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TDRs New RP Dispatch

To Write Is to Express



You. Hey you. Congratulations leader on your ascent to power! I always believed in your of course, I just didn't think it could go that fast. Though, why you chose now to rise. There's some turmoil going on, and we're not sure whether the next war will begin next week. But, you're here, and the people seem to like you. You ready? I've got your first briefing ready to go.

Please continue to learn more.

Leadership Briefing:

The Situation:

Just 5 years ago Ancapistan IV was defeated during the ten year war that was fought around the world. Ancapistan IV was lead by the tyrannical Pasha Vadik who was able to build a coalition of nationalists in an attempt to defeat the globalist and free world forces. In a bloody and grinding battle, the rest of the world powers not drawn over were able to luckily stop him. However, the global economy crashed even worse shortly afterward, Ancapistan V is in a constant state of civil war, and geopolitical powers are shifting once more.

Resources and Technology:

The seas part their waves apart as new and powerful navies are scraping across the seas, dominating in new battles for global supremacy. The air is filled with streaking figures as planes begin to build up supremacy.

Potential Policy Options:

We have a few options for dealing with this mess of a world stage:

1. Revitalize and restructure the economy. Following the war there's still a lot of work to be done rebuilding, especially in areas around Ancapistan V. Reconstruction is a must in order to fix what was lost

2. Consolidate the government. Our country is severely split, and we need to take a clear and solid supermajority in order to stop the resistance from stopping us.

3. Defend our borders. New nations are sending in operatives, small wars are breaking out, and Ancapistan V is full of absolute chaos. We need to rebuild our military and continue our technology development

The Map:

End of RP Description

Out of Character Briefing:
This will hopefully provide a decent basis for you to be able to comprehend our roleplay and have ideas of what to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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