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Condemn Cormactopia Prime

Background Information

Proposal title: Condemn Cormactopia Prime
Author: Jakker City
Purpose: The proposal is a condemnation -- that is, its effect is to give Cormactopia Prime a black badge on his nation page for negative actions taken on the world stage. It is the second half of an effort by Jakker City to both commend (positive) and condemn (negative) Cormactopia at the same time. The commendation effort failed, but the condemnation is just now going to vote.


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The Office's Analysis

To almost everyone in the gameplay world which he inhabits, Cormactopia Prime is a highly controversial character. He has participated in or called for coups d'etat of several of our allies or other game-created regions; yet he has also built up the sinker region Osiris and the user-created regions Pacifica and Thalassia to greatness. He has been found guilty of treason against the South Pacific, but was once one of our most active Chairs of the Assembly. Cormactopia is also a notable World Assembly author.

This commendation is special because it is part of a two-pronged effort to both commend and condemn Cormactopia Prime at the same time, in recognition of both the many positive effects and the many negative effects he has had on the world. The Office believes that such a double commendation and condemnation is an extremely suitable method of recognition for Cormactopia. Unfortunately, the commendation proposal recently failed to pass the Security Council. Nevertheless, it is still just as important to acknowledge the many malicious deeds Cormactopia has committed, not least committing treason against this region.

Therefore, the Office of WA Legislation recommends a vote in favor of the condemnation, which is currently on the voting floor.

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Aumeltopia, the current World Assembly Delegate of the South Pacific, authored this recommendation. His individual opinion is therefore not listed here.

Eggraria is a Legislator and a member of the OWL staff on the DOVE writing team. They stated the following on the TSP forum thread:

Eggraria wrote:While I personally don't see the coup efforts as reason to condemn the nation alone, I believe it's definitely considerable to discuss all of the other efforts the nation has made in antagonizing other regions and their internal disputes. Personally, I would vote in favour of condemning Cormactopia Prime due to their dsplay of antagonism towards other regions.

Erinor is a two-time former Delegate of TSP. He stated the following on the TSP forum thread:

Erinor wrote:Given his history with TSP, it seems only appropriate.

Rabbitz is one of the three current Local Councillors of TSP. He stated the following on the TSP forum thread:

Rabbitz wrote:The overall number of antagonizations against other regions is tremendous and should be held accountable.

From the World

Imperium of Josh is a member of Osiris. He stated the following in the on-site forum thread:

Imperium of Josh wrote:I definitely support any efforts to give Cormac the SC recognition he deserves. As he himself said though, make sure it's all accurate. As for the nonsense in this thread about C&C's being invalid, when they're earned, they're deserved.


From TSP Citizens

Ryccia is a Legislator. He stated the following on the TSP forum thread:

Ryccia wrote:Cormac is a mixed bag, and I am not going to condemn neither raiding nor defending.

From the World

Cormactopia Prime, the target of this condemnation, posted the following statement in the proposal's on-site forum thread:

Cormactopia Prime wrote:I think it would have been pretty neat to have both a commendation and a condemnation, but I'm not as keen on just having a condemnation. On the whole, I think my contribution to NationStates has been commendable. My coups of Osiris shaped Osiris into the stable, peaceful, well ordered region it is today. My raid of Christmas and the resulting liberation resolution ultimately led to the region's present situation, a relatively successful founderless region with an active Delegate and Regional Officers. My targeting of the Founderless Regions Alliance's member regions while commanding the Sekhmet Legion was justified by the FRA's corruption and animosity toward my home region of Osiris. While perhaps my motives weren't great, my attempt to coup the Rejected Realms, had it been successful, likely would have seen the displacement of its current elite who keep the region from realizing its full potential. The Miniluv Messenger has done many great things, including exposing corruption in various major regions and taking a hard line against the NLO coup of Lazarus. Etc., etc. All of these things are commendable, in my view, and I'd rather not be condemned for them. Not without an accompanying commendation.

Bormiar is currently the Media Officer of the Rejected Realms. He stated the following on TRR's forums:

Bormiar wrote:Not well written and it’s no longer cool without the commendation.

Dead I Jack is the current Delegate of the Rejected Realms. He stated the following on TRR's forums:

Dead I Jack wrote:I'm torn because I think Cormac deserves this recognition, but the proposal has some inaccuracies or things that aren't that impressive. One minor example is that Frattastan IV was not the delegate of TRR in 2014. A more substantive one is that Cormac's attempt to overthrow TRR's government was never much of a real threat to the region and probably doesn't deserve mention in the resolution even if he really did wanna do it. It sounds good on paper until you realize it was completely doomed and haphazard.