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Contests & Events Act

Article One:
Hearby Establishes,
The Contests & Events act

Establishes that the consul of The Democratic Republic will choose a citizen to oversee the contests and events stated here.

Clarifies, that new contests and events can only be added with the Consuls express permission.

States, that contests and events cannot be lewd or vulgar in any way shape or form, or imply lewd or vulgar meanings.

Creates the Meme Maker Contest,
In which citizens and members will create their own memes, and compete for a winner. Those who win will get the "Dank Memer" role on discord, and be able to see the "Memer" Channel.

Creates the Poetry Contest,
In which citizens or members will he able to write a poem, and compete for their nations name displayed on the world fact book entry.

Establishes the Braniac Contest,
In which contestants will be asked questions. The contestant who gets the most right, will get the disocrd role smartest man/women alive for a week