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Valstrath Dragua

Valstrath Dragua

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Dragua II







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Economic Ideology: Social Market


"Iíd love to go back to my old life of looking for artifacts on old Dragua and debating with the shrine keepers. But after Ridleyís raid I need to do my part to catch him, not to avenge what my own brother did to me, but what he did to our history." Ė Valstrath Dragua
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The young chief of the Armada of the Zravvisk who has ruled it for the last five galactic years. A reformer he has granted increased power to both the auxiliaries and the Council of Sages. He has is also known for his patronage of the arts and attempts to transfer the Armada to a more international approach. He is a controversial chief in the Armada but both his skills at dueling and the frustration in the status quo gives him support.

Early Life
Born the younger half-brother of the space pirate Ridley, he grew up in his infamous brotherís shadow. With Ridleyís expertise in combat and likely future as a member of the Council of Ten at least, the expectations on Valstrath were high and comparisons were common. With the mounting pressure he eventually stopped applying himself and retreated to the solitude of books or the company of the auxiliaries who didnít care about Ridley.

Reign and Ideology
Policies and Proposed Reforms
As chief of the Armada Valstrath Dragua has enacted or proposed the following reforms to the Council of Ten:

  • Establishment of the Council of Sages as the second highest court in the Armada:
    The Council of Sages has long been the de facto second highest court in the Armada often ruling on cases bought to the Council of Ten and the Ten following their ruling. Making it de jure can only help. Enacted.

  • Establishment of the Auxiliary Council:
    The auxiliary members of the Armada despite their name are every bit a member of the Armada as any zravvisk, no one would dispute that. They also make up 10% of the Armada, but they have little way to bring their needs or concerns before the chef or Council of Ten. It is almost impossible for an auxiliary to win the duels needed to get onto and keep a position on the Council of Ten, and petitions are hard since a problem for them isnít one for 90% of the other population. To aid our auxiliary friends and bring their unique perspective to our rulings we should create a new ruling council exclusive for them to advise us. Enacted after a year of debate and more than one brawl in the Council of Ten.

  • Reorganization of the Archives:
    The archives have countless millennia of knowledge and culture lost inside them. Each section has it own standards if any and they are so disorganized as a whole that it is impossible to estimate what percentage of the works we still have access to. In countless cases we have the only surviving works in the galaxy and donít even know we have it. We need to reorganize the archives to finally have access to all that lost culture and knowledge. While previous attempts at reorganization have made the problem worse, we need to get it under control to stop losing every other piece we put in there. Co-supported by Sliver Feather.

  • Beginnings of international cooperation:
    The Armada has long been isolationist and a semi-pariah of the galaxy. More than once when we got close to finally catching Ridley, he'd used our poor relations with other nations to his advantage and slowed us down in unnecessary fights. Not only would improving our relations with the rest of the galaxy put a stop to that, but we could pool our resources against him. We could start by leveraging our archives and their knowledge as a cultural database for the galaxy, follow some of the galactic laws we're never listened to, and engage in diplomacy other than ending the wars we've ended up in.

Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Internationalism, books, archaeology, auxiliaries, socialism,

  • Neutral: Alliances, democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, capitalism

  • Anti:Tyranny, slavery, genocide

Five Dimensional Political Compass

8values Test

Personal Life
Combat Ablitly
As chief of the Armada Valstrath is widely recognized as the Armadaís best warrior. While he is young for his species and not as big as older members, he is framed for his tactics. He has an aggressive combat style where he uses strong attacks to force enemies back, giving him time to analyze the battle and adjust his tactics appropriately. Of course while he is on the weaker side of his species strength wise, that doesnít matter to most other species since the average zravvisk can rip apart a tankís armor with their claws.

What I think his stats would be based off of Valentine Z's stats here
Sliver as he usually is, his default state when not in battle.
Class: Tank
HP: 10,000
Magazine Size: ∞
Damage on hit: 1000
Rate of fire: 1 shot a second
DPS: 1000
Dragon Scales(Passive): Immune to noncritical damage below 1000 and fire damage. Can fly.

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