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Princely Family of Romanovskaya Foundation




Venture Capital
Heritage Conservation
Political Foundation




Prince Vasili Alexandrovich Romanoff


Vyborg, Romanovskaya

Key People

Prince Dmitri Dmitrievich Romanoff
(CEO and President)
Prince Nicholas Nikolaevich Romanoff
(Chairman of the Board of Trustees)


Personal Funds
Heritage Conservation
Political Funding
Political Endorsements



Net Income


Total Assets

$7.6 billion (2018 est)


Princely Family of Romanovskaya

Number of


The Princely Family of Romanovskaya Foundation

The Princely Family of Romanovskaya Foundation is a portfolio of private companies, museums, and art collections owned by the Princely Family of Romanovskaya. It is essentially a cap for a multitude of investments, such as the RGT Group, the Massandra Winery, Ozerki Agricultural and Forest Company, Texmati Rice, and real estate holdings in across Europe. As of 2018, there were 15 companies and 3 museums owned by the Foundation. The Foundation also plays national heritage and political roles, opening up a Romanovskaya culture museum, selling the political books that support the royal family, and funding right-leaning politicians.

The foundation is a Vyborg-based establishment, created in 1970, to manage assets of the Princely Portfolio. Prince Vasili Alexandrovich Romanoff was head of the foundation from 1970 through 1983, until the brother of his son-in-law, Prince Nicholas Nikolaevich Romanoff succeeded him as CEO. Prince Vasili remained on as Chairman of the foundation until his death in 1989. Prince Nicholas moved from CEO to the Chairman position while his brother Prince Dmitri Nikolaevich Romanoff succeeded him as CEO. Prince Dmitri Nikolaevich retired from his position in 2016 to be replaced by his son H.S.H. Prince Dmitri Dmitrievich Romanoff.

List of Companies

  • Real Estate Administration Europe

  • Ozerki Agricultural and Forest Company

  • Vyborg Forestry Development Corporation

  • Massandra Winery

  • RIECO LLC (Forestry Company)

  • Romanovskaya Energiya LLC (Renewable Energy Company)

  • Texmati Rice

  • Izdatelstvo VES MIR (Book Publishing)

  • Petrov Palace (Museum & Hotel)

  • RGT Group (Investment Banking Company)

  • Vyborg Shipyard (40% Stake)

  • TechnoNICOL (25% Stake) (Roofing Materials)

  • Derby County Football Club Ltd (80% Stake)


  • Romanovskaya Royal Museum (History of the Romanov Royal Family)

  • Romanovskaya Culture Museum (History of the Romanovskaya Region)

  • Romanovskaya Fine Arts Museum (Art museum)

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