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Making my nation Cease To Exist in order to get a Easter Egg

If you have endorsed me and I've endorsed you back, or you just know about this nations existence, I'm not going to be active and this nation will cease to exist, but I will restore it. I thought it would explain this to people who fit in one of those groups I mentioned. I'm doing this in order to get an Easter Egg.

When I restore this nation after I CTE, I will endorse all those that have endorsed me. I will be keeping track of all everyone who has endorsed me, even when this nation isn't active. I have puppets so I can add people who endorse this nation when it is not active to my list of people to endorse when I become active again.

I'll be starting my series of inactivity on Feb 26th at 6.35 am.
If you need anything, telegram my puppet Dangine card farm
If you've sent me a TG before the 26th I've read it.

Edit: After 18 days of inactivity I accidentally logged onto this nation, I had the password saved and I accidentally clicked on it, I guess I guess I have to start all over again :(
On the bright side, I can update my card collections and check my telegrams.

The Socialist Republic of Dangine