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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, March 1st, 2020

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

Office of the Vice Delegate
Week Eight: 1 March 2020

Happy days, TNP!

As I cited last week, when we began the term our Delegate was holding steady at eight-hundred and ninety-five (895) endorsements received. Of course, we've already seen the number of endorsements drastically increase since then, but what's more eye-catching is the realization that nowadays our sixth (6th) ranked Security Councilor, El Fiji Grande, is above where the Delegate was at that time. With our seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) ranked Security Councilors being within striking distance of that number, it's quite possible that another week like this one could see at least eight members above the nine-hundred (900) mark. That type of forward progression is tremendous for the Security Council, it's tremendous for our Delegate, and it's tremendous for the safety of our region.

Next up, we have a handful of statistics to present for those interested in what I've been doing on the front of citizenship. As promised in last week's report, here are some findings about the number of security checks completed, how many prospective citizens have passed those security checks, how often they're being done, and how I've upheld my commitment to doing them:

Since my election as Vice Delegate of the North Pacific, which occurred on the eleventh (11th) of January, there have been fifty-nine (59) Vice Delegate security checks performed. Of those fifty-nine (59) security checks, ninety-seven (97) applicants were passed and zero (0) applicants were failed. During processing, the average response time for a security check to occur was well under twenty-four (24) hours, and in some cases, the response time took place within a matter of minutes - half an hour or less on occasion. Overall, I'm very pleased to be fulfilling my duties as they relate to my role in the citizenship process for new nations. In my campaign, I had said these security checks would be performed twice a day at minimum, but since then they've actually been occurring far more frequently and have been processed as needed.

Lastly, to close out this week's worth of updates, it's a privilege of mine to have published the sixty-ninth (69th) volume of the World Assembly Development Program awards. Yesterday evening, recognition was given residents of the North Pacific who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to being Keepers of the North and have been proactively endorsing their region-mates for the past month. Each and every award bestowed was well deserved, and I'd like to thank our native populace for making volumes such as the most recent one released possible. We've seen it on the spreadsheets for weeks now, it's been talked about, it's been followed, but by endorsing each other we've truly made this region stronger, more stable, and more influential than it was when we first began the term.

Although it's not mid-term quite yet, this is to another healthy two months of growth! It's been an honour, and I'm happy to continue working with the Security Council to offer you all the very best regions possible on NationStates.

Seven weeks strong and counting,

Robespierre (Francois Isidore)
Vice Delegate of the North Pacific

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