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'Commend HumanSanity'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Commend HumanSanity'
Author: Moonfungus
Purpose: To honor HumanSanity's numerous achievements, notably their time in the regions of Renegade Islands Alliance and 10000 Islands where they immensely expanded community activity and promoted diplomacy and transparency, with a shiny badge of commendation.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

The current Security Council resolution, "Commend HumanSanity", moves to commend the nation of HumanSanity for both civilian and military contributions to the world and the defender movement, particularly in the Renegade Islands Alliance and 10000 Islands, in positions including but not limited to Chief Executive of the former and World Assembly Delegate in the latter. The proposal is informative and makes concise points on the career of the nominee, and while there are concerns that the proposal reads as simply a list of these, it is the opinion of our office that the included information is able to speak for itself, so this is not a severe detriment to the proposal. Due to the extensive qualifications of the nominee, the Office of WA Legislation enthusiastically recommends a vote FOR "Commend HumanSanity".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Lucabaduka is a legislator of the South Pacific and a member of OWL staff.

Lucabaduka wrote:The target is a competent and qualified defender whose work in region-building, over the course of years, cannot be overstated. Rather than flashy feats of thrashing opponents on the battlefield, the target's best work is in infrastructure development and supporting the internal workings of regions' governments. Where strong, diverse communities help support NationStates at large, directing that work into specifically defender-aligned communities is a boon to the faction as well. The target is also the only reason I'm still on NationStates.

New Quebecshire is a legislator of the South Pacific and a member of OWL staff.

New Quebecshire wrote:I know some people are a bit bored of the recent defender commendations, but I'm not. Specifically regarding HumanSanity, though, the resolution speaks for itself regarding his accomplishments in a variety of regions - mainly the RIA and XKI in this context. Beyond the extensive rιsumι, though, HumanSanity is someone I would like to see continue to be a recognized and influential voice in the global stage, regardless. His mixture of regionalist and staunch defender rhetoric is something I'd like to see continue positively to the cause and remain at hand.

From the World

Bhang Bhang Duc is a former Delegate and Minister of WA Affairs of the West Pacific. On the NS forums, they wrote:

Bhang Bhang Duc wrote:Reads well, a lot of good research into the nominee. Will be happy to recommend support when this comes to the vote.

Chimes is a former Delegate of the Rejected Realms. They posted on TRR's forums:

Chimes wrote:For. It’s not perfect in terms of writing but the commendation makes a good argument and HS is very deserving.


From TSP Citizens

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion against the resolution from TSP citizens. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!

From the World

Comfed is a citizen of The North Pacific. They posted on the NS forums:

Comfed wrote:I am not impressed by this resolution. Especially the XKI delegate clause.
- You keep referencing HumanSanity as "it" - while it would be illegal to use gender pronouns, I think "they" is fine.
- I don't like the structure, it seems a bit disorganised and there are many sections that should be merged. For instance, the part about the Renegade Islands Alliance is confusingly divided into three articles, and it feels like the second two could be merged into your first list. The part about XKI should also be reorganised.
- "Hereby commends HumanSanity" should be "Hereby Commends HumanSanity"
- I think HS's term as delegate of XKI is not worthy of being referenced in this resolution, especially considering the emphasis on diplomacy, which is a very inaccurate view of a term that actually made XKI less diplomatic compared to the previous term of Kuriko.
- I oppose a commendation for this nominee because HS has acted anti-TNP without reasonable cause throughout their term, including signing on to a statement about TNP that had nothing to do with XKI, and later breaking off relations with TNP without good reason. (My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TNP.)

Numero Capitan is the Homeland Officer of 00000 A World Power. On the NS forums, they criticized:

Numero Capitan wrote:I'd say this is a fairly borderline case in terms of merit, HS has done some great things in a number of significant regions and I wouldn't begrudge them a Commendation but when considered against the contributions of a large pool of committed NSers I am not sure anything in this Commendation has the edge that I look for in a nominee (although I feel like the bar has lowered over time). HS is brilliant but if I were to consider the impact of these clauses in terms of their wider impact on NS history and notable events they feel a bit lacking.