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Now taking a one month break from ALL NS nations in order to get an Easter egg

Because I accidentally signed into my main nation (I had an 18-day streak of inactivity), I'm going to take a one month break so I can make it CTE (Cease to exist) and not anciently sign into it. I am determined to get that easter egg.
For this nation, it will Mar 17, but for the rest of my puppets, it will start on Mar 20. I don't want the rest of my puppets to CTE.

I also probably need a break too if I'm going tbh, this game can be a strain to my mental health sometimes. That's another big reason why I'm doing this.

Edit: I have broken this with my main nation due to the WA election, but now it is over so I will go back to the 30 days of inactivity to get that easter egg.
Also, most people wouldn't of notice this but I was active on certain puppets, I treated this plan of mine as a New Years Resolution.
If you need anything TG my puppet Drunkerland