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Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance (NOSA)

Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance

Abbreviation: NOSA

Motto: Ex mari percunia venit

Formation: 2019

Type: Geographical Military & Economical Alliance

Headquarters: Colony of Port arthur pe; Common District; Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Headquarters Building Complex

Members: 6 Sovreign Nation States:

- Republic of Port Ember;

- Armed Republic of The Chuck;

- Militarized Nation of Iarann Grudaidh;

- Imperial Republic of Ignis States;

- Republic of Musskiteeria.

- The Kraterocracy of Uvoan.

Official Language: English


The Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance, commonly reffered to as NOSA, is a intergovernmental alliance between six nations located in the geographical area of the Northern Ocean

The organization implements the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Treaty that was signed in 2019 by all the member states. NOSA is a comprohensive system which ensures mutual support on a political, economical and military scale between the member states.

The permanent headquarters of NOSA is located in the Colony of Port arthur pe; Common District. Port Arthur is a colony of the Republic of Port Ember


Historically, there was always a good sense of coorperation and friendship between the sovreign nations of the Northern Ocean, on political, economical and military levels - which is an unique occurance when compared to the trends of other regions around the world.

President Edward Flint, the President of the Republic of Port Ember envisioned the official cooperation of the region to ensure the stabiity, security and prosperity of the entire region amist a global trend of war and instability. Thus the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Treaty was drafted and approved by the member nations, effectively establishing NOSA in 2019.

The Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Treaty

The Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Treaty is a formal alliance between its signatory states, which presents the following agreements between the member states:

Military Matters:

- All members are obligated to form part of a Mutual Defence Pact in response to an attack from an external party.

- All members are obligated to offer reasonable assistance to their allies in times of internal conflict/war/acts of terror.

Economical Matters:

- All member states will treat each other as favoured trade partners, ensuring that the majority of inports/exports of goods takes place within the region, if the free market can sustain such influx in the respective sectors.

- All member states will treat each other as part of a free trade agreement, ensuring that no inport/export taxes are levied against goods traded between the member nations.

- All members will not engage in trade sanctions against another member, and will support another member state against trade sanctions from other non member states.

Intelligence Matters:

- All member states are obligated to share intelligence gathered regarding any potential threats to the national security of another member state.

General Matters

- A unified NOSA Organisation is to be established and located within the Colony of Port arthur pe. All member nations must send diplomatic represantatives to serve on the established commitees on a permanent basis.

- This commitees must enforce the Northern Ocean Alliance Treaty as their primary function.

- Secondly, the commitees must work together to foster stronger ties and cooperation between the member nations on matters which is not enforced by the treaty.

- The following permanent commitees have been established:

- NOSA Military Commitee;

- NOSA Intelligence Commitee;

- NOSA Economy Commitee.

Key Personnel

- Secretary-General:

Honourable Charles Darby (Hailing from Port Ember).

- Chairman of the Military Council:

Chairlady Roseanne Farrington (Hailing from The Chuck).

- Supreme Military Commander:

General Rayna Shaw (Hailing from Iarann Grudaidh).

- Chairman of the Intelligence Council:

Chairman Silon Delah (Hailing from Uvoan).

- Chairman of the Economy Council:

Chairman Aiphystus Kunmynus (Hailing from Ignis States


The Headquarters of the Alliance is situated within the Colony of Port arthur pe; in the Common District, and is officially known as the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Headquarters Building Complex.

The Headquarters seats all the Commitees of the Alliance and is staffed by administrators of all the member states, whom conducts administration and talks daily to ensure the smooth running of the alliance and the strenthening of ties between the member nations.

The Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Headquarters Building Complex in Port Arthur

Noteable Activities by NOSA

- In the year 2020, the Militarized Nation of Iarann Grudaidh was the victim of a large scale domestic terror campaign, which quickly esculated into civil war. This situation esculated rapidly as foreign forces tried to utilise this chaotic situation by launching an invasion attempt. The Republic of Port Ember immediately sprang to military action to assist their allies and honoring the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance Treaty, and together both the invasion force and domestic terror groups were crushed, restoring peace and stability to Iarann Grudaidh.

OOC: Credit and thanks to Iarann Grudaidh who created the Logo for us.

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