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Tendo (臣怒, Tendō) or Seino-no-dori is a religion originating from Kandorith. Its practitioners often regard it as Kandorith's indigenous religion. Scholars sometimes call its practitioners Tendoists, although adherents rarely use that term themselves.

Tendo is polytheistic and revolves around the Seino ("gods" or "spirits"), supernatural entities believed to inhabit all things. The link between the Seino and the natural world has led to Tendo being considered animistic and pantheistic. The Seino are worshiped at Seinodana household shrines, family shrines, and public shrines. The latter are staffed by priests who oversee offerings to the Seino and the provision of religious paraphernalia such as amulets to the religion's adherents. Other common rituals include the hitari ritual dances, age specific celebrations, and seasonal festivals. These festivals and rituals are collectively called dokori. A major conceptual focus in Tendo is ensuring purity by cleansing practices of various types including ritual washing or bathing. Shinto does not emphasize specific moral codes other than ritual purity, reverence for Seino, and regular communion following seasonal practices. Tendo has no single creator or specific doctrinal text, but exists in a diverse range of localized and regionalised forms.