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The Democratic Republic of Alatoma


Motto: Under God in Pursuit of Unity

Population: 12,450,892

Capital: Kolmainsus
Largest City: Kolmainsus

Official Language: English

National Languages: French, German

Demonym: Alatomian

- Consul Populus: Ethan White
- Consul Imperium: Bernard Johnson

Establishment: from unincorporated villages
Independence: March 12, 1963

Land Area: 44,745 mile²

Highest Point: Mount Lange (19,457 ft)
Lowest Point: Eugen Basin (-170 ft)

GDP (nominal): 45.9 Trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 3,666,000 (est)

Human Development Index (NS Version): 64.01

Currency: Dollar

Time Zone: GMT-7

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +23


The Democratic Republic of Alatoma, commonly called Alatoma, is a Republic in North America. It is bordered on all sides by unclaimed woodlands and deserts. Alatoma covers 44,745 square miles and has has an estimated population of 12 million. Alatoma comprises of five provinces and two territories.

Alatoma is an economic powerhouse whose exports supply many countries. They also give military support and currently defend many overseas locations.


The name Alatoma is derived from a small tribal village in the area called Alta Loma. The two words were combined to form the new name of Alatoma.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Alatoma is as a "Alatomian."


Alatoma was first settled by the native tribal peoples of the village Alta Loma. From there, settlers from around the area came in and integrated with the tribe. In 1963, a mason and plumber named Hans Lange (1913-1970) declared the now bustling city the independent city-state of Alta Loma. After 6 years of building a working government, a coup was staged and Lange was executed by rebels in 1970. In the following years, a counter-rebellion was staged and the rebels were removed from power in 1981. In 2010, a rebellion broke out and the nation is now a dual-power dictatorship with two consuls.


Alatoma is comprised of four different sections. In the south, there is a hot, dry desert. Along the west it is coastal plains. The center is rugged mountainous terrain, and the north is thick woodland.

The Chart Does Not Include the Beach Areas (60-90 degrees) or the mountains (15-70 degrees)

Alatoma is known for very poor air quality in the desert regions and very clean air in the many other parts of the country.

The estimated population of Alatoma is 12 million. Censuses are taken twice a year by those who opt out of jury duty. Ethnic Alatomians make up most of the population at 95%, Nomadic ethnic groups make up the remaining part. Alatomians score in the high average on IQ tests.

Largest Cities



Metro area population




2.3 Million





Sacksburg Territory










Consul Populus: Glen White
Head of civilian matters, proposes laws which are voted upon by the seven positions below and the top 4 provincial positions. Can make executive situations anyway but respects the representatives.

Consul Imperium: Bernard Johnson
Commander of the entire military of Alatoma. Answers to nobody except the Consul Populus.

Foreign Relations and Military

Alatoma has only recently taken steps towards more diplomacy. They still resort to wars often. When they attacked the city-state of Tresos to the south in 2009, they made sure that any diplomatic options had been exhausted and ended in a treaty without any war.

Alatomian Military is split into five divisions.
Land Forces: Miliz
The Miliz is the most basic form of military. Generally equipped with various gear, Jeeps and tanks are modes of transportation.
Air Forces: Luftkampher
The Luftkampher is the Alatomian Air Force, bombers, fighters, cargo planes, and passenger planes are all used.
Sea Forces: Ozeanjager
The Ozeanjager is equipped with all kinds of sea vessels and some cargo planes and bombers. The main base is at Dangast, on the Baltic Sea.
Special Forces: Vollstreckers
The Vollstreckers are probably the most famous of all the divisions. Founded in the 40's for the village of Alta Loma, the survived as a boot camp until Alatoma became a nation in 1963. Known for excellent driving capabilities, they drive modified civilian cars through the thick forests daily for training purposes.
Volunteer/Standby Forces: Freiwillige
Citizens who sign a waiver to join the Miliz when called for little or no pay. Life insurance benefits and tax refunds are the only incentives.

Economic Indicators

Rank: 96.66/100
Currency: Dollar (AD)
Fiscal Year: July 23-July 22

GDP (nominal):45.9 Trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 3,622,000 (est)
Labor Force: 9.6 million
Unemployment: .59%

Alatoma's economy is the pride and joy of the nation. Nearly every choice ever made has been to grow the economy.

There are a few industries that are focussed on more closely and their top companies.
Timber-(Alatomi Logging)
Weapons-(Copper Coast Guns, Tactix Firearms, Reitz Personal Defense)
Military Weapons-(Alatoma Weapons Production)
Automobiles-(Taylor Autos, Dot Motors, Sespector, AVM)

Sespector is Alatoma's largest automotive manufacturer

Raw Materials

Alatoma is dominated by roads and trains. There are several harbors along the coast and the Alatoma River. According to surveys, trains are the most popular method of travel for long distance national trips. Planes are a favorite for long distance international trips, and cars are the most used by Alatoma in short trips both national and international. In order to reach the territories, you may use the Rail and Road bridge to Oht, take an airplane to Sacksburg, or a boat to either. If you wish to reach Sacksburg by car or train, you may ferry a car or take the General Nikita Jockson Memorial Bridge between Oht and Sacksburg.

Alatoma has been running on fossil fuels since its creation. Recently, there have been riots that have forced Alatoma to move to other methods. For example, the entire territory of Oht is run by nuclear power, Sacksburg is reliant on wind and water turbines, but mainland Alatoma is still using old methods.
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