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North American Republics for Domestic Affairs

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I have been a member of the Social Liberal Union since July 12, 2011 and quickly joined the regional government through the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. I rose through the ranks and took on the mantle of Minister of Domestic Affairs, creating a nurturing space to ensure that the SLU would be an inclusive region, one where you can let your imagination take over so long as it is mindful of others. While I have visited different positions in government, Domestic Affairs has always been my home.

With as much time as I have spent in the SLU, I have seen our size and activity ebb and flow, and I am prepared to take on the hard work of ensuring that no matter what state this region finds itself in, it will remain an open home to many. I am prepared to embrace change and if such change was a mistake, I am prepared to own it and correct it as soon as possible. The Ministry of Domestic Affairs must be kept fluid in its structure and approach and I will make it so. To that end, I want to introduce my platform and I hope that you can agree that I am the best candidate for the position.

While this campaign thread may seem sparser than previous campaigns, make no mistake -- I plan on solidifying the gains we've made in Domestic Affairs throughout another term and adding what I can to enrich our community.


A promise from my previous campaign involved starting an SLU football league. While it took some time to get ready (delayed due to work on the new forum and development of an even better voting platform for residents) it is now here and is set to start in full force on June 24th. Whether re-elected or not, I aim to support SLU sports as much as I can throughout its seasons. We already have six players lined up to participate, including some who do not usually participate in our other types of role-play!

If and when real life sports come back, I aim to establish a fantasy sports league like the ones we had seven or eight years ago. I see it as a way to bridge the gap in regional activity that focusing only on role-playing activities can create. To that end, I am open to other ideas, so please let me know what you've got.

Social Liberal Union Tribune

While the Social Liberal Union Tribune name is usually reserved for Council of Leaders events, I want to structure the SLU Tribune into an actual newspaper. That means that I will be seeking an editor-in-chief who is able to collate, review, and submit-for-publishing information and articles from government officials as well as resident states. If you want something said, we will let you say it (within reason). Especially because it will be distributed as a mass telegram as well as occupying a spot in a dispatch and on discord, we do need to ensure that the articles meet NS and SLU guidelines for civility and language.

By providing structure to the SLU Tribune, I hope that we can cut down on TG spam while providing residents a reliable means to keep up-to-date on the goings-on of the region -- no matter if you primarily stick to NationStates or discord.

Miscellaneous Items and Answers

I appreciate you making it this far down and giving me the time to present my platform. I wanted a section to take on miscellaneous items and answers to any questions I receive during this campaign. The questions and responses are as follows:

(Awaiting Questions)