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New flag finalised

After much debate a new flag has been chosen for the nation of Nistriabar. The public opted to go with the referendums third option which saw the flag get an updated coat of arms, the national animal now has representation on the national banner. Additionally, the flag has gained another palm tree which is now either side of the coat of arms and the horizontal banners have been re-proportioned. The public opted to retain the Union Jack but arguments among the nations vexillologists continue, many complain that the flag breaks several principles of good flag design with primarily the inclusion of the Coat of Arms making it too difficult to draw from memory. The debate is likely to continue for some time and many citizens continue to fly various flags of their own preferred designs in protest.

The inclusion of the Shark on the flag has also brought to light the issue of oceanic pollution. the national animal is currently highly endangered in the country's territorial waters due to mining pollution. Leading MPs from the main opposition party argue it would be redundant to add the Shark to the flag if we allow it to go extinct shortly thereafter. As the economy is currently strong it is essential to divert some funding to restoring the nation's natural environment.