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Guide to Easter Eggs

By The Holy Lucky Ghost Santa of Awesomeland012345

Beginner's Guide to NationState Easter Eggs!

Written on March 5th, 2020 (3/5/2020). Updated on March 6th, 2020 (3/6/2020).

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What are Easter Eggs?
Easter Eggs are secret things you can get, both in and out of NationStates. In NationStates, easter eggs are just cool rare things that you can get from doing random things. They appear as issues, so after the do the action to get the easter egg, then an issue will pop up that begins with "Easter Egg: ". Then answer the issues and get the easter egg!
General Easter Egg Information
Since you already know what easter eggs are, I'll give you some more detailed information.

Easter Egg Rankings
When you get easter eggs, your nation will has an easter egg icon at the bottom of the page next to your rankings. If you have found one easter egg, then the easter egg is blue. If you've found two, then it'll be green. If you've found three, then it'll be kind of a coppery brown, like if you're in the top 5% of the world in rankings. And finally, if you have 4 or more easter eggs then the easter egg will be gold.
When you hover your mouse cursor over the easter egg, it'll tell you how many easter eggs you have gotten, but not which ones you have found.
To get easter eggs, you have to be patient. This is because sometimes it will take weeks, months, and possibly even years for an easter egg pops up even if you have the right criteria. Also, when you get an easter egg issue, don't worry about having to click the right option to get the easter egg. All of the options will get you the easter egg.

Easter Egg Banners
If you get an easter egg, then you will earn the banner "Oblong Secrets", which feature a the top view of a pile of detailed eggs. Once you get four easter eggs, making your easter egg icon gold, then you get the "Eggcellent Detective Work" banner, which features four colored eggs with "cool" glasses on.

How to get Easter Eggs:
This is how to get Easter Eggs in NationStates. I haven't personally gotten all of them yet, but I'm just waiting for them to pop up.

Easter Egg Requirement

Issue Number

Issue Name

Your nation has 3 easter eggs.


Easter Egg: World to End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary

Make your nation's classification (The Republic of... or the Psychotic Dictatorship of...) include the word "holy".


Easter Egg: Should We Pull the Lever?

Criteria is unclear, but most likely you should have a good sized pizza industry and cheese-exports industry.


Easter Egg: Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement

Your nation's classification contains a color


Easter Egg: What's Your Favorite Color?

Your nation has been reactivated after ceasing to exist due to inactivity (otherwise called a dead nation)


Easter Egg: Zombie Attack!

Your nation has a space program


Easter Egg: Suburbs Are Out Of This World

You have "nationstates" in your motto


Easter Egg: Breaching The Great Fourth Wall of @@NAME@@ (@@NAME@@ is your nation's name)

Have something in your custom fields in march that's related to St. Patrick's Day ie gold bars as currency, St. Patrick as your leader, etc.


Easter Egg: Keep Your Hands Off Those Lucky Charms!

Criteria unclear; probably put a nautical vessel in your nation's motto


Easter Egg: Pony Peril

Criteria unclear; probably need to answer at least 250 issues and have a population of 600 million.


Easter Egg: Please Sir, We Want More Issues

Your nation's classification contains "Christmas" during December.


Easter Egg: Red Sleigh Down

Your nation has a monster as a national animal around the month October (or could be year round)


Easter Egg: A Holiday Masquerade

Criteria unclear; just don't include the letter "E" in any custom fields unless it's your nation's name


Easter Egg: Just Say No To E

Written by The Holy Lucky Ghost Santa of Awesomeland012345