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Conurbatus III

Notice from the Ministry of the Interior

Viewing of this document is restricted to personnel with clearance
corresponding to or surpassing the following levels:


Unauthorized viewing will be logged, filed, and responded to using immediate
disciplinary action, irrespective of existing judicial systems or the Ministry Council.

Credentials Accepted, Access Logged

Ab urbe, ad aeternum


Pre-release Briefing:
We've managed to pull quite a bit of data from recovered equipment. A lot of it's mangled - the audio, especially. We've barely managed to salvage one or two snippets, so most of our intel in that regard remains tied to the transmission logs. A bit more luck with the visuals - while we could by no means string together a coherent video feed, we did manage to grab individual frames. So we've functionally been able to assemble a photo gallery - it's not much, but it should give Command at least something to work with. So far, we've only got it approved for in-op release, so that Paratech can screen it before passing it on. Can't joke around with potential memetics. The abridged version is included below - for a full release, I suggest contacting ███████.

-███████ ██████, Software Engineering

Instance #1: "Obelisk"
May be seen in repeated frames, taken from various locations within the opzone. Is always seen in the same orientation, and at the same apparent distance from the viewpoint of the observer - whether the object rotates in order to conform to camera angles, or is subject to some manner of spatial anomaly, is as of yet undetermined. Non-motile, save for aforementioned potential rotation. When properly resolved, appears to resemble a building in some regards - further examination needed.

Instance #3: "Strider"
Encountered in a single location within opzone. Appears to be territorially-motile within the immediate vicinity of a structure resembling a small church. Never concretely resolved, as direct contact was avoided by the TASSEL/Delve incursion team. Suspected to be vaguely humanoid in body-plan, though this has not been concretely confirmed. Appears to be possessive of considerable height - exact metrics could not be conclusively established due to poor visibility, but are assumed to be in the vicinity of ██ meters.

Instance #7: "Pool"
Visible only in footage recovered from initial exploration site - seemingly not encountered by TASSEL/Delve operatives in any capacity. Context unclear - perspective appears to correspond to planar superimposition or otherwise anomalous spatial bounds. Two distinct entities noted - only one conclusively identified as a perspective-shifted fishing boat. Nature and/or identity of larger, less-distinct entity remains unresolved at present.

Instance #9: "Grip"
Only one usable reference-frame recovered. Origin of visual discoloration unclear - assumed to be a consequence of damage to footage, though a direct alteration of locale may not be ruled out. Post cross-referencing, entity appears to closely correspond in makeup and metrics to grossly-upscaled human hand - the significance of this, if any, is unknown.

Instance #10: "Wing"
Post-timestamp examination, entity conclusively identified as the probable cause for loss of contact with TASSEL/Delve team. Screeching recorded immediately prior to loss of contact not yet attributed to vocalizations - investigations are ongoing.