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State of the Region: Midterm Report


Our region continues to grow from strength to strength, a testament to what is possible when a community continues to come together to improve and grow our community, year after year. I am, as always, deeply proud to call The North Pacific home, and extremely honoured to serve as World Assembly Delegate once more.

As your elected Delegate and head of the executive, I have continued to give this region my all in delivering positive outcomes for all areas of our community. This is my vision for the executive branch in action, a government that works for everyone, one that is open and transparent, and delivers opportunities for those who desire them.

The Executive Council, consisting of myself, the Vice Delegate and all Ministers has continued to be a key hub of decision making within the Executive. Ministers work closely together across special projects in particular and offer advice and support to each other when required.

We have delivered meaningful reform in terms of the Military Modernisation Bill passing the Regional Assembly. This has offered our North Pacific Army the flexibility to undertake a greater number of operations, and afforded the Regional Assembly and the World Assembly Delegate greater oversight over how these activities come about. In my view, this is a truly historic piece of legislation, one that was sorely needed and one which we have already seen the benefits of. I intend to soon pursue the second half of this reform, that is, the constitutional recognition of the North Pacific Army very shortly.

The Chief of Staff Pallaith has continued to provide assistance across all Ministries to support the implementation of our special projects and pan-Ministry activities. In addition, Pallaith pushed forward and passed the long dormant AGORA Act, abolishing the office of Attorney General and modernising our judiciary. Reform like this is also very historic and hard fought for. I commend Pallaith for his efforts on this bill and thank the Regional Assembly for passing it.

Territorio di Nessuno continues to lead the strong team of Gameside Advocates that have taken on new portfolio responsibilities to ensure that we have greater coverage of government activity on the regional message board. In particular, I acknowledge the newest members of our team Deerfenland, Advancia-Sizzletown and East Supple Lund who I have been particularly impressed with for their involvement in the team. Nessuno also published the February 2020 literary awards recognising the great contributions many nations make to the RMB.

In terms of administration, Press Secretary ROM has released 5 press releases covering the election, CCD events, the Slatos invasion, and various regional activities.

I now turn to each of the individual ministries.

Foreign Affairs

We have been very busy in the Foreign Affairs team for the first half of the term. The headline item for immediate release following the election, was the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Linkreport. This report was first issued privately to the Regional Assembly and then adapted for foreign release. This report was a sizeable undertaking in terms of collation of all relevant information for decision making - following the precedent I set with the report on The East Pacific. It is my hope that this style of reporting, which is vital for an informed Regional Assembly to do its job, will prove the standard by which future incidents of a similar nature are reported on to the Regional Assembly.

Our leadership and professionalism in handling this issue has been widely recognised across NationStates. The Confederations fall has been a sight to behold. We cannot forget the role that we played in this, and the continuing role we have to play in mitigating the relevance of the Confederation in NationStates.

We have unveiled the LinkWorld Factbook Project which was announced by Foreign Minister [nationTlomzKrano[/nation] on our forum and released here. We have released entries for Equilism, Lazarus, Canada, The Communist Bloc, Osiris, The Rejected Realms, The South Pacific, Wintreath, The Democratic Socialist Assembly, 10000 Islands, Europe and Hartfelden. I would like to commend all Ambassadors who have participated in this project and particularly Tlomz for spearheading the implementation.

In terms of distributions, we have distributed the following releases:

  1. LinkTNL Issue 30

  2. LinkStatement on the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators operations against TNP

  3. LinkTNS Issue XIV

  4. LinkTNS Issue XV

  5. LinkTNS Issue XVI

We also released a statement on our occupation of Slatos which was posted within our Embassy on the NationStates Forums. The Ministry has also played a key role in supporting our cultural event planning, which will be elaborated on further in the Culture section of this report.


The Ministry of Defence and the North Pacific Army has continued to flourish under the leadership of Minister of Defence Trondstorm. Trondstorm has worked closely with Deputy Minister Rom and the rest of High Command of the North Pacific Army to push our army to new heights of success.

During the first half of this term, the North Pacific Army’s operations have been closely tied to the enactment of our foreign policy. This has included the Linkdefense of Stargate against an invasion by Slatos. The LinkTargeting of CCD Embassy regions in response to their unwarranted act of aggression against The North Pacific. I anticipate that the targeting of CCD and affiliated regions will continue into the coming weeks ahead.

The North Pacific Army was also able to snipe the refound of LinkThe Union of Axis Powers , a fascist region. This operation demonstrates the diverse skill set that membership in the NPA can allow you to gain and exercise. This operation was a bolt from the blue, something the fascists did not see coming, and a testament to the quick thinking leadership of the NPA.

The NPA participated in a large coalition effort that resulted in the successful Linkliberation of Cheddar. We worked closely with our allies in The East Pacific (and others) in the LinkSlatos occupation that has resulted in the region being passworded. The NPA also participated in Linklarge tag raiding operation with The Black Hawks, Lily, 3 Guys and JTF. It was during this operation that we also Linkseized the region of Opstan.

I have only highlighted a small handful of operations. There are also a large number of training operations (starting from Linkhere) that have been undertaken this term, overseen by various officers and High Command.

Outside of standard operations, we released the LinkCall to serve series that features NPA Generals to help recruit for the NPA. We only have General Gladio to go now and that series will be fully wrapped up.

Minister Trondstorm also announced the LinkNPA Card rewards program, cementing the relevance of Cards to almost every area of the government at this point. I’d like to also acknowledge r3naissanc3r for pursuing this project and working with us on its implementation.

Home Affairs

The Ministry started with Minister BluieGamer (Konar) for this term, before switching to Minister Brendog (Xagill). Xagill delivered his Linkopening address and started the process (once more) of recruiting more mentors to support our mentor program. Nimarya also joined the Home Affairs team as a Deputy Minister and has been working wonders in that role.

In terms of the Mentor Program, since the start of the term, 91 new registrants have been contacted by a forum mentor to assist them with learning more about the regional forum and how to get involved. Every day, the Minister or a member of his staff is linking to all new registrants and ensuring they are offered the opportunity of mentorship, following the strong precedent set for this during our first term of office.

We have also released the LinkGameside Advocates survey and we are hoping to release the results on this soon - however, it could use some more submissions. So if you have not responded yet, I would encourage you to do so.

In terms of our recruitment lists, 8 lists have been released so far this term:

  1. LinkList #1 - New foundings for the forum

  2. LinkList #2 - New foundings for the forum

  3. LinkList 3: Issue ANswerers for the executive staff

  4. LinkList 4: Rewards for Endorse Your Heart Out

  5. LinkList 5: New foundings for the forum

  6. LinkList 6: RMB posters for discord

  7. LinkList 7: WA voters for Ministry and Endotarting

  8. LinkList 8: Issue Answerers for the Executive Staff

This means that ~1450 rows of nations have been contacted about recruitment for various aspects of the region. Deputy Minister Bobberino also contacted a second list for the Endorse Your Heart Out event, that did not make it to a forum thread, so I personally commend him for his support during that event.

Telegram task force is also underway. Minister Brendog has assigned the telegrams for re-drafting with two approaching the final stages of approval.

World Assembly Affairs

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has released 19 IFV’s since the start of the term. Under the leadership of Minister Gorundu, the Ministry has continued to disseminate important information for our voters to assist in maximising the influence of The North Pacific on proposals before the WA.

We have also announced the LinkHeroes of The North program. While this is still in its early days yet (please go and respond to currently open threads), it is my hope that this collective project will assist us in recognising the great work of many of our heroes and villains, via a commendation or condemnation by the World Assembly.

In the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL), I have voted in favour of supporting Praetor’s liberation proposal for The Union of Axis Powers, my proposal to liberate Opstan, and the Commendation of Kindjal. I have also voted in favour of opposing the GA Proposal by Biscany to Repeal “Promotion of Recycling” and the Commendation of 00000 A World Power.


The Ministry of Radio also experienced a leadership change, this time from El Fiji Grande to Minister Dreadton. During the first half of the term, we have released the Generals interview with QuietDad.

In addition, the Ministry published Linkan NBS interview with Vivanco, the last Attorney General was also published following the passage of the AGORA Act. A new episode of NBS will also be coming up shortly.

A review of the Ministry's video analytics shows an increase of viewers and subscribers in relation to the special edition series the Ministry of Radio has been producing. The NPA General Series produced an almost triple viewership increase as the series progressed and the NBS Special with Vivanco maintained those numbers. Overall, the Ministry of Radio has had an increase of 21 average viewers with an additional 4 subscribers to the NBS Channel.

The Ministry of Radio will also work closely with the Ministry of Culture and publish interviews and segments relevant to upcoming events that will be expanded upon below.


The Ministry of Communications experienced a change of leadership from Ethnon (Marcus Antonius) to Sundred. Despite these changes, the Ministry has still published a the following publications:

  1. LinkThe Northern Lights - Issue 30

  2. LinkThe North Star - Issue XIV

  3. LinkThe North Star - Issue XV

  4. LinkThe North Star - Issue XVI

In addition, The North Star Issue XVII is closely approaching release and I expect this will be circulated next week. This will bring TNS publications to being fully on schedule once more. In addition, we have had two articles edited and finalised for an upcoming release of the The Northern Lights, with two more articles almost ready for submission for editing.

The Ministry of Communications is poised for a strong second half of the term. I would like to thank Marcus for his early leadership of the Ministry and for Sundred for immediately getting the whip cracking upon taking the reigns once more.


Under the leadership of Minister Prydania, the Ministry has continued to deliver a diverse array of events and activities for the engagement of our region mates. Firstly, the return of the “LinkMessage in a bottle” proved to once again be a highly popular event, with members of the region sending positive messages and good vibes to each other.

The Ministry of Culture was also responsible for the designing of all the awards used in the “Endorse Your Heart Out” event, as well as the preparation of ideas for RMB advertisements for the event, and for the mobilisation of a wide range of TNPers on the regional message board. I have been responsible for running the three other events of this nature we have held in the past, and in my view, this one in particular was a significant success with the awards also recently being released. As outlined in my telegram, we set a new all-time record for total endorsements exchanged within The North Pacific, reaching 315,000 endorsements. We managed to exceed the previous record, despite having fewer WA nations. Even though we were not able to reach all of our endorsement goals, we did get the #1 spot for most endorsements in the world! 441 RMB posts were made advertising the event! More than 50,000 additional endorsements were exchanged. A testament to the strength of our community activism. We also awarded 90 legendary cards and 820 epic cards to nations who participated strongly in this event!

It is easy to forget how much work it takes to get these events to come together. It would not have been possible without Prydania’s tireless work on the graphics and awards for this event, and without r3n’s efforts on scripting the results, awarding the cards, and assisting us with setting realistic targets.

The Ministry of Culture has also recently decided to return “Themed Thursdays” to the discord server. Originally pioneered during my time as Ministry of Culture during the tyranny of Delegate Siwale, these events have once again proven popular.

  • Marvel Heroes (Winner: ROM)

  • Lovers/Couples (Winner:Yalkan and Darcania)

  • Pokemon Day (Winner: Sarah)

  • Canada Day (Winner: Esplandia (Yet to be announced on discord).

We will continue to run these events over the remaining half of the term. If you have additional ideas, do let us know.

Minister Prydania is also overseeing a “Fantasy Baseball” competition that comprises 10 teams. Following a successful iteration of Fantasy Football, it is anticipated that this will also prove to be very popular. Results to be released in the coming weeks.

Finally, the Cards Guild continues to be a tremendous success. Under the leadership of Guildmaster Praeceps and with the strong support of many individuals. This pioneering initiative continues to bring more players into our community and provide a clear pathway for those interested in Cards to succeed in building their collections & making connections with other players while doing so.

For the second half of the term, the Ministry of Culture will host Security Council Week, that will feature members of the Security Council, their stories, promote their endorsements, with RMB trivia, a themed WFE, and Keeper recruitment being the key components for the events success.

In addition, we will publish another edition of the Roleplay Reel, collaborate with The East Pacific and Europeia on a cultural event, and contribute to another interregional event (details to be released soon).


In the first half, we have performed very well - ticking off a large number of projects from my platform, with many others either in progress or underway, we are poised to finish with a very strong second half of the term.

I remain confident as ever that we can continue to surpass our accomplishments of the first half and the last term and continue to provide more opportunities, events, and better government for our community. If anything, my confidence in this is emboldened by my own resolve and by the fact that being my own harshest critic has its perks in focusing my mind on the outcomes required. Finally, the support of my Ministerial colleagues, and this community in delivering for our region bodes well for the progress anticipated over the next two months.

Ultimately, the present and future of our region remains strong and positive. We have the greatest and most successful military in NationStates. Our ability to deploy a large number of updaters and pilers is unrivalled by any single region. This tied with our formidable World Assembly influence, our diplomatic presence and large number of Ambassadors, strong alliances, and positive outreach continues to deliver strong foreign policy outcomes for The North Pacific that can only cement our influence upon the world

In addition, our internal community is active, strong and cohesive, an attestation to our year after year internal development that is strengthened by our media presence across Communications and Radio, by our active and enthusiastic Culture team, and by our indefatigable Ministry of Home Affairs, that is constantly bringing new members into our community.

I am proud of the work completed by our Ministers and for the support and hard work of all members of the Executive Staff - we could not possibly do this without you! Here is to a strong second half of the term.

Delegate of The North Pacific