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Colonies of Havalland

The City of Manjat


The port city of Manjat sits on the western point of the main Aziran island and was used by the Havallish to control the Straight of Manjat and profit off of the trading ships traveling through the straight, in the Late 17th century the city was considered a safe place from pirates and trade with the Havallish colony increased. In the 20th century the need for Havalland to control the straight was gone as the Havallish mainland itself became a trade hub because of its central position in the Mesder Sea and so Havallish handed the port colony over to The aziran islands in 1947.
The Royal Provenance of Solaryia


Solaryia is an island to the south of Havalland, in 1414 under King Erik Klaus III Havalland invaded Solaryia and would found the colonial town of New Everenn.
In 1419 Havalland continued its invasion and brought all of Solaryia under the Havallish banner. Solaryia though a brief colony of Havalland was greatly important to the expansion of the empire. Solaryia also played an important role in fighting piracy in the trade rich Mesder sea. Havalland released the rebellious colony after a war that cost too much to maintain. The Solaryia colony became independent in 1751.