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Computing in Eripolis

Eripolis's computing capabilities are modern, but most modern systems are used in high load settings, i.e Web servers and supercomputers. For commercial and civilian applications, as well as some military applications, technology from the 1980s and 1990s is still used.

Most popular desktop systems:

    1. IBM PS/2 Model 80
    2. IBM PS/2 Model 30
    3. Apple Macintosh Plus
    4. Apple iMac G4
    5. Gateway/Acer Essential 450

Most popular laptops:

    1. IBM ThinkPad 770
    2. Apple iBook G3
    3. Gateway/Acer Solo 2200

Most popular monitor:

    1. IBM Model 8516 touchscreen monitor

Most popular operating systems:

    1. OS/2 Warp 4.5 (IBM)
    2. Windows 98 SE (Microsoft)
    3. Windows 2000 (Microsoft)
    4. MS-DOS 6.22 (Microsoft)
    5. Classic Mac OS 9.0.4 (Apple)
    6. OS X 10.3 (Apple)
    7. System 7.0.1 (Apple)
    8. Windows XP (Microsoft)
    9. Windows 95 (Microsoft)
    10. Windows 3.1 (Microsoft)

Due to the popularity of these systems, their respective manufacturers have continued to manufacture them for the Eripolisian market. Along with that, the software, with the exception of Apple, has been made available for download free of charge; Apple continues to sell their software in the range of $30-$60. The hardware pieces themselves are sold at a greatly reduced price from their initial launch prices for obvious reasons: e.g the PS/2 Model 80 which would cost $8495 USD at launch is now sold for $699.99 EPD ($916.99 USD).

Additionally, floppy disks are extremely popular, and as a result continue to be manufactured along with their drives. CDs are also popular, though to a lesset extent. Due to the popularity of USB, all manufacturers of the above systems have incorporated USB ports into their designs and have updated their software to work with USB devices by default.