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Empress Maya I of Loures

Maya I


Empress of Kractero
20 May 2017 - present
26 February 2019
Regent Miguel
Heir Apparent
Prince Afonso


23 February 2001 (age 19)
Adil Khan, Nova Goa, India, Kractero




Full Name

Maya de Santa Maria Miguel Gabriel Rafael


Duarte II of Kractero

Isabel II of Kractero



Military Career


Kracterian Navy

Years of Service
2016 - present

Admiral (formerly)
Commander of Navies

Maya I (full name Maya de Santa Maria Miguel Gabriel Rafael, born 23 February 2001) is Empress of Kractero, as well as the Queen of India and Commander-in Chief of the Kracterian Army and Navy. She also held the position as an admiral in the navy prior to her inauguration. Born into the House of Loures, the ruling house of Kractero with origins to the Kingdom of Portugal, she is the eldest child of former Emperor Duarte I and former Empress Isabel II. She became heir presumptive to the throne from her birth, with a regency in the event of an early ascension planned to be led by Duarte's brother, Count Miguel of Loures.

Upon her father's death in the 2017 Flight Kractero 33 crash, Kractero fell under the rule of a regency council led by Count Miguel. When she turned 18 in 2019, she was officially inaugurated as the Empress of Kractero. During this time, Maya adopted a new name and lived abroad in the United States of America, in Seattle, Washington, where she studied at the University of Washington. She is currently finishing her degree in economics at the University of Cochin, a program she started in 2016.

During the regency, republicanism surged due to poor decision making from Count Miguel, even though the monarchy is protected by the constitution. Maya has been affectionately referred to as the citizen-empress by the younger generation, and her popularity is currently high.

I. Early Life
II. Reign
III. Political
IV. Fun Facts


I. Early Life

Maya was born Princess Maya in the Adil Khan Palace at the royal quarters of Nova Goa, Kingdom of India, Kractero. Her birth was of particular importance to the Loures family, as she was the first-born child of Emperor Duarte II. Her mother was Isabel II, the Duchess of Daman and the current Empress. Her mother, Isabel II, sought to have Maya baptized, but her father, who was not religious, vehemently denied. She was named by her mother, who's brother was an archaeologist who lost his life exploring Mayan ruins a decade prior.

Rather than employ a governess, Empress Isabel II and Emperor Duarte II's brother, Prince Miguel, took personal control of the young Maya's learning. She was taught at a young age the piano from her mother and was put into linguistics school as early at the age of five to have her learn the languages of the empire to a conversational level. Miguel, who had a passion for history, was a big Anglophile, and had an admiration of naval warfare, took the young princess to many naval museums in Kractero and Japan. In 2004, Maya's younger brother, Prince Afonso, was born and slid in front of the former regent as the next in the line of succession after Maya.

As Empress, Maya has continued her education in an economics degree at the University of Cochin. Prior to ascension, she was studying overseas at the University of Washington as a sixteen year old freshman while a regency council ruled in her stead. The future empress also studied at the Kracterian Naval Academy at a middle-school age, due to her relation to the headmaster (being Prince Miguel), and was given the rank Admiral in 2016.

Maya is fluent in Portuguese, English, Konkani, Arabic (Modern Standard), Hindi, Sinhalese, and Cantonese, with limited knowledge in Farsi, Spanish, Javanese, Tamil, Malayam, Malay, Turkish, and Tagalog.

Maya is a skilled biker and swimmer.

II. Reign

On 13 May 2017, a regularly scheduled flight, Flight Kractero 33, between Cochin and Singapore carrying Emperor Duarte II had encountered a storm and the pilot swerved off course southward, crashing into the Sumatran rainforest. The plane had no survivors. Emperor Duarte II, who was known to fly on occasion with the general populace, was reported officially dead six days later, and a day later on 20 May 2017, the 16 year old Princess Maya was named Empress Maya I, but her uncle, Prince Miguel, joined her mother Empress Isabel II in a regency council.

In a state of deep mourning, Maya chose to hide from the press, adopting the name Maria Ramos and moving to Seattle, Washington, United States of America, where she enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Upon her 18th birthday, Maya was flown back during her winter quarter at the University of Washington to Cochin for her inauguration three days later. In her first speech to the nation, she simply stated "I hope that I am able to rule the country as well as my predecessors."

During Maya's rule, the Asian and East African Free Trade Agreement (AEAFT) was officially signed in 2018, creating a network of free trade for the many nations of the East Pacific and Indian Oceans. Maya reconfirmed the nation's commtitment to the Paris Climate Summit, which her father pulled out of due to his criticism of the light terms. In 2018, she met with United States President Donald Trump, and was the first Kracterian monarch to do so, as her father never personally met with Trump.

During her reign, the nation has begun foreign commissions of Naviovivas, something criticized by Kracterian nationalists. So far, a total of four have been summoned for the governments of Italy, Russia, Sweden, and Japan.

III. Political

Policies and Beliefs
Maya is a social liberal, who advocates progressive ideals and values. She employs some social economic policies, but still views big business as more of a boon than a threat.

In civil rights, Maya has pushed for some of the most individual-empowering legislation in the world. She rolled back 9-11 policies enacted by her father in the wake of the 9-11 attacks on the United States that curbed some civil liberties. She ended the program of government monitoring of the Kracterian internet network. Abuse of minors by adults was banned. Maya is also an ardent believer in abortion's legality and rights for the LGBTQ community. She shares the viewpoint on recreational drugs as her father, that there is no harm in allowing people to possess common drugs, as long as they were obtained through legal means.

In both education and health care, Maya believes that they are both universal rights. Maya has continued the single-payer, universal healthcare system implemented by her father in 2005, and his free college education at most Kracterian colleges. In terms of welfare, Maya differs from her more liberal father, cutting down on some welfare systems and tightening the definition of poverty under Kracterian law, focusing on generating employment opportunities for the poor than government welfare.

Maya is an ardent supporter of environmentalism, but not at the expense of the economy. Environmental regulations on corporations is present, and corporations are given incentives for following these regulations, but there are no severe punishments for failure to do so. However, the government is still a signatory of the Paris Climate Treaty. Maya has continued her father's commitment to have more energy come from renewable sources than fossil fuels and natural gas, something that has angered the kingdoms of the Middle East. Under Maya's rule, breeding programs for the endangered Formosan Clouded Leopard and Javan rhinocerous and tiger were given more government funding.

Maya's foreign policy is very internationalist and very anti-war. Under Maya, military spending on the army has been slashed significantally, but naval spending actually increased. Maya believes in diplomacy being a better deterrent to war than a show of force. Her desire to be further integrated into the world is mainly economically motivated, and doesn't come out of her love for foreign affairs.

Culturally, Maya is a strong believer in Kracterian nationalism over regional, kingdom-based nationalism. Maya believes strongly in globalization and how it could stifle nationalism within the kingdoms and keep the country unified.

IV. Fun Facts

  • Maya has never lost a game of Uno to date.

  • Maya has stated her intentions to marry a non-royal.

  • Maya is a proficient biker, preferring to bike than use car when traveling within India.

  • Maya is extremely antireligious, and has reinstated taxation on religious institutions across Kractero.

  • Her favorite kind of music is k-pop and electronic, with her favorite artists being TWICE and Eric Prydz.

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