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World Factbook Project: Hartfelden


Coat of Arms








Constitutional Monarchy

Regional Founder:



Chief Justice

Richter Aynia

Founded on 1st September, 2018, Hartfelden is a German themed region, with a constitutional monarchy. The region has developed into a prominent user-created region in inter-regional gameplay affairs. Notably, the regional military has a defender alignment. The region has experienced a consistent population and activity level since its founding in 2018.


In order to vote in Hartfelden, citizenship is required. There are no other requirements imposed.

Citizenship upon application acceptance.

Dual Citizenship:
Dual citizenship is permitted.

Executive Branch
Head of State: Kaiser Scottiesland
Head of Government: Kaiser Scottiesland

Cabinet of Ministers: Election by the Reichstag every 90 days.

Legislative Branch
The legislature of the region is Reichsversammlung

The Reichsversammlung is a two chamber body containing all the citizens. The lower body is Reichssenat and the upper body is Reichstag.

The presiding officer of the Bundestag is the President of the Bundestag. The Bundestag may impeach any minister or the President.

Judicial Branch
Court: Gerichtshof

The Judicial Branch of Hartfelden is the Gerichtshof. The Justice of the Gerichtshof is appointed by the Kaiser. There are no term limits for the Justice.

Diplomatic Representation
Diplomatic Representative in The North Pacific:
The North Pacific’s Diplomatic Representative: Brendog (Xagill)
Date of Establishment of Embassy with The North Pacific: 10/6/2018

History of Relations with The North Pacific
The founder, Scottie is a citizen of The North Pacific and currently sits on the Election Commission. There have been other mutual citizens over the years.

The relationship between The North Pacific and Hartfelden has been positive.

The region's military is named ‘Die Kaiserlichen Streitkraefte’. The alignment of the military is Defender.

Participation requirements:
Citizenship is required in order to participate in the regional military.

Interregional Matters
Hartfelden's military continues to be a regular presence on the fields of NationStates military gameplay. In addition, Hartfelden recently ratified a treaty with Caer Sidi, another prominent user created region. Hartfelden also holds a number of extraregional territories.

These are divided into "States of the Empire" which are part of the Empire. The Kaiser may delegate responsibility for these states to members of the region. In addition, there are regions classified as "Territory of the Empire. These are enemy regions seized by the Empire in the course of war and military operations. These regions and their holders are summarised here.