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New to the SLU? Read the Getting Started Guide!

Social Liberal Union!

We're glad you decided to join us, and we're glad to have you! Here's a guide to help you get started in the SLU. If you have any further questions after you read the guide, feel free to post on Regional Message Board or contact a member of the government. We hope you enjoy it here here and become an active member of our community. Have a cookie! (::)

1.Join our LinkDiscord server or introduce yourself on the Regional Message Board.
We have a very vibrant community that is eager and open to accept new nations. If you have any general questions, don't be afraid to ask there as well.

1. Visit the link above.
2. Post your introductory comment!


2.Endorse the democratically-elected World Assembly Delegate Toonela.
Endorsing the Delegate will help the safeguard the region against attacks from any "raiders" who might seek to overthrow our government. You must be a member of the World Assembly to give or receive endorsements.

1. Click the link above to visit the Delegate's nation page.
2. Scroll down and click the endorse button.
3. Repeat as needed for other nations.


3.Improve or maintain your nation's civil rights and political freedoms classification at "Average" or higher.
In order to enjoy full member state status, your nation must be in compliance with the requirements mandated by the Constitution. Nations may face ejection if no effort is made to comply. Click the 'Learn more...' button below to see an example.

1. Visit your nation's page.
2. Check to see if your civil rights and or political freedoms are any of the following: "Below Average," "Some," "Few," "Rare", "Unheard Of," and or "Outlawed." If so, you are not in compliance with the Constitution. The Ministry of Immigration will contact new nations to attempt to help you fix the problem.
3. You can raise your rating(s) by answering the issues presented to you daily appropriately with left-wing responses.


Left= Illegal | Right= Legal

4.Get involved in regional events and activities.
Here are some things to get you started:

The Republic of Courelli