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The Charter for the Construction of the Waterstad Borough - Charles Rock Underwater Rail Tunnel

The Charter for the Construction of the Waterstad Borough - Charles Rock Underwater Rail Tunnel

This charter has been awarded to the Uvoanian Governmental Railroads to construct a tunnel connecting Port Ember and The Chuck, at a currently estimated at 175 Billion NSD. The Port Ember railhead will be built from the city of Port Ember Megalopolis, from the Waterstad Borough. The Chuck railhead will be built from the city of Charles Rock, and the two railheads shall meet in the middle.

The tunnel itself shall be two bi-level triple track- With three service tunnels included in the cost estimate. Each of these service tunnels will have space for a two lane road, and fire-bunkers in case of fire in the tunnel, with access ways to the two main-line tunnels every 1000 meters. Whenever possible, the company shall hire local workers and use local materials. The tunnel itself is to be built out of tungsten carbide reinforced concrete, with walls of at least 3 meters (9' ‭10.08‬") thickness, all within a segmented tunnel setup. Emergency, 31.75 Metric ton (35 US Ton), blast doors are to be furnished every 8 kilometers (5 Miles), to drop if the tunnel is breached. The tracks themselves will also be floating tracks within the tunnels themselves.

The tracks themselves are to be built to UGR 'Oppenheim Scheme' standards- Allowing for continuous line running of 525 Kilometers-Per-Hour (326.22 Miles-per-hour). This track setup will will be made of the standard gauge of trackage- Specified at 4 feet, 8 and 1/2 half inches. The rails themselves are to be made of 500 meter long strips, made of reinforced tungsten-cored steel rails, with carbide reinforced concrete ties laid at a standard distance of 50 MMs apart. All junctions, and crossovers, within the tunnel are to be built to allow high speed running of the specified 525 Kilometers-Per-Hour, over all junctions and cross-overs within the tunnel unless this is revealed to be infeasible. This line will be electrified, with the necessary facilities to handle this also being constructed by the UGR, or with the help of local companies where-ever possible. The UGR shall also furnish the facilities underneath the tunnel for fiber-optic cables, and things of such nature.

The UGR shall finance two companies, to be founded, to construct the tunnel itself. These two companies, the Waterstad Borough Tunnel Connection Company, (WBTCC), and the Charles Rock Tunnel Construction Company (CRTCC) shall be responsible for constructing the railyard and tunnels from their point of origin to a pre-determined meeting point, halfway between the two nations. At either end of the tunnel, the UGR shall also furnish passenger stations, goods facilities, and the facilities for servicing the cars and locomotives in use by the company- With future expansions planned for, if it is in the interest of the two nations. In particular, the Port Ember end of the rail-line shall be built to the primary sea-port of Port Ember, Ember Docks, with an extension to the primary airport of Port Ember, Waterstad International Airport, 30 kilometers from the Port of Ember. When it comes to the furnishing of running operations, the UGR shall strive, through the combination of the previous two companies into the 'Charles Rock-Waterstad Tunnel Operating Company', to furnish a total of twelve trains an hour, departing from each railyard- For a total of twenty four trains per hour, for a total of 576 trains daily. The LWTOC will also furnish a total of 2 passenger trains departing each terminal an hour- At :00, and :30 every hour. This will be a total of 48 passenger trains daily, for a final total of 624 trains daily. Each railyard facility will be capable handling car-load, less than car-load, container, bulk, loose, live, and refigerated cargo. These facilities will include facilities for the transloading of cargo from truck to the tunnel system, or from the tunnel system to the regular rail-system.

The UGR will be paid a 10% margin of goods and passengers move through the tunnel, in order to cover operating costs for the tunnel itself.

The LWTOC shall furnish the same rolling stock as in service on the UGR 'Racetrack' in order to run the rail-line. It will also hire local workers to staff the rail-line as much as possible, training them to fill the rolls needed by the LWTOC to serve the tunnel, with experts from the UGR training them in the needed courses until such a time as locals from either nation can sustain operations without the help of the UGR provided experts. However, out of concerns over the running of the operation, the LWTOC and UGR shall maintain a staff of 200 UGR workers at either end of the tunnel, in case of an emergency that cannot be handled by the local operating companies.

This charter has been read, approved, and signed by-
Zkto' Zovban, Of Uvoan
Commissioner Nathanial Halsey, Office of Commerce & Shipping, of The Chuck
Minister Jessica Stones, Minister of Transport, of Port Ember
Dol Hind, Chairman of the Uvoanian Governmental Railroad
Dwiin Grah, Chairman of the Charles Rock Tunnel Construction Company
Ved Key, Chairman of the Waterstad Borough Tunnel Connection Company