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Flag redesign

As of the 04/03/20 The Nistriabar government is currently discussing a potential flag redesign. It is generally agreed among the nations populace that there is a need to do away with the crown symbolism as the nation considers itself to be wholly independent from the influence of the British monarchy. However technically nistriabar remains a constitutional monarchy with the British monarch as the symbolic head of state. This has started a broader debate on the nation's identity and therefore should the flag redesign also no longer incorporate the union jack, which is generally still a symbol favourable to the general population. Once the flag designs have been finalised they will be put to a national referendum.

Current modifications to the flag that are being considered are;

    1. Stylized representation of the national animal the shark in place of the crown

    2. The inclusion of the national coat of arms of the old BIOT to denote our history

    3. The inclusion of a new modern coat of arms either over the Palm tree or in place of the Union Jack

    4. Replacing the palm tree with a stylized image of the whole nations borders (see flag of Cyprus)

    5. Simply removing the crown imagery from over the Palm tree

The Commonwealth of Nistriabar