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'Death Penalty Ban'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Death Penalty Ban'
Author: Imperium Anglorum
Purpose: To internationally ban the death penalty, except for war crimes.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

As resounding as it is short, the at-vote resolution "Death Penalty Ban" calls for the immediate abolishment of the death penalty in the name of human dignity, citing ineffectiveness and discrimination in its application, in addition to the horrifying, yet unescapable possibility of irreversibly executing innocents. Founded on the significantly lower probability of this happening before a wartime military tribunal, the sole exception to that ban is designated to be for crimes under a military penal code committed in war. The arguments presented for these measures are sound and to the point, plus, should member states in the future decide they warrant a ban on the death penalty for war crimes also, the wording of the proposal leaves room for future legislation to that effect without needing to repeal it first. Thus, OWL recommends a vote FOR the at-vote resolution, "Death Penalty Ban".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Arvan Irawer is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Arvan Irawer wrote:The Death penalty is cruel and should be abolished. The proposal makes excellent points about the fact that the death penalty does nothing overall.

Tepertopia is a Deputy Chair in the South Pacific and the Secretary of OWL.

Tepertopia wrote:I believe the death penalty to be disproportionate and without a doubt not supportable for ordinary lawbreakers, and only in the most severe cases of war criminals, like a genocidal dictator, where a wrongful conviction simply isn't in the realm of the possible, their atrocious deeds are unquestionably unforgivable and allowing them what they denied their victims couldn't possibly be truly just, it should be an option. The proposal at hand makes this absolutely reasonable exception, and thus I can fully support it.

Qvait is a member of the South Pacific's Council on Regional Security and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Qvait wrote:It is time for the World Assembly to impose limitations and inevitably implement a total and universal ban on judicial murder. This atrocious act has been used in the name of revenge, not justice, and judicial murder tends to be an act that is used against the wrongfully accused, unjust crimes, and political dissidents. The proposed resolution is a step in the right direction.

From the World

Kenmoria is a resident of Europe and a commended WA author. They stated the following on the NS forums:

Kenmoria wrote:“There’s not really much to dissect here, since the proposal is so simple. I actually quite like this, and it is a welcome change from Preventing the Execution of Innocents. Full support for this and any similar formulations of this draft.”

Makdon is a former WA Officer of the Rejected Realms. On TRR's forums, they argued:

Makdon wrote:For. The death penalty has no practical or moral benefits except when used in wartime.

Marxist Germany is a Citizen and former Senator of 10000 Islands. They posted on the NS forums:

Marxist Germany wrote:"The right to life is one that is inalienable from the womb to the tomb. This is a great step to be taken by the World Assembly, and it will receive my support."


From TSP Citizens

Concrete Slab is a member of the South Pacific's Coral Guard and a member of OWL junior staff.

Concrete Slab wrote:Repealing something that protects the death penalty is one thing. Banning it outright is another issue completely. While the death penalty is used very infrequently within Concrete Slab, this proposal is a dramatic overreach of World Assembly law and treads on one of our most sacred and long-held rights. Passing this proposal would be grounds for Concrete Slab's potential exit from the World Assembly, and as such, Leader Stoneworth must vehemently recommend an AGAINST vote.

Greater Scottdascoda is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Greater Scottdascoda wrote:It should be up to individual nations to decide to have the Death Penalty. An outright blanket ban would affect every nation under the WA Membership and I am sure there are a number of nations with the death Penalty active that would have to change their laws. There are some unforgivable crimes where it may be warranted. In relation to National Security. The Proposal Notes in Section 1. that the Death Penalty can be used by a military penal code in time of war. So not a outright Ban. I question in relation to Military crimes such as treasons and espionage as well as other matters of National Security. These same crimes can happen in non-wartime not just in wartime, but under the proposal the death penalty would not be allowed.

From the World

Wayneactia is a resident of Osiris. On the NS forums, they stated:

Wayneactia wrote:"While we do not impose the death penalty for any crimes committed within our borders, we recognize the right of other sovereign nations to punish their criminals as they see fit. This proposal is nothing more than the complete decimation of national sovereignty and we will absolutely not support it in any way."

Emnaria is a resident of 10000 Islands. They posted the following on XKI's forums:

Emnaria wrote:I believe the death penalty is essential. It shan't be used like the "national razor", but it is necessary for people who have murdered, tortured, and made terrorist attacks against people. It is no different than the war on terrorism, bomb terrorists, execute severe offenders. It is not always possible to keep people alive. I would love to vote to ban it but people like hitler or a mob boss need to be executed if they commit mass crimes. You COULD imprison people for life, but that takes up space and only makes them depressed and suicidal. That won't teach them anything because they're gonna die of old age anyway.