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Niamark: Government Guide


Government Reference
The Landsdelarsunion of Niamark is a meritocracy. What this means in practice is that you get out of the region what you put in. Those who contribute to the region will be recognized and given greater opportunities. There is always room for us to growólook over the various government branches below and see what appeals to you, then reach out to learn how to get involved.

Confused as to what our "government" is and does? Read this!

Executive Branch
The Landsdelarsunion of Niamark is under the leadership of the Cyning, who appoints and oversees Reeves, approves Thing legislation, and has the final word in all aspects of the region. This position is granted by virtue of controlling the Founder nation.

The first and current Cyning is Lycos.

The Reeves are appointed to oversee various aspects, or Offices of the government. Any citizen can apply to work in one or more offices by contacting the appropriate Reeve.

Office of Diplomacy
Reeve: None (Contact Lycos)
The Office of Diplomacy maintains Niamark's relationships with other regions. Diplomacy staff are tasked with distributing foreign affairs updates and being the first point of contact between their assigned region and Niamark. Diplomacy work is a great place to learn about other regions and jumpstart your career in regional government.

Office of Culture
Reeve: Woodapple
The Office of Culture seeks to enrich the culture of Niamark through activities and events. Culture staff are tasked with the planning and execution of events and activities. They are also tasked with producing media to report on these events.

Office of Integration
The Office of Integration is responsible for maintaining regional population as well as encouraging nations to become Landsdelar. Integration staff are tasked with assisting recruitment efforts and encouraging new nations to become citizens. Any resident can join this office by joining the Discord server and using the command ">request Integration".

Office of Engagement
Reeve: Blazewater
The Office of Engagement works at the ground level to encourage new residents to get involved in the region, and promotes activity on gameside platforms.

Legislative Branch
The Thing is Niamark's legislature, composed of all Landsdelar. It creates and discusses bills that define the Union's structure and law. It is presided over by the Lagman, which is elected every three months. Any Landsdel may submit legislation. All passed bills or resolutions must be approved by the Cyning.

The current Lagman is The HappyCat Signatory Peoples Union.

Judicial Branch
The Fogdar, in addition to their other duties, serve as the judicial council. They review legislation when petitioned to do so and judge criminal cases. The current Fogdar are Nordsville and Blazewater.

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