago of Ko-oren

Most Serene Republic of Montevento

The Sultanate of Harjylistan

The Sultanate of Syrel

The Republic of Eastern Otherlesayis

The People's Republic of Armyansk

The Monarchy of Diarcesia

The Federal Rebuplic of Empirical switzerland

The United Federation of Charellia

The Democratic Federation of New Transeurasia

The Most Serene Republic of Nouvelle-dunkerque

The United Kingdom of Storrelandet

The EPCOT and Conch Republic of Timmy City

The United Kingdom of Reino do Brazil

The Kingdom of Eikotomi

The Grand Duchy of Cronica

The Republic of Lushansk

The Dominion of Serpens Land

The Global Free Trade Consortium (GFTC) is an international economic consortium/block consisting out of a large number of sovreign nations from various geographical locations, political system and economic models.


The aim of The Consortium is to establish a group of nations whom shares a common goal of fair and free market trade with the ultimate goal of developing their respective economies.

Modus Operandi

The Consortium works in numurous methods in order to achieve its aim:

- All member nations waives trade tariffs (import/export taxes) on traded goods, allowing all nations involved to increase their export quantities and decrease import costs. This only applies to trade between member nations, the member nations maintains these tariffa when trading with non-members.

- In an effort to construct strong diplomatic ties and economic cooperation, the member nations regularly offers special economic programs only open to fellow member nations.

- In an effort to construct strong diplomatic ties and economic cooperation, the member nations regularly offers special economic trade offers only open to fellow member nations.

- The Consortium Bank - an unique Investment Bank, offers it services only to member nations.

Current Special Trade Deals

- Port Emberian Naval Transport Program


The Jenny Jenkins Tower

The Headquarters of the Global Free Trade Consortium is located in the Jenny Jenkins Tower, located within the Financial District of the Lilly Black Borough of Port Ember Megalopolis; Republic of Port Ember.

This state of the art building was purpose build for hosting the GFTC. The headquarters hosts both the administrative staff of the Consortium, and the international delegates of all the member nations. These luxurious and state of the art delegate offices are assigned to each member nation, and even though it is not mandatory to permanently be staffed, these offices are permanently reserved.

The building is constructed as a Smart Building and utilises only the best available and environmentally friendly technology to ensure its sustainability, luxury and productivity, to ensure the smooth running of a global trade network with ease.

A luxurious Member Nation Office within the Jenny Jenkins Tower

The Consortium Investment Bank

The Consortium Investment Bank Complex

Shortly after the government of Port Ember decided to establish the Consortium, they realised the desperate need many nations held regarding high level financial services, and that this need is what kept many nations from expanding their economies. Thus the government formed a partnership with several successfull Port Emberian conglomorates and established the Consortium Investment Bank in order to meet several needs for the coming venture.

The Bank offers High Return Investment Services, Development Loans and Safety Vault Services.

The Bank owns a secure vault where member nations may safely store their gold reserves or other valuable objects. The vault is a secure facility, seperate from the Main Bank Building. Between its fenced perimeter and granite lined concrete structure lie rings of razor wire and minefields. The grounds are monitored by high-resolution night vision video cameras and microphones. The subterranean vault is made of hardened steel plates, I-beams and concrete cylinders. Its torch and drill resistant door is 60cm thick and weighs 20 tons. The vault door is set on a 100-hour time lock, and can only be opened by members of the vault staff who must dial separate combinations. The complex itself is located within the center of a classified Port Ember Security Forces (military) base to add yet another layer of security.

The Consortium Vault Complex

The Consortium's Constitution

Constitution of the Global Free Trade Consortium

Article 1: Leadership of the Consortium

As a true volunteer-based organisation, the Consortium does not have a Leadership Structure.

Article 1a

Although the Consortium does not have a Leadership Structure, the Republic of Port Ember, as the founding member of the Consortium, is hereby appointed as the "Chairman of the Consortium", whose roles will be to manage membership and provide general guidance to member nations.

Article 2: Membership within the Consortium

All sovreign nations, regardless of political affiliation; philosophy or alignment is open to apply for membership within the Consortium, unless being excplicitly prohibited by any sub article of Article 2.

Article 2a

As per Article 2, the term "Sovreign Nation" is defined as a "Legal and recognised nation state". Thus organisations of a nation, or a unrecognised state is barred from applying for membership within the Consortium.

Article 2b

All nations owing allegiance to the region of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is barred from applying for membership within the Consortium until this article is ammended, without exception.

Article 2c

No nation whom engages in government sanctioned human slavery/trafficking will be allowed membership into the Consortium, and any current member nation found to be partaking in these activities will have their membership revoked.

Article 2d

Membership to the Consortium is pending on the approval of the Chairman of the Consortium, as per Article 1. By this same Article, membership may be revoked by the Chairman.

Article 3: Benefits and Responsibilities

In order to be allowed to become a member nation of the Consortium, and enjoy its benefits, such nation must agree to this article (3) and sub articles (3a; 3b; 3c) without exception.

Article 3a

All member nations of the Consortium will waive all import/export levies of goods imported/exported from/to another member nation.

Article 3b

All member nations are allowed access to the services of the Consortium Investment Bank. Non member nations are not allowed access to this services.

Article 3c

Trade Deals amongst member nations are highly encouraged - however all these deals are on pure volunteer basis.

Article 4a: General

This Consortium is a volunteer trading block, and is not a military alliance of any sort.

Article 4b: General

This constitution and any article may be ammended by majority vote.


- The logo of the GFTC was designed by Iarann Grudaidh

- All other images are found on google and thus I am not the owner. I do not gain in any manner from its use.

The Republic of Port Ember