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The Formation of the First Vlarissian Republic

First Vlarissian Republic
Map of the First Vlarissian Republic at its height prior to the revolution


2043 - 2094

Date Established:

September, 2043


Federal Authoritarian
One-Party Presidential Republic


Andrei Farquaadsky
Dmitri Ivanov

Preceded by:

Russian Federation

World War 3


February 18th, 2033 - July 6th, 2039



Forces Mobilized:

130 million

Death Toll:

110 million

Prior to the Glorious Swampland reigned the crony capitalistic oligarchy known as the Vlarissian Republic. It was a powerful nation that stretched from East Prussia to Persia to the borders of Korea. While mighty and vast, the government was plagued by corruption and instability. It resorted to extreme authoritarianism in order to cling to power. The unequal and repressive oligarchy was widely unpopular among the working class and a Nationalistic uprising would occur. It was formed after the end of the Russian Federation when the Russian oligarchs seized the oppurtunity to take power after the assassination of their w i d e president during WW3.

The formation of Vlarissia and later the VlaRiSsiAn Ogreís Republic is traced back to 2033 when Russia- after merging with its CSTO allies -invaded the Baltic states in an attempt to rise to pre-1991 power. This sparked WW3 which was initially between the new Russian Empire and the EU. It would be stagnant like WW1 until China and India joined and later the Isolationist US. The result of this war would be the formation of Vlarissia in former Russia, Central Asia and Asia Minor as well as the formation of The Yeetusa in the Americas. Soon Vlarissiaís borders would expand and so would itís corruption. In 2090, the people were done with the government and began a revolution lead by Shrek which would establish present day VlaRiSsiA.

Greater Russian Federation

The Greater Russian Federation after the unification
The existence of the glorious Swampland we all know and love today can be traced back to when the 6 CSTO member states unified in 2029 in an attempt to rise to cold-war era power. The leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan merged to form USSR 2, or simply the Greater Russian Federation. The member countries would become autonomous in this new republic, just like the SSRs in the Soviet Union. Russian backed succession its movements in Georgia and Ukraine would be annexed to this new nation. With a population of 200 million, a massive amount of manpower would be available for the greatest army in the world. The Empire would spend the next 4 years on industrialization and militarism to deter any western intervention.

War Erupts
By early 2033, the military of the Greater Russian Federation possesses over 10 million soldiers. Mass production of military vehicles and weapons as well as drastic increases in military spending create an army just as beautiful as the USSRís. Bordering the Empire are several heavily populated countries such as Ukraine and Uzbekistan, who would provide great manpower. 1 million men are mobilized to launch an almost blitzkrieg invasion of Uzbekistan, taking Tashkent in just a week. Millions more are mobilized near Ukraine, the Baltic states and Georgia to expand the reaches of the empire. The invasion of Uzbekistan, a close ally of the west, sparks massive diplomatic tensions. The subsequent invasion of the Baltic states is the final straw for the EU and war is declared.

T-14 Armata Supertanks were Russiaís main battle tanks in the war

At first, Western military intervention was slow, allowing for Greater Russia to enlist even more soldiers with the manpower seized from Uzbekistan. Hundreds of thousands troops are sent to invade Georgia, in order to connect Armenia and Russia. A total 9 million soldiers are mobilized to fight in the war, including 4 million to invade Ukraine. By mid 2033, Greater Russia is almost as big as the USSR. The military launches a swift and bloody offensive into Poland, tearing through the country before Europe could send in enough soldiers. An onslaught of 6 million troops march towards Berlin, approaching only 60 kilometers away from Germanyís capital before getting stopped by Western Forces. The US stays out of the conflict due to the newly elected Presidentís isolationist policies. The Allied forces slowly push the Russian Army and by the end of 2033, the Greater Russian Army is forced to retreat back to Warsaw. The war becomes stagnant after that, with an extraordinarily long line being set across Poland. While the war in Ukraine and Moldova sees some change, for the most part, WW3 is like WW1. Millions of men are conscripted in the EU member states and drafting in Russia extends to an indefinite amount. Tens of millions of soldiers are sent to the frontline, causing mass death and destruction. Bombardment and famine leads to millions of civilian deaths on the Polish front. Poor Poland.
Ruins of Warsaw during the War

For the next year, the war is a standstill. Millions of soldiers on both sides die and millions more civilians are killed. Famine ravages both Russia and Germany, leading to millions more being emaciated. Countries as far as Spain face economic recession and subsequent famine due to the war. While Russia temporarily advanced into Romania through Moldova, the allied forces push them back, to Ukraine. Both sides try to flank each other, and operations to seize the capitals of occupied countries are made but fail. Turkey declares war on Russia by mid 2034, creating another front, forcing Russia to divert millions to the Caucasus. Eventually, the West pushes the polish front in an attempt to invade Minsk, but they fail and are pushed back, causing the front to be virtually identical to pre-war borders. By 2035, 12 million soldiers and 20 million civilians perished. The war, however, makes a turn for the worst once it spreads to Asia.

War in Asia

Indian and Chinese Militaries preparing for the biggest war ever fought
India, Pakistan and China are three nuclear powers who have disputed over areas near the Kashmir region for years. The tensions would reach a new high once the brutal war in Europe commenced, which ravaged many economic allies. In early 2035, the Chinese and Pakistani Militaries launch an offensive in India due to withered diplomatic tensions. India and Chinaís allies get involved, which would cause a war to spread across all of Asia, turning WW3 into nightmarish reality.

Tens of millions of men in India and China are drafted to fight the largest war yet seen in human history. More men are mobilized than in the entirety of WW1 and WW2 combined. A naval war ensues between several major naval powers. Artillery fire across the Himalayas cause mass devastation to both sides. With the help of China, North Korea launched an invasion of the south, which would be backed by a coalition of nations. India and their allies begin a naval blockade against China, escalating the economic depression ongoing during the Asian theatre. As China launches a third front over Myanmar, a famine hits, starving 10 million. Several countries collapse from the instability caused by war, either breaking into warlords, being gobbled up by larger powers or couped by their military. Overall, borders in this war are also somewhat stagnant, with a few countries being completely annexed here and there. Meanwhile, Greater Russia and Europe start using ICBMs against enemy capitals as the front goes to a complete stalemate. Tactical nukes start getting launched and nuclear war becomes almost inevitable. By 2137, 90 million people have died worldwide, making WW3 deadlier than both previous world wars combined.

The US, following the defeat of their isolationist president in the 2036 election, decides to fully intervene due to the heavy economic impact the war has on them(and that their oil is at risk). A draft is instituted and by the dawn of 2038, many millions of US soldiers are mobilized to fight in the east and west. The war goes to a very slight turning point as the European forces slowly push back Russia until they reach Minsk and Kiev. However, the advance stops there. With US naval help, the Chinese and their alliesí navies are eventually outnumbered with so many fleets fighting. What is left of Korea is invaded to launch an offensive. An invasion through Korea, Vietnam and India is ordered against China, with the coalition attempting to reach Beijing. Ballistic missiles are fired by both sides in desperate attempts, leading to many millions of deaths. The war seems to be turning, but then a new event occurs that fundamentally changes the war. A powerful oligarchic group established The Yeetusa in North America, slowly invading the US. The moment Yeetusan forces arrive at the capitol, global politics is forever changed.

New Global Order

Map of the world in 2042. The grey land is unclaimed or disputed

WW3 officially ends in mid 2039, after over 110 million deaths. The rise of many new nations leads to the fall of many old ones. With the collapse of the US comes the collapse of many of its allies. The economically devastated European countries crumble, leading to many new governments being established. The Chinese government is replaced by a Corporate Dictatorship even more corrupt than the CCP that would be called The Youtube. Most Asian countries either collapse into smaller nations or merge into larger ones. The Yeetusa takes over South America and unifies the Western Hemisphere to create the first known hyperpower(greater than a superpower). Greater Russia, which experienced extreme recession and instability, is ended when its wide President is assassinated in 2140. Africa, with no country to send support, completely collapses with the exception of a few nations.

Several massive nations such as the Persian Federation, Anatolian Empire, Franco-Iberian Confederation, Polish-Romanian Union and the Greater Prussian Empire(later becoming the Crymar Republic following the end of monarchy, due to the wars in 2100) emerged from the global chaos, creating a new set of nations. Other countries like India and the UK split into multiple smaller states. Some countries secede from others and some maintain their borders. Regional unions like the EU are completely scrapped and the UN is officially ended, being replaced with The Federation in 2045. New international law is enacted and society as a whole changes more than even in the previous world wars. This global change would lead to the formation of Vlarissia and its rise to hyperpower status as VlaRiSsiA.

Formation of Vlarissia
With the new global order comes a power vacuum. With Greater Russiaís President gone, the oligarchs seize the opportunity to take over. By 2041, the weakened Greater Russian Empire is replaced with an oligarchy under a transitional authoritarian state. Relations with the nearby nations of Persia, Anatolia and Poland-Romania reach a new high during this transitional period and they become interdependent. On August 25th, 2043, the 4 nations merge and create a new superstate: The Vlarissian Republic. Each country is an autonomous province with the whole empire becoming a unified state under the rule of Andrei Farquaadsky, a filthy capitalist.

The new empire becomes exceptionally strong with a population well over 500 million. The economy however, is rather corrupt and under the complete control of a few billionaires. This capitalist system become very oppressive and full of exploitation while the oligarchs cling on to power. The government becomes widely unpopular and revolts become inevitable. While the oligarchs gain immense global influence, their days are limited as the proletariat vastly outnumbers them.