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by The Serene State of Quebecshire. . 122 reads.

TRA Ownership and Category

Ownership Agreement and Resource Application for the Terraconserva Roleplay Association

Section I - Initial Notes

  • The Terraconserva Roleplay Association will henceforth in this document be referred to as the TRA.

  • The TRA is to be co-owned and managed by Quebecshire and Creeperopolis within The League of Conservative Nations, a co-ownership that will be further elaborated upon in this document.

  • Members of the TRA are henceforth referred to as participants.

  • This agreement may be modified and amended with the unanimous consent of the owners of the organization with the notarizing oversight of the Consulate of the Republic.

  • Some channels approved may allow LPF viewership, but not typing permissions. If an LPF Officer who is not also a participant in the TRA wishes to allot a server-warn, they are recommended to do so through #police-reports.

Section II - Ownership and Management

  • Quebecshire and Creeperopolis shall hold equal authority and rights in co-ownership of the TRA.

  • The owners of the TRA and one further individual selected by the owners shall have binding decision-making authority and in this capacity shall be referred to as “Moderators”. See temporary section four for caveats and further specifications and amendments to this clause.

  • The following management factors must gain two of the three moderators’ consent (⅔) to be altered:

    • The voiding and invalidation of roleplay posts by participants that are found to be in violation of relevant rules:

      • A single Moderator may void a roleplay post at the moment but must consult the chat used by the Moderators to convene on official business, and must gain the consent of at least one further Moderator for the void to be maintained.

    • The induction or removal of participants and nations from the TRA.

    • The alteration or request for alteration of current platforms for official TRA communication and participation.

    • The alteration of any TRA rules and regulations in documents inferior to this agreement.

  • The following management factors must gain unanimous consent of the moderators to be altered:

    • The creation or dissolution (or requests thereof) of new platforms for official TRA communication and participation.

    • The induction and removal of participants to the position of Advisor, which shall be elaborated upon later in this section.

      • Advisors may be nominated to the post by a single Moderator but must gain the unanimous consent of the Moderators to fill the position. They may be removed from office by this same procedure.

    • Disputes of a nature which is not explicitly addressed by this document.

  • Advisors shall be allowed to be present in the Moderator channel mentioned later in this document. Their authorities shall be as follows:

    • Advisors are nominated and inducted by Moderators through an aforementioned process.

    • Advisors may directly suggest courses of action, policy changes, post voidings, and invalidations to the Moderators’ convening area.

    • Advisors may discuss with Moderators on TRA management issues, but do not have a binding vote or authority beyond advisory opinion and recommendation.

Section III - Request for a Server Category

  • With this documentation’s filing, the TRA requests a server category within The League of Conservative Nations server’s jurisdiction to conduct business. This will be the sole main platform for such business.

  • This category shall serve as the supervised location for TRA management, functionality, and Discord related participation. It shall simply be named “Terraconserva.”

  • All channels in this category (excluding the to-be mentioned #terraconserva-links) shall be exclusively visible to the participants of the TRA, the Office of the Consulate, and the League’s Police Force.

  • The channels included in this category shall initially include:

    • #terraconserva-links

    • #tra-announcements

    • #tra-twitter

    • #tra-general

    • #tra-moderation

      • This channel will be open to participants and relevant security officials but only Moderators and Advisors will have typing permissions.

    • A channel for the Moderator-recognized alliances of two or more nations including the following:

      • #aurebeshia

      • #codeco

      • #teu

    • TRA In Character Voice Channel

  • The roles used for the purposes of this category shall include:

    • The currently existing “RPer” role, renamed to “TRA RPer.”

    • The creation of a “TRA Moderator” role.

    • The creation of a “TRA Advisor” role.

    • The creation of a “TRA TCN” role.

    • The creation of a “TRA AUR” role.

    • The creation of a “TRA CODECO” role.

    • The creation of a “TRA TEU” role.