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NIC Dispatch

Region Name Times Team

Director of News and Information

Editors : Mundane, Minimark

Writers : Mundane, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis, Minimark

Region Name Times is our regional newspaper. In it, all you need to know about the region is posted once a month, at least. Stories, interviews, and breaking news can be found within it. The Team also keeps an up-to-date Schedule of Events and keeps record of the Leaders of Region Name. Come read it!

Editors and Writers are always needed. If you want to contribute to the Region Name Times, please contact Mundane. Information will be given there.

Current Issue

This Paper is Brought to You By the News and Information Committee, Writing Since 2019

Moderator and Chief Editor: Minimark

Mundane (Assistant Editor)

Pius II

Pius Desurongcrandis (Sports Writer)

Overlord Hellerer

Regional Politics

Schism of the Melons: Again

Everything seemed to be back to normal in Region Name as Soviet Melonia II had just passed a new piece of legislation, role-play was just getting back up to speed, and everything seemed to be just right. That is until SMII and his gang of Melons left the region once again. Why, do you say? Well, there is no clear answer, but it seems to be because of the supposed amount of power that Minimark has in the region. No matter what he did in role-play, he claimed, there was no way to beat Minimark in any battle because he would do anything possible to let himself win. Of course, this is all from SMII’s perspective, but even Minimark himself explained that he could get just about anyone to do anything he wanted them to do. Is this bad? I’ll leave that up to you, but Minimark did do one thing to try to change this: he withdrew from all role-play and vowed to be neutral so that he has no power over RP anymore. Will SMII come back? Some people want him to, but others are okay with everything that went down. The schism of the Melons has only seemed to affect a couple people, one of these includes Minimark, the person that caused all of this. Minimark hinted at trying to get the Melon gang back if he was elected Delegate because of the need for their opinions in the region. But for now, Region Name is without a single Melon and, the region has not changed at all because of it. The overall question is, in the long-run, will this schism or maybe even overreaction affect the region at all?

Written by Mundane edited by Minimark

Whistlestop: Mundane's Continued Political Journey

One of the most interesting politicians in Regional history continues his long journey through the government, achieving his 4th office. Since Soviet Melonia II withdrew from the Region, a vacancy was left in the Speakership. Only one person seemed keen on gaining the office: Mundane. The World Assembly Delegate determined that since his time in his current office was near over, he better shift to a new office when there was an opportunity. This vacancy proved the perfect opportunity.

Mundane had no opponents. Was this due to lack of interest or fear of taking on the political titan of the past year? Whichever it is, nobody challenged the Delegate who won the special election on a vote of 5-0. He then put up the polls to pass the Regional Economic Development Act, which further passed and clarified various roles of the new Regional Economy, including establishing the First Regional Bank where trade dollars are determined by stats. It begins to expand the various roles of trade in the Region as the RARC has completed the maps and is awaiting to put them up to vote to the whole Region. Once those are passed trade will begin. An accomplishment of the Mundanes Speakership no doubt. Also he is trying to pass another reform Amendment, the 7th Amendment, which in addition to just general reform, overhauls the Defense Minister, establishing it as an esentially an extension of the Executive by ending the Ministers term when the current World Assembly term ends, and allowing the World Assembly Delegate to appoint a new Defense Minister at the beginning of their term. Mundane is enacting a great vision for the Region and continues to be on one of the greatest Regional political whistestops.

Written by Minimark

Minimark vs. Pius Desurongcrandis - Battle for Region Supremacy

In just two short weeks, for the first time in a year, Region Name will see a new World Assembly Delegate. On Thursday, August 13th, two regional superpowers, now both King Regions, will be fighting each other to gain the upper hand on Regional power. Minimark, the former Speaker of the Legislature who wrote the second Region Name Charter, Elections Official who nuked the region, and RARC Moderator who strived for a new way to run the committee and did it, was the first candidate to step up to bat. He has written out his policy for all to see and has made a couple speeches in the past two months or so. For now, he seems the most prepared because of how much of his plan for the region he has put out there for all to see, but that may change when Monday, August 10th comes, which I’ll get to a little later. The second candidate, Pius Desurongcrandis, the former WA Delegate who held the position for 75 straight days and did a lot for region, nation who left to form his own region of Scoutenia, and bringer of new nations to Region Name once the scouts dissolved (although they all are now inactive or CTE’d is also running). They will face off against each other, like I said before, on August 10th in the official WA Delegate Debate run by Elections Official Pius II. You can be a part of this debate if you submit questions to him via telegram either before or during the debate. But it is hard to predict what may happen in this tight election, so I guess we’ll have to tell you in the next edition of Region Name Times.

Written by Pius II, edited by Minimark

Roleplay Developments

Broken: The Seperation of Minimark and Collapse of the Melons

A conflict in the West caused the collapse of the East. It shows just how interconnected all Regional RP affairs tend to be. As the Minimark Civil War raged on, Fredmenton and Pius Desurongcrandis were in a spat. Fredmenton sent several fleets to challenge the Piesians in their own ports, which caused a mass outcry from the Piesian Senate. He summoned his former Triforce Alliance Ally Mithilia, who sent in Naval support and on July 20th, declared war on Fredmenton. The Piesians then summoned their old colony of Aleoplanz Zarden and attained their support, so Fredmenton summoned Ualanha. Overlord Hellerer then joined forces with Fredmenton, even though Pius Desurongcrandis claimed the intent of protecting Canadian nations. Mithilia threated to bomb Fredmentonian launch sites but that was too late. A mystery operation took place: a plague was dropped among the Piesian ships and spread like wildfire. It spread and began to kill many soldiers. Military Deterance, being Military Deterance, began to investigate, interviewing King Yennis XIX and the Urbans on the matter after tha plane landed in Socoran and showed relation to Minimark lands.

When Military Deterance began the call, they thought they were talking to Yennis and the Urbans. Yennis remained steadfast against any accusations, but the Urbans, specifically some former insider of the Minimark government, claimed in a deep state plot developed without the Kings knowledge the disease was developed and organized as a biological weapon, an offense resulting in banjection under the Regional Peace Act. Military Deterance wanted to meet this man in person given danger of his murder given his knowledge. So they organized a strike mission on the Urban capitol and bombed the bunker he was hiding in, along with several Urban defense systems. Minimark took this as an opportunity and pushed in and ravaged the Capital.

It was later claimed by Minimark that this was just a low-ranking soldier who had access to the most secure phone line in the country, one he was supposed to be gaurding, and that he tricked Military Deterance into bombing the Urban Capital. Military Deterance took offense to this and began bombing Marksburg Military bases and King Yennises Castle. Minimark denied Military Deterances technology could realistically defeat all of their defenses in their Capital, and Military Deterance claimed they were more scientifically advanced. Then MD got upset with Minimark, for the whole ploy of the rouge soldier taking the phone line. They claimed that:

Soviet Melonia II wrote:I don't invade the bay: The guy gets shot, I can't figure anything out.
I do invade the bay: Apparently it was all fake and Minimarks most secure communications are so weak someone can just walk in and take them over

This led to what was mentioned in Mundanes Article: Minimark having too much power over the Region that he can impose his will upon anyone. The Melons claimed this and then revealed a plot nobody seemed interested in: that the Dark Agency had taken over the Melon ian government. Military Deterance disbanded as the Melon ias began sending nukes to Fredmenton, decimating that country. Soviet Melonia II launched all their nukes on themselves. They left. All of them, in equal frustration.

Fredmenton understandably withdrew from the Piesian war. The death of Yennis caused pure chaos for the Minimark army which was overwhelmed at Rondestag when Minimark broke into Minimark and Imperial Minimark. Later Minimark broke into Federated Urba led by Third Staters in an election. Overlord Hellerer was overwhelmed by the Piesians and declared Peace, which was organized by the Peace Committee. Two months of bent up tensions and RP burst at once. And Region Name burst. And sadly, we lost one of the most important parts of us.

Written by Minimark


Regional Chess Association Update

The RCA is the Regional Chess League and has games every day. There are eight teams all from different nations that are competing to get into the playoffs. The top 6 teams get into the playoffs and the winner gets the coveted King’s Trophy. As of now, the New Gwapington Hmmmmmmmms are in first place, but there are other teams that are very close to the top spot. The Pius Pheonixs have had a rough start, being in last place for a majority of the season so far. Even though some teams are doing better than others, each team has a star player. As of now, Portuitus Opremon for the Roriaburg Ranks has been stellar, having the best individual player record in the league. After the season, there will be an individual player tournament to see which player is the best and get the title Regional Individual Chess Champion. If after the season a player has a rating of over 2200, they will be awarded the title Grandmaster in a ceremony in Overlord Hellerer. These ratings will be made based on the individual’s record throughout the year and the rating of their opponents. After all of this, there will be a free agency where one player from each team will be released and will be open to other teams. There will be no draft because there is no bench. If owners desire a draft, it could be arranged, but it would need to be unanimous. The RCA year has gotten off to a great start and good luck to all the teams going forward.

Written by Overlord Hellerer, edited by Minimark

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Opinion Editorials

The New Leader: An Introduction of How I Will Plan on Defining the Elements of the Delegacy (Part 1 of 6)

I know what you all want. You want me to talk about argument with Soviet Melonia II, my power and influence in the Region, if I'm sorry, what my RP intent is, my opinions on capitalism etc... But I am not here for any of that. I already believe I addressed the events of July 20th effectively and reformed myself to show regret, by leaving RP. So lets talk about my vision, and also how it could apply to the Soviet Melonia situation.

I previously addressed the strongsuits and shortcomings of the Mundane administration in my last article. But critisizing someone provides no beneficial discussion if no solutions to their failures are provided. I am here to provide solutions to Mundanes shortcomings. That is- being a political leader. A politicial leader has been an idea throughout Regional history, given the absence of them. The most political Delegate so far has been Melon ia, and his stint is clouded with the endless battle between himself and myself. So, what are the elements of a good Delegate? I will tell you, and in future articles go in more depth on each of the 4 elements.

1. Emblematic: You are the face of the Region and its ambassador to the world.
2. Self-Control: You understand your own power and influence and limit it for the benefit of the Region.
3. Decisiviness: You need to make the tough decisions, but you must consider the advice and ideas of others.
4. Objective: You must objectively understand what is best for the Region and, regardless of personal feelings, pursue this.

These four elements will make the next great Regional leader, and I believe I understand these elements well enough and have plans to use these elements well enough to be a great leader. I only ask for your consideration. I want you to think who can best abide to the above ideals. I believe I have done it more in my career than my opponent, but my opponent still has at points and would be a fantastic Delegate. But think: who can fit the above ideals best. I will leave the thinking up to you.

Written by Minimark

Weekly Challenge

Nobody Solved Last Weeks Riddle! Oh well, lets move on from riddles.

This Week: Sudoku!
Not exactly sure how you will all submit answers, but you could probably type on the blank squares or draw or whatever you figure out and telegram it to Minimark

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This Paper is Brought to You By the News and Information Committee, Writing Since 2019

Moderator and Chief Editor: Minimark

Mundane (Assistant Editor)

Pius II

Pius Desurongcrandis

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Regional Politics

Legal Battle for the Ages - Heated Trial Leaves Questions

The region was at a loss for words this week after the RARC v. SMII trial ended. Well, plenty of nations had words about it, but the only nation that the result seemed not to surprise was the Defendant, Soviet Melonia II. After over two weeks of legal battles and skirmishes, including two lengthy Prosecutions and two lengthy Defenses, Great Patrick released the verdict. SMII was not to be impeached and has the right to hold back bills if they are not in line with the charter and its amendments but, he may not hold back committee bills just because they are not to his liking. Below is the full verdict:

Great Patrick wrote:In the case of Soviet Melonia II v. Minimark and the RARC I find the defendant: Not Impeached
The reasoning for this decision is as follows:

The Speaker of the Legislature's job was outlined in Article II of the Charter and has clear statements on how their actions regarding polls for laws should be conducted. Article II Section 3b states "No text in the bill may be written cryptically, colored so it is not visible, or use any sort of mehod to implement another law that is unknown to the public in the poll." and Article II Section 3f "Failure to comply to these standards shall be invalidation of the bill and impeachment from the Speakership". This clearly defines the Speaker's role as ensuring that laws are written for the region, without any deception or poor wording, so that the quality of life within the region may improve. If the Speaker's role is not fulfilled, then there is grounds for the impeachment of the Speaker. If a Speaker were to put up a poll that was written cripticly, even if it was not written by them, it would still be grounds for their impeachment and be against their role in the region. In this case, The Regional Economy Act (hereby referred to as the REA) was said by the Speaker to be written cripticly and therefore it was not put up as a poll. If the REA were to be put up for vote by the region and later found to be written in an illegal fashion, the Speaker would be the one to blame as it was his role in the region to ensure that the law was sound. Therefore, the Speaker was justified in holding back the REA until it was seen as legally written as it was his duty to do so.

The Fifth Amendment establishes the rules by which the committees follow. Article I Section 6 states "If a committee passes legislation that would affect the whole region, it also must be voted on by the whole region, requiring 66% or greater to pass." The word "must" in this section implies a sense of urgency and so legislation passed by a committee should be voted on by the whole region in a timely manner. Failure by the Speaker to do so would be a violation of this section and would be grounds for impeachment. However, this does not take precedence over need for laws to be written in a legal manner and so a Speaker would still have the right and the duty to bar legislation which is not written in such a manner.

Minimark congratulated Soviet Melonia II on his success, but many people had their doubts about the ultimate verdict. Mundane was one of these and said that the region was turning into a monarchy because of this. Is it overreacting? I guess we'll see. Overlord Hellerer sat back and booed, and Minimark accepted the fact he lost, but still expressed his feelings on the verdict. Disagreement went all around, but in order to disagree with it meaning anything, you would have submit a course case, but everyone seems too afraid of Soviet Melonia II and legal battles.
Written by Pius II, edited by Minimark

Progress Finally - The Gridlock of June is Over

(Note, I know I am talking in the third person, but for it to seem unbiased and me trying to be unbiased, it was necessary)
A small political move. Thats all it took. That's all it took to get the Region moving again. Coming near the end of his Moderator term in the RARC, Minimark acclaimed first he was going to resign from the RARC, but changed it to just not running for another term as mod. He worked out a deal with Mundane, that he would become NIC mod while Mundane became RARC mod. When Mundane became RARC moderator, he immediately made the revisions to the Regional Economy Act suggested by Speaker Soviet Melonia II. Soviet Melonia II put this up and it passed unaminously, hereby establishing a Regional Economy. The RARC will now work on maps for 2 weeks while the Reigon prepares for its next great step, an economy. This addition of a new tier to Roleplay is monumental no matter where you look at it.

Soviet Melonia II, after the Court Case, put up an act to dissolve the PTC and replace it with the Peace Committee. That passed and the Speakership appears back on track. The grand designer continues his idea of redesigning Regional Government, and he is appearing to be very successful in any way. Despite political hate against him, he is still getting his job done. And all it took was one move.

Written by Minimark

The Campaign for Greatness - Minimark's Lunge for Delegacy, Again

Here we go again. That may be what a lot of people are thinking when they see Minimark going for another government position. But, could this one be different? In the past, we've seen him do a multitude of things. He came into the political spectrum after winning the Speaker election last July. He wrote and ratified the new charter, created Articles I & II of the Peace Act, and created The First Amendment, Tie-Breaking Procedure. That was a major success, but then proceeded to resign from office in November after passing the procedure. He ran for the first time for Delegate in February of this year and held a good campaign versus Mundane, but lost. And the, again in April, he went for Elections Official and completely upset Socoran with an outright majority. But, after only 5 days of holding office, he defied Article I of the Peace Act, which is his own writing, and was banjected from the region. And then, almost immediately after coming back to the region from banjection, he gained the position of RARC Moderator and was able to pass a good amount of bills, but then he resigned from this position as well due to legal issues with Soviet Melonia II.

This raises the question: Can Minimark hold a position without doing something that will cause him to fall out of the position? He certainly has experience in doing so, but Minimark seems to think that this time will be different. After briefly interviewing him, he seemed to be confident that this time, he will be able to hold his position and certify that he can run the Region. Region Name has seen every other King Region hold the position of WA Delegate besides Minimark. It certainly looks that way as no other nation, as of right now, has stated that they will be running for the position. He has made his campaign statement very clear: "The Next Step to Prosperity." Well, in order to do that, he'll have to hold office for more than five days. I guess we'll see on August 20th at the WA Delegate election. To see his full campaign, check out this dispatch: Here.

Written by Mundane, edited by Minimark

Roleplay Developments

A Mini Divide Continues

This week the Minimark Civil War Continued to escalate and now is a full scale war. Here were some news articles, to capture the gravity of the situation.

From the Marksburg Herald on July 15th
"Late last night, Out of the Council of Cessions. King Yennis XIX and Councilmen from North Minimark got in very heated discussion. As the councilmen began shouting profanities at the king he came over in his armor and chopped off one of their arms. Northern Councilmen withdrew from the Council and held one in Rondestag. The Governor Generals were summoned and heated debate went throughout the night in Rondestag City Hall. At once, at 8 this morning, a final vote was held. Minimark is of 12 regions and these were the rulings of each:

HLBN1: Cede
HLBN2: Cede
HLBN3: Cede
HLBN4: Cede
HLBN5: Cede
HLBN6: Remain
PTRSK1: Remain
PTRSK2: Remain
PTRSK3: Remain
PTRSK4: Remain
PTRSK5: Remain
PTRSK6: Remain

A North South Divide Purely, as Minimark holds most military troops in the South. Urban and Governor General of HLBN 4, Jordan Kelison, has been named President of the Revolution. In his inagural address, he acclaimed:

"We are not here to merely cede from the Yennisian Tyranny, but SUCeed from this tyranny! Urbans we rise! The Social Contract is invalidated! We are here to take back our ideals. We will rise, WE HAVE A VOICE YENNIS. IF YOU CANT HEAR US, MAYBE YOU WILL HEAR OUR GUNS. WE ARE THE TRUE IDEALS OF HLBN-PTRSK Pact, NOT THE YENNISIAN BASTARD. WE ARE HERE TO RESTORE MINIMARK. STEP ONCE IS ENDING THE YENNISIAN DYNASTY. HAIL!"

Yennis then ordered a bombing of Rondestag, saying "we will give them the foriegn treatment". Soldiers in Old Utamville and in Hoyat Bay, and successfully captured 3 Governor Generals and put two of them to death, after one surrendered. Jordan Kelison fled in the bombing, which killed another governor General. Only Kelison remains. He and his soldiers have moved into the wilderness and begun making camp and holding ground there. Yennis is ordering a full sweep of the North, to make sure "the scum dont have enough time to take another defication". Civilians, however, angered by the Kings actions, have been fighting soldiers in the streets. Several small towns have had the soldiers run out of them, as they claim alligeance to Kelison. The North is a battlefield in Minimark, just with no battle lines drawn."

From the Marksburg Herald, on July 17th
"Local Militias, using guerilla tactics have pushed the Imperial soldiers out of the north. Yennis signed the mass conscription act, that any male between 18-70 had to join the army and fight for the "Glory of Minimark". However these guerilla tactics got many soldiers to abandon weapons, beginning to arm the Rebels. Anti-aircraft guns, now abandoned in some northern forts, are being used to stop bombings. However Yennis has ordered a costal assault, when torpedos blew up the coasts and gunners were able to destroy costal forts. Planes begin launching, going over Socoran, and then curving back to the costal to bomb. However millions have begun fleeing north to support the cause of the rebels. That has led Yennis to build border fortifications and orders soldiers to detain any moving rebels. The rebels call this an acknowledgement of their border. However Yennis says "the border will soon be between us and your collective grave". President Kelison said "Yennisian Regiments are toast. Toast my friends. The North is strong. We are here to stay. The Yennisians will meet our fists. This isnt a mere revolution. This is a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevolution!"

Riots in front of the Yennisian Castle has led him to use riot officers to arrest all the rioters. A 5 mile radius is established between him and anyone else. However he has called a council of the Southern Governors on what to do next. He has begun a deep spy campaign and has deterred most gurellia attacks. He has brought a massive force to Rondestag, with no meeting from the enemy soldiers. However they quickly mustered a force, and they stare across the city as battle seems imminent."

Written by Minimark


ACSC Update

Lately the ACSC has been busy bringing you quality sports programming with with all of our leagues including scrimmages from the Nova Association Champions League for Soccer and games from the the Regional Chess League. The ACSC is also bringing you league drafts such as the RNFL league draft (August 2nd-4th) , the RNHL league draft (July 31st-August 1st) and the RNABL league draft (July 20th). The ACSC has also made it easier to follow your favorite team with our, Forum thread. Also the ACSC is working to bring you the 2021 Winter Games in Overlord Hellerer. Stay tuned for more competive and exciting sports news from the ACSC.

Active League Dispatches for League Updates and Standings
RNPS Master Dispatch
RNLB Master Dispatch
RNAR Master Dispatch
RCA Master Dispatch

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, edited by Mundane

Opinion Editorials

My Thoughts on the Mundane Era: A Historical Analysis By Minimark

In July 2019, after Melon ia stepped down from World Assembly Delegate, there was no doubt in anybodies' mind who would be the next World Assembly Delegate of Region Name: Mundane. The then-Elections Official, heir to The vegans, who had been the only Elections Official in Regional History at the time. The King Region was the only one who hadn't been Delegate who was pursuing the office. It seemed like a match-made in Heaven. As I authored the new charter and relied on both Mundane and Melon ia to help my authoring of what I believe is the greatest piece of writing in Regional History, I knew Mundane could be the new leader we needed to lead the new Region. After the ratification of the Charter, I was confident in our future.

I forgot one thing: our Region became extremely dead during the Summer of 2019. Being a rough summer for myself, I did not dedicate the amount of time and effort I could have into the Charter, delaying the writing time. Pius Desurongcrandis was long gone on the Scout project, Mithilia had drowned in the beast of the summer, Great Patrick was never active to begin with, and Pius II was just a joke at this time, and New Gwapington was New Gwapington. The Region's leaders consisted of myself as Speaker, Mundane as Delegate, and a disgruntled Melon ia unhappy with the direction of Regional Politics. To further deepen the burn, I had more personal issues that prevented my ability to procure the bills necessary for restarting the Region as Speaker. September was spent filling offices and trying to drag inactive people back, mostly to no avail. We had been plateaued at 24 nations for many months and needed a jolt to get us back.

Bringing this back to the leadership of Mundane, I failed to realize in my time as Speaker that the World Assembly Delegate does not have that broad of powers. I thought I was to work with the Delegate in restoring the Region to her former glory, but alas all he could do was provide advice. Ending the discussion of me, I resigned from the Speakership against his wishes. We did see an uptick in activity, but that was the political brawl over the Regional Peace Act, something I promised from my first Speakership to my last. Moving forward from me, we enter the Pius II era where Mundane made his mark in Region Name, however not in the way one might expect.

Mundane was a cultural leader of Region Name, not a political one. This is my whole thesis of his administration up to this point. I would say he had full control of the Region and its direction around mid-November, when talks of merging RP with Scoutenia fell through hard. He then got to work with Pius II on installing his vision for Regional Activity: Committees. I see Mundane more essential in the establishment of committees than Pius II. It was Mundane's idea and he went through with it. Actually, it was all keeping the Region busy during our lowest amount of nations since the early days. None of us noticed it with the new idea brought forth of a committee driven government that anyone could be part of. It was a good creation to get people interested again, but didn't drag people back to activity. Think about it, today's committee leaders are the exact people who were active before, with the additions of Apost and Overlord Hellerer which I will discuss later. The Piesian nuking of the world was at least some role play, but nothing happened until the foreign market changed.

When Scoutenia collapsed, we had the largest influx of nations we have ever seen, along with the birth of new nations. This led to some prosperous roleplay, but also staunch divisions in the Region. Mundane during this time merely participated in roleplay. Yes, he lead expeditions to invade nations and he continued to fill committees, but he never united the Region. In his defense, it would have been very hard to unite the Region at that time, and the 3 week break when all activity was essentially dead helped cool those tensions. But during that break, he didn't come off as a leader. Again, in his defense, he had no one backing him up and trying. He was an excellent support to myself in writing the RP rules. But, in general leadership, he did not spurn activity. But, we were all adapting to quarantine life, in his defense, again.

I was most impressed with him in the land draft. Then, then he looked like a leader. He ran the order of things, organized the draft, and began the Regional rebound. However, it became ever present that the Scoutenia influx was a mirage. To this date, only one Scout nation remains active, and that is Pius Desurongcrandis who had already been a longtime member of the Region. His leadership threw us back into RP, his decisive actions like removing round 3 of the land draft proved necessary for the restructuring of a broken Region. However in this time, he needed to be the cultural leader of the Region, and sadly didn't. Placing the entirety of the failure of RP rebirth on him is definitely incorrect, especially since RP isn't a one nation ordeal, and I myself didn't really participate in its rebirth. We essentially became a sports region, which is a great tragedy given that sports works so well with war, in a way. Also I respect his RP position of general impartiality because it shows that if a decisions ends up with him regarding RP, he is not biased.

Wrapping this essential rant up, I see two main points. Mundane was a cultural leader, and he represents the ideals of a different era. Mundane was elected delegate because of his accolades, not because of any vision of the future. If he had the vision of committees it was accomplished, but that was accomplished within the general structure of the Region. He didn't have the vision of a new Region Name, but neither did any other delegate. Pius, Melon ia, Great Patrick, none of them were visionaries with a idea of a grand new region. Mundane, I believe, is the last of the old politicians. He was a cultural leader who impacted the Region how he wanted to, but while doing that faced crises that eroded several other key parts of the Region. The events of the last year none of us could have seen. Mundane faced an unprecedented journey and kept our Region together and spirited through it all. He added two new cultural elements of committees and sports to the Region that cannot be taken away.

He will be remembered as the Great Old Delegate. A Delegate of the old mindset of the Region: that we could grow sporadically and still maintain activity in Roleplay, despite shrinking, and would have a few political outings every now and then. We are now at a crossroads. Do we continue down the old path and hope for the best? Or do we strive for a new one? I will reveal my vision for a new Region, in the next Editorial. I thank Mundane for his great service for the Region: helping drag us through the inevitable crises brought up by the old philosophy of Region Name. But it is now time for a change. It is time for a new Region Name.

Written By Minimark, edited by Mundane

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This Paper is Brought to You By the News and Information Committee, Writing Since 2019

Moderator and Chief Editor: Minimark

Regional Politics

Soviet Melonia II vs. RARC - Withholding of RARC Bills Sparks a Movement

Recently, Soviet Melonia II refused to put up two RARC bills that he deemed not in line with the Charter. Now, as news writers, we may not take sides, so I will give you both sides' opinions. First off, not much was said about what was happening except for the fact that SMII refused to put up two bills, and because of that, multiple nations would not vote yes on whatever bills SMII put up until he put up the RARC bills that were already passed in the committee. It was hard to tell who was picking which sides as some people voted yea without explanation, some voted nay without explanation, others went with the movement, and some other people voted nay for not liking the bill put up. It was all mumbo jumbo until there was a decently long period of no bills put up.

This is where the RARC, mostly Minimark, decided to do something about it. SMII gave suggestions to changing the bills so that he liked it and it was in line with the charter. He said that if Minimark changed the bills in the ways that he said to, he would put it up. This isn't just what he wanted, it was what was in line with the charter and the amendments recently passed. But, Minimark refused to do this, and created a (as inside information put it) "an SMII length" court case against him. Sure enough, SMII came back at him with an "SMII length defense": Here. But, no information has come back on what Great Patrick will do, so stay tuned until next time, Region Name.

Written by Pius II

Roleplay Developments

A Mini Divide

"How many Minimarks will there be." This question was asked by King Yennis to his people yesterday, as he was addressing the nation on their current crisis. King Yennis XIX got into some deep trouble 2 weeks ago, when he called a voting reffurendum on whether or not to dissolve the monarchy and establish a democracy. This came after various prominent celeberties demand the monarchy fall and a democracy be established. Yennis believed his nation did not want a democracy. However on election day, 51% of Minimarkans voted to dissolve the Monarchy and establish the democracy. Yennis immediately discredited the reffurendum and blamed Minimarks lack of voting infastructure due to their lack of democracy. However various protestors disagreed and the popularity of the King began to fall. During his weekely open forums at his castle, millions gathered to boo the king, so loud he left early since he couldn't hear questions. Protestors began to storm the rostra and overwhelmed the gaurds. Yennis had an ax and was fending them off, while he ordered re-enforcements to kill. Finally, he cracked, went to his open cellar, pushed all the barrels of alcohol onto the rostra breaking them, and then lighting it on fire. Over half a million people died from this outburst. The king then ordered a lockdown of the country and mass policing. Anyone outside after 8 Pm would be imprisoned. The king demanded the rebels be handed in and "tried for their crimes of chaos that killed so many of our countrymen".

Now Soviet Melonia II begins getting involved, and their compatriot Military Deterance. Military Deterance immediately placed several boats in the Baltic to monitor the Minimark situation. Then suddenly masses of gunfire began on the Soviet Melonia II - Minimark border near Bialystok. Its assumed to be rebels so Minimark sent in troops, which were shot mistakenly. Soviet Melonia II then allowed Minimark troops to patrol the border, who were able to see a mass of protestors trying to cross. They began to shoot at them when smoke grenades were launched by the protestors and chloroform dropped from an unknown jet in the sky. Minimark had some gas masks and night vision goggles, and were able to shoot many protestors and arrest around 200, even though many made it over the border. In another shocking move then, Military Deterance invaded Hoyat Bay, Minimark. This enraged Yennis who acclaimed hypocrisy given Military Deterances stance as a nation that only invades nations invading other nations. Military Deterance acclaimed moral reasons but a naval presence from Fredmenton forced a mass withdrawl of MD forces.

King Yennis heard of a plot by Military Deterance and Soviet Melonia II from the protestors captured and interrogated, to send protestors into Soviet Melonia II and create distraction. After heated discussions, Rene La Tupe left the meeting in frustration with the stubborness of Minimarks king who had constructed a narrative in his head and was willing to support it at all costs. Fredmenton then moved naval forces close to the Mini-SM2 border on the sea, when a skipper boat went rouge and crashed into the docks, blowing it up and killing a few people. SM2 then sent Air-strike hornets out, one of which was losing power and falling at rapid speeds onto a Fredmentonian aircraft carrier when it was shot down, due to the mass destruction it could cause. Fredmenton then sent out planes as more hornets began to strike. The hornets took down the aircraft carrier but then a nuclear warhead was launched from an unknown nation and destroyed both the hornets and the Fredmentonian fleet.

Finally the protestors emerged from Soviet Melonia II and seiged Hoyat Bay. For 1 week the held the city, but then last Friday King Yennis ordered a mass siege, levelling the city and killing thousands, including residents. Flee orders were given for 1 week but not followed, the King said. "We did what we needed to do to preserve our union and I hope we can finally recognize the monarchy as true from here on out".

Written by Minimark


RNHL Offseason Rankings Post Free Agency

RNHL Free Agency has finished, and each team had signed its strengths and weaknesses. We will be ranking the signings and trades of these teams, including Coaching Moves. Lets get right into it

12th. Columbia Blue Jackets

Columbia is a new team entering the league, and owns the first pick in the 2021 RNHL Draft, so they didn't need a knockout offseason. However their moves have been very suspect, mostly due to inactivity by the front office. Signing Tim Janisaire for Head Coach is a very questionable move. Yes he helped make Sean Burke the Goaltender he is, however he is only proven as a goaie choose, and his constant goaltender tandem in the beginning of the season, and at the end, showed rash judgement and cost Marksburg games. Unlike Nicholas Hoerner, he did not specialize in the intangibles of athletes, like bodily maintence, motivation, and game planning, which Hoerner had to do with the presence of only Joe Wilkowski. Janisaire seems like he needs more experience as a goaltender coach, and doesn't have the leadership quality or consistent vision necessary of a good coach.

Columbias free agents were suspect at best. They are assembling a group of people who have never played with eachother, and only signing one former player on an RNHL team places you in a situation lacking leadership and experience. The RNHL is a different beast than normal local hockey leagues. It requires a veteran, and in free agency you usually hope to get a veteran who is good. They got the veteran status of Dadood Frumcheers, an underrated defenseman from Mundane who was good on power plays. He was a solid second pickup, however their other pickup was laughaubly bad. LaLanne Fortimo is a 2nd year defenseman from a sprint hockey league and he wasnt even that good. He lacks the experience and durability to remain in the RNHL. Maybe Janisaire can help mold him but that seems like a stretch. All in all, below average signings and lack of leadership has guided this teams off season. They can hope for some young talent in the draft, but all in all, they are the worst in the league.

11th. New Gwapington Johngas

New Gwapingtons ranking is so low for one reason: they got worse this offseason. Keeping their coaches was a no brainer, but they failed to address their needs. They got the remnants of a large free agent class. Signing a defenseman and left wing to replace their left wing and defenseman. Wilson Fowler was someone being held back by his linemates, and can be very good. Replacing him with Julian Cays doesnt seem like a good fit, given Cays struggles to prove himself on his lines. Mike Hines being replaced with Bobbywobbin is much worse, however. Mike Hines was the best Johngas Defenseman and keeping Brandon Gray from having to fully carry that team, and now he got replaced by quite possibly the worst RNHL Defenseman. Bobbywobbin gave no time to Hufokkin Tonight in Mundane, even with some help. If the Johngas are trying to replace Hines with Bobbywobbin, they are gravely mistaken. The only savior to this is Bobbywobbin is young and could develop, and Cays was being outdone on an offesnively heavy Phoenixes team. And then they traded away Allan Mendez for pure garbage. Henry Cabbagehead, a man in the farm system earlier in the season, and Mary Beth Bethbeth who only was good in shootouts. Two 3rd liners for your best player. Disgusting. This trade does not belong in this league. Even if the organization had issues with Mendez, that doesn't mean give him the AXE! New Gwapington belongs in last for this trade, but luckily they signed some potentially good free agents.

10th. Tiephon Titans

My main point against Tiephon is experience. They signed some talented players, but none of them have RNHL experience. They are harping on the idea that these new guys will figure it out, which will lead to a learning curve. Their signings were Gerard Hunjuc and Christopher Mekelburg. Mekelburg was a great signing as he led all playoff defenseman in scoring, and he isnt even a scoring defenseman. He provides the veteran experience and is one of the leagues top defensemen. Hunjuc is a very talented player and just needs time to adapt to the RNHL. However time costs games, and he wouldn't really produce until the backhalf of the season when Tiephon could be in whatever mess. Then they dug themselves deeper. They traded Mekelburg to a desperate Overlord Helerer for their 2nd and 3rd round picks this year and next year. I am always a fan of more picks, however not for a new team. Jamming 5 rookies on this roster and taking a center that needs some development isnt that good, especially in a league with experience. There is very little room now for any player previously in the RNHL, barring trades or signing cut players. Lack of experience is going to hurt this team in the beginning.

Nick Hoerner is a good coaching hire, but it goes back to experience. We know he is good at coaching one player, and managing one player, but can he do a whole roster is the question. No time as an assistant coach is tricky, because he never had to lead multiple men. His relationship with Joe Wilkowski could be a fluke. It all depends. He will have to unite a battered group and it will be quite difficult, and we just dont know if he has the experience to pull it off. He would have been a good Assistant head coach hire, not the full job.

9th. Marksburg Mustangs

Marksburg had a rather lackluster offseason. They had some tough free agent choices to start out, and ended up losing possibly the best backup goalie in the league and a developing Right Wing in Charlie Conacher. However they seemingly replaced everything well enough and grew some. Rick Lane is a potential star, being held back by being with 3rd line talent in Ha-Ma-Grad and also signing Mike Hines, a solid player from New Gwapington. However they still haven't addressed their big issue: a lack of star power. Their star power lies in Sean Burke who cracked when the pressure got high. Buscher Jackson has done very well, but he cannot carry the team. They are hoping their trades from mid-year pan out, and some may, but none can gain the absolute star power. I don't know if they are risky enough to make a big trade, but they need to. They made a semi big trade, actually. They essentially undid the Danny Shmo trade with Mundane, and swapped 1st rounders. This was a great move as now they boast the best center depth in the league. Moving down in the 1st is questionable when they needed a big name Defenseman, but they have restored some honor to their offseason.

8th. Northrik Icewolves

Northrik is in the same boat as Tiephon, but didn't trade one of their free agents and had a better Head Coach hiring. Starting with their free agents, they followed the path of signing non-RNHL players trying to get in. They signed Bouler Hatte, a right wing who I would equate to Jimmy Ward of the Johngas. However he needs time to fit into his role. He has better physical traits than Ward but has poor decision making. However if Northrik is expecting him to take a first line role they are mistaken. He isn't that fast and will need time to go with the game. Taking an experienced player and putting some young talent around him would make more sense. Moving to the signing of Le'tru McDu, this also is an average move. McDu has not had to comprehend RNHL Defenses, and if they are expecting him to start he will struggle initially. Not moving for a veteran here, and then drafting a young goalie to learn from the Vet is a mistake. Le'Tru will need to have some big games, especially if the offense and defense dont work well together initially, making his goaltending play all the team has, and if he can't comprehend offensive attacks, this entire team is doomed. However McDu isnt a rookie, and he just needs to learn RNHL Defenses, and all in all hes a great prospect who could become a potential Gray Cup-Winning Goalie. They did get the veteran, actually. They traded some draft picks for Josh Bryan, a smart move on their part. He is a solid Veteran and can start and win some games, while McDu develops. Excellent trade on their part.

The Icewolves hired Lansing Waterson as their head coach. The former Groove Offensive Coordinator has a major bonus and major drawback. Starting with the drawback, he struggles to motivate players and keep them going, even if the going if rough. That can be seen in the fall of the Groove this year. As their decline started after poor goaltending, it only got worse as Dave Rocket played unmotivated, along with many others. He only kept Ty Law going, but Law was also trying to prove himself as a top Left Wing in a league full of LW talent. He needs to keep his team going, especially if they have a rough patch, or they will never come out. He needs to create a brotherhood in his team, and he has proven he cannot do that. However a major downfall might not come since he is good at one thing: using players to their fullest potential. He is an excellent schemer that created one of the best offenses in the league with limited players. He can create massive powerhouses and use peoples talents to support the team. Thats what his benefit is. He will need to figure out how to keep people motivated, but the rest of the team playing well should do the trick.

7th. Hellererian Chemists

The reigning champions are chasing glory again, but are they doing it right? Lets start with what they are doing right. They had to know they would lose Bill Shukraft one way or another going into next season, and have to find someone as electrifying to run that offfense. The choice of Jerome Jerud was the best. He brings a new energy and strategy in, a man who can strategize against any defense. There will be a learning curve but hes going into the best system for that, due to the pure talent of the coaches around him and HC Hacherl, which will teach him the lessons necessary to run this Chemists offense. The loss of Nick Hoerner as goalie coach was a blow, but Wilkowski should be fine if the Chemists get him a backup goaltender.

Moving to the free agents is where we see them doing it wrong. Robert Damon has no RNHL experience, and the Chemists lost most of their leaders on defense. He has no one to learn from from their experience, teach him the nuances of the new game. He has coaches, not veterans. But that was the issue cutting your 2 best defensemen in the first place was a bad idea. This makes the Damon signing much worse. Also signing Mike Cobb with veteran defensemen available is another issue. Their offense was already loaded and if they wanted someone else they could've drafted some new offensive pieces. But they didn't. Here comes the real stinger. Damon could've developed eventually with some help and Cobb would've scored many goals, but then they dropped this bomb. Trading both their 2nd and 3rd round picks this year and next year to Tiephon for Christopher Mekelburg back. Mekelburg is solid and deserves such a haul, but they cut themselves out from young talent for a long time now, as to restore those picks it would require breaking apart their super offense in one way, or losing a first round potential. Their defense remains weak, as even with Mekelburg and Lavoisier last year it was still a bottom defense in the league. Replacing Lavoisier with Damon essentially, and losing 4 picks in the process just seems like they made their defense worse, while their offense better, even though their defense was the problem last year, and offense was the best in the league.

6th. Navarros Nauticals

Navarros is pretty striaght forward. They had one of the best free agent signing periods, but probably the worst head coaching hire. Starting with the hiring of Scott Forlon, it makes no sense. Yes he won games, but not in the playoffs. His offensive schemes weakened the Redhawks, and he couldn't win a power struggle he started with Head Coach McDaniel Burgess of the Redhawks. Claim he was strategizing, but do you think Mundane would win that series against the Johngas if they didn't fire him. Down 2 games to 1, you think Forlons delay scheme would hold? McDaniel Burgess had to fire him because he was lucking out. He seems too greedy for power. I woudn't be suprised if by next year he is fired and replaced with someone like Jerome Jerud or McDaniel Burgess. Its a shame especially given how well this team did in free agency.

Yoka Poon was a played being held down by the talent around him. Being 2nd lined in a team with few players and bad centers prevents you from thriving, especially after losing Hunter Qatar to Marksburg. He should absolutely blossom in Navarros. The second signing of Wilson Fowler was also great. Fowler was underperforming in New Gwapington yes, but his constant rotation with Allan Mendez didn't help. Stability in Navarross should be key for this teams success, and Poon and Fowler seem like a match made in Heaven, for wingers. All in all 2 great signings, both veterans, by the Nauticals team. Only if they hit with the head coaching hire.

5th. Los Veganos Raiders

Moving to Los Veganos is the best thing this team did this year. Getting a much more active ownership group should help this team in the long run. Moving to the rest of the offseason...

Keeping their head coach was a smart move. He led a small renissance at the end of the season, recording a few wins and defeating the Phoenixes. He was young coming in and this was just a learning year. The Raiders should be ready for greatness. They also hit with both free agent signings. Dublu Tshee fixes their need for a backup goalie, as he is a young prospect unlike Ian Bryant, and can develop into a solid starter. Charlie Conacher also provides some needed forward depth that can also be supplemented in the draft. Keeping Erik Jackson and Lloyd Wolfe as primary starters was good, along with keeping the coaching staff. They could have made some upgrades elsewhere but this revamped Raiders team should be competitive.

4th. Pius Phoenixes

The Phoenixes offseason was lookin grim. They were in cap hell and had to let go of Jack Kilner. They will need to replace him during the draft, but other than that they filled their holes. Goaltender was a major issue as the infinite tandem between Tom Crockett, Ryan Mills and Dom Hassen has been resolved with the signing of promising young goaltender Earl Robertson. Robertson should be an immediate starter, and Dom Hassen should be an excellent backup. This signing elevated the Phoenixes goaltender room from one of the worst in the league to one of the best. Then going and signing Derrick Owens, who was held back by his linemates. They are lined up to get some of the best defensemen of the draft, and Derrick Owens is a master at puck movement, which should help allieviate defensive pains. All in all great selections. The only hole on the roster now is Defensemen, which should be allieviated in the draft.

3rd. Pius II Groove

Coaching can make or break a player, and the Groove made it very clear they are in the business of making players. Firing Reid McDowell and losing Lansing Waterson was a blow, but neither could lead. Then they brought in the leader of men, William Shukraft, the former Chemists OC. Shukraft rallied the Chemists to their late season comeback and eventual cup win, by keeping their offense going and inspired. He should be able to run this offense and inspire it, with Dave Rocket and Ty Law. He also signed two young, underused and underrated offensive players, Irish O'African and Nick Bridges. Shukraft should be able to manuver these to create the best offense in the league. And they might get Barry Becker in the draft, soldifiying any defensive core. They are in position to have a very short rebuild but then become the contender that they were coached away from becoming. They should be making more offensive superstars than ever, and they have won the 3rd best offseason to this point.

2nd. Mundane Redhawks

Mundane had 2 glaring holes in their roster coming into this offseason, defense and a 2nd high scorer. This offseason they effectively patched 1 of the holes. They started by clearing up their roster. They had a lot of downright bad players and they removed all of them, creating much opportunity for growth. Signing Fideroyolanda Landasmackonmytiddyboosters III a part of the best power play pair in the league seemed good. Then trading their late draft picks for Antonine Lavoisier soldified their already growing defense to new levels. However they then faltered with their next two signings. Probably not faltered actually, they got guys better than their past guys in Gabe Utamvil and Jerome Petrarch. These two should develop into mid-way scorers and provide scoring depth this team was lacking. However, scoring depth doesnt work if the top is too shallow. Dick Leaf, incumbent MVP obviously carried this offense last season. They need a second top scorer, one who can score 3 goals a week, and go on a near pace as Dick. They won't be able to get over the hump if they can't especially if Hufokkin Tonight regresses. For coaching signings they filled the vacancy left by Offensive Coordinator Scott Forlon with Reid McDowell, organizer of the mighty Groove Offense. This will be a good place for McDowell to help strengthen this offense. But for now, they are missing that last piece.

That was until they made some trades. The Allan Mendez trade was pure roberry, no doubts about it. Cutting young talent is rough, but getting an absolute dominator is the best move this organization has ever made outside of signing Dick Leaf. The Allan Mendez trade bumps them up 4 spots, but the Billy Burch one brings them down. There is still no garuntee Clasik is there at the 10th pick, and now you cost yourself forward depth. It seems like too much of a dice roll with too much on the line. But the Mendez trade is artistry, an absolute win for this team. Allan Mendez fixes most holes.

1st. Falcon City Falcons

The 2020 Offseason Champs at this point are the Falcon City Falcon. Their worst move in my opinion was the name change, thats it. Signing Jack Kilner fixes their biggest hole, and they traded Josh Bryan away and got themselves in position for a great goaltender in Connor Sutton, a generational talent. He should soldifiy the Falcons 2nd biggest hole, goalie. Willis Ballard is bad, yes, but he proved to be a leader in the playoffs despite poor situation. Now they need defensemen, which is a low worry on a team with the 2nd best defenseman in the league. They could draft to fill those holes also, or trade, or use Undrafted Free Agents, or just more players from Great Patrick, or just let the current guys develop. This Falcons team took the biggest step in the league this offseason, and should be the favorite to win the Mangaou Division in the upcoming season. They made the brilliant move of trading Lavoisier to restore their draft which should continue to strengthen this defense. If they draft well, and no more stupid trades are made, the Falcon City Falcons will win this offseason hands down. They are a team that developed the most this offseason, and they should be absolutely proud of this and proud of their new chances at a cup.

Written by Minimark

Region Name Came to Play - A Review of the 2020 Summer Games

Starting June 7th, with the beautiful opening ceremony by Soviet Melonia II, Mundane kicked off the first ever complete Region Name Summer Games in Rommel. It was a heck of a month, as over 70 gold medals were up for grabs with 16 nations competing. It all started with the Triathlon on June 8th and went through a multitude of different sports until landing on the last day, June 28th, with Volleyball. It will forever be known as the one of the greatest athletic events the region has ever seen. Lasting 22 days, the nations competed in grinding battles and treacherous and heart-wrenching defeats all to lead up to that final prize of New York, and it was close all the way to the end.

Here was the statement from the commissioner of the Games, Mundane: "That is it! The 2020 Summer Region Name Games have come to a close. There were amazing feats of athletic prowess and grueling defeats, but the most important thing, is that every athlete has come out of the games safely, and I thank our national guard and security for doing so.

Now for the results! In fifth place, we have a tie. It is between The Vegans II and New Gwapington, both with 31 points in total and 6 gold medals. For third place, we also have a tie. This one is between Soviet Melonia II and Military Deterance, with 32 total points. SM2 had 7 gold medals and MD had 5. In second place, was Pius Desurongcrandis, with a total of 33 points and a whopping 10 silver medals to only 3 gold medals. And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for, the victor of the games and the receiver of the prized lands of New York. The winner is.............Pius II with 37 total points, 7 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals. Congratulations to them, and every nation that has participated in this years games. It was an honor to run them and I hope you enjoyed watching the stats roll in."

For all the results of the games, check out this dispatch: Here.

Written by Mundane

Are you Ready for some Baseball?

On Saturday the Region Name League of Baseball started it's first ever set of games. All 10 teams in the RNLB played across 5 cities in the Region with some exciting Baseball action. Fans from across the nation tuned in as teams took the field and here is a recap of what happened. In the Nitros Sports park the Nova Nitros defended their house against the Herat Satanist Gamers in a 4-2 Victory. In Jefferson D.C., the Jefferson D.C. Capitalists took on and won against the Pius II Panthers with a score of 7-2. The Patronus Pelicans found success on the road when they traveled to Mithilia with a 4-5 win against the Eedenburgh Enterprise. The Hellerian Chemists were able to overcome the Pius Phoenixes with a 4-3 victory that went into a 10th inning. The Los Veganos Vipers defeated the Old Utamville Mechanics in a 4-0 win. The next set of games will happen on July 8th so stay tuned.

For full RNLB stats and standings, please check out this dispatch

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, edited by Minimark

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The Tightest Election In History? - Thoughts of the Candidates

After two straight days of election, both ending in 5-5 ties between Soviet Melonia II and Pius Desurongcrandis, the vote went to the King Regions. The vote officially was 3-0, Soviet Melonia II being the victor, with one abstaining and inside sources say that Melon ia was the vote that abstained from voting as it could be biased. Two days ago, I sat down with both candidates and asked them a few questions that may be on the minds of all.

Soviet Melonia II

1. Would you consider Pius Desurongcrandis your toughest competitor yet in an election?

"In terms of support for them, they probably were the toughest. In terms of proposed policy and actual governing ability, I don't believe so. There have been elections where I would have been fine voting for an opponent."

2. Do you believe that this is the closest election in regional history?

"This was by far the closest election in regional history, there's been ties before, but the runoff of this one certainly made it closer."

3. What would you say to all of the nations that did not vote for you?

"I would just ask that they look at all the legislation I produce through a neutral eye, rather than a hostile one."

4. Do you think that Region Name should continue to do debates for all elections?

"Debates are definitely something the region should continue, and the commissioner should expand on. It is a great part of the election process."

5. When do you plan to make your first bill? (not amendment)

"My first Bill will probably be right after this amendment, most likely targeting the Peace Act."

Pius Desurongcrandis

1. Do you consider this election the end of the road for the Regionian Party?

"No, just you wait."

2. Do you believe that this is the closest election in regional history?

"Yes I do we had a tie on the 1st election"

3. What would you like to say to the region after this loss?

"I would say Godd job SMII"

4. Are you going to continue to run in future elections? And if so, which positions?

"Of course, for what positions lets see what comes about"

Written by Pius II

Who's Gonna Win That Scrambley Cup? - Exclusive Interview With Overlord Hellerer

The Chemists and Redhawks. The Underdogs versus the tyrants. Battling for Hockey Glory. And in the end only one team could win. Game 1 was a disaster for the Redhawks, allowing 5 goals to their own 2, again piloted by Offensive Player of the Year Dick Leaf. The electric Chemists offense vaporized the Redhawk Defense, with even Defensive Player of the Year Count Ravioli getting fried. Game 2 the Redhawks entered the 3rd with a 3 to 1 lead, which quickly fell to Bill Shucraft's offense, with the Chemists winning 4-3. Game 3 wasn't much better, going down 4-1 in the First. However McDaniel Burgess didn't retreat, he kept Hufokkin Tonight in. Hufokkin allowed 1 goal after that, with the Redhawks finishing the day with 3. It was near the end of the road for the Redhawks, and a 3-2 loss in Game 4 sealed their fate. The Chemists won. Matthew Hellerer's legendary playoff performance will go down in history, scoring 11 goals in 11 games, and pilling up assists, and winning Playoff MVP. Brandon Gray of the Johngas won Goaltender of the Year, and Senor Hacherl of the Chemists won Coach of the Year. I interviewed Overlord Hellerer after their win, where we discussed the past, present and future of the team.

1. On April 25th you were the worst team in the league. Where did this turnaround come from?

"It came from our willingness to preserve. We have great guys on our team and our coach is Señor Hacherl(best coach in the league). We had the talent the entire time, we just saw we needed a change and we did it."

2. Who carried the team to this win, in your opinion. You had a lot of talented guys, but if you could pick one, who would it be?

"Matthew Hellerer. He is our captain and almost won the MVP. He was the spark our guys needed to win. He came out and shined at the right time."

3. Great. Now lets talk about getting into the playoffs yourself. You got in on a cross divisional Challenge series, so you essentially had a better record than Great Patrick who was in the playoffs, but in the other division. Great Patrick called this rule "bogus". Do you believe this rule is fair to teams who got into the playoffs in their own division?

"I do not believe this is bogus. If you think you are better than someone else and that you should be in the playoffs and you should not, then you should beat that team easy. We showed the league we deserved that playoff spot and that the ruling that were made in the league were exact and perfect."

4. Going into the challenge series, how did you think your team would do?

"I was happy that we were there. We were last in the league pretty deep into the season and to even see the playoffs to many was a miracle. I thought we had a legitimate chance to move on and I told my guys just to do the best. Like we say in our cults “the chem gods are on our side!” That was true here and I am glad that our boys pulled it out."

5. Who was your toughest opponent in the playoffs?

"They were all difficult. I would probably say Great Patrick. Yes we were both the worst record teams in the playoffs, but they put up the most challenge. We beat them 2-1 in a three game series. Then it would go Marksburg and then Mundane. I believe the Mundane Redhawks are a great team, but they didn’t put up that much of a challenge."

6. Free agency starts June 20th, and the Draft July 31st. You have 3 picks in the draft. What are you planning to do in order to improve your team so maybe they can win the cup without getting in at the last minute?

"We are going in trying to improve the defense. We have a great offense, but our defense was a bit lacking throughout the season. If we get some very solid defensemen, I think we could be set."

7. Your offensive Coordinator, William Schukraft, is almost definitely going to be pursued for a head coaching job, given 4 new teams in the league. Have you discussed with him about leaving, and if you did how are you preparing for the potential loss of the leader of the best part of your team?

"William is a great coach and I see many teams would be interested in him. If he wants to leave our team, I wish him all the best. We would love if he were to stay with this great offense and we will try to make him an offer that he likes. Like I said, if he leaves we wish him the best of luck and many thanks for what he has done. If he leaves, we will pursue some other coaches that we see fit to do the job. These people I will not say in this interview for secret reasons."

8. Just a few more questions about the Chemists. Do you think you will win the cup again?

"I believe so. We have a great team and with the draft and free agency we will make it better. We will try our best. Never count the Chemists out."

9. Your football team, the Hellerian Chemists, went 3-5 this year and missed out on the postseason. How are you going to balance focus between Football and Hockey?

"Both are important to me. We need to improve in both, just a lot more for football. We will balance focus by just doing the best we can for both and putting as much into each as we can."

10. Final question. Your going to be running a Regional Chess Association. Tell about that please.

"The league has not gone off to a great start due to the lack of advertising. I will try to fix this soon. The league will be a very simple league. There will be 2 different divisions, the Fischer Bracket and the Kasparov Bracket. The regular season will consist of 6 weeks of action with there being a game for each team once every two days. At the end, top 4 from each division will move onto the playoffs. There will be games with each series being 5 games except the final. The final will be 11 games (first to 6 wins). We need more people to join so if you could help advertise that would be great. Please get the word out there. All I need from the owners are a team name, a head coach, and 5 player. I will determine the schedule and everything else. It will be fun and I hope many people will join."

Thank you, that concludes the interview

Written by Minimark

We Are The Champions - Analyzing the Mustangs Win & Expectations of the 2021 Season

After 8 grueling weeks of hard-fought football and tons of gritty playoff action, two teams remained. One, a team of nobodies that somehow came out with wins every week ending with a 6-2 record, and another, a team full of Pro-Bowlers and talent who also ended up with a 6-2 record. Jimmy Jammy vs. Drew Dressel. Peter Mane vs. Jimmy Johnga. Clark Elswald vs. the entire Jimmies defense. This was bound to be a good one.

And then, here we sat in Nike Superdome watching the first quarter blowout. The Jimmies looked like they had no win in sight as the Mustangs were crushing them 13-0. Drew Dressel had already hit Brady McTalinder for a touchdown and came close to two more as Stephon Kardos kicked two field goals.

Then, the second quarter came upon us and the Jimmies start to nudge a little. Drew Dressel threw one to Tom Cornelius, the Pro Bowl tight end, but then Jimmy Johnga went in for a TD. Stephon Kardos kicked a field goal, but then Drew Dressel threw a Pick Six right to Jimmy-Jimmy Jamie-Jammy Jimmy, the Pro Bowl middle linebacker. And then the Jimmies got the ball back and kicked a field goal with only seconds remaining in the half. This seemed to be the turning point that the Jimmies needed as they were only six points behind Marksburg at the half.

Coming out from the half, Uruguay kicked another FG, and now they were only 3 points behind. Then, once again, Drew Dressel threw one to Gabriel Dupoint that went in for a TD, but they missed the PAT. Then Uruguay kicked two more field goals. But then, the ultimate trick play, similar to the irl Philly Special, but instead the Marksburg Special, Elswald, the wide receiver got the snap, and threw to Drew Dressel for the TD. They now pulled away by 10 points.

The Jimmies hopes were still up though, and they kept fighting, but couldn't muster a single point. The only score in the fourth was a lone touchdown by the backup running back Roy Mort. The Jimmies hosted the Regionian Bowl trophy, newly named the Van Hollen Trophy, after the all-star coach, Fulton Van Hollen. Drew Dressel received the title Regionian Bowl MVP after throwing for 3 and catching 1. It was a great story, one that every Region Name football fan will remember for the rest of their lives, but, where will this leave the RNFL for next season? Will the Mustangs remain the top of the league, or will another team step up, or maybe even a new team? I guess we'll see next season. So long from the RNFL.

Written by Mundane

A Committee At Work - RARC Passing New Bills

Recently the RARC has passed a lot of legislation, most with overwhelming support.
Here is a brief overview of the different Bills:

RARC Reform Act:
Established a Term limit for the RARC Moderator, and a process by which the moderator would be selected.
Established the RARC open forum.

Expanding Points:
Gave larger nations more points
Also limited perpetual Troop deployment

Saving the PTC:
Ironically #1 was repealed by Amendment 4
Basically forces the PTC to “Get active or get gone”

Regional Proposal 1:
Nations exist outside of RP in committees

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Pius II's Legal Voter List Cleanout

Pius II has been on Legal Voters List campaign to clean up the inactive nations. Nations like Socoran or Pianta who have not voted in multiple elections were removed. This serves as a reminder to nations who don't vote. This has been a great effort on Pius II's part to keep the region active and give people an incentive to vote. But, it did affect the outcome of the most recent Speaker election. If these two nations were not removed from the list the day prior, Pius Desurongcrandis would have won in a vote 6-5.

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, Edited by Mundane

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Pius II, Minimark, Soviet Melonia II, Pius Desurongcrandis

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Speaker Debate Brings Up Questions On Both Sides As the Election Nears

As we near the Speaker of the Legislature, which is tomorrow, most Regionians seem to have already picked their sides. Soviet Melonia II who doesn't seem to like the idea of parties, thus not supporting one, has put up the strongest campaign by sending telegrams, making RMB posts, and even making his policy for viewers to see what it will be like if he gets elected. Although that's all well and good, Pius Desurongcrandis, who is supporting the in need of a win Regionian Party, will not go down without a fight, as he has promised to listen to the people and wants to improve off the things he has done in the past.

Just last Sunday, on May 24th, the two candidates went at each other, using most of their posts to insult each other, but not so much on the Pius side. Pius made one post that was not in line with how the debate was set up, but he figured out that if he stopped insulting, he would actually get somewhere. On the other hand, that's all Soviet Melonia II did. He had good points but half his statements were all shots at Pius. This raises the question about SMII's campaign. Will he be able to focus on getting the region going when he's spending too much time worrying about insulting the other nations of Region Name who are trying to grow? Will Pius Desurongcrandis be able to move from his F*ck Region Name ways to a newly found supporting the Region motive? These questions have to make you step back and ponder who you are actually going to vote for. Will it be the veteran in politics who has helped this region but won't stop backtracking or will it be the veteran in leaving the region who wants to bring back his old self and listen to the people? That's your choice. Have fun and go vote tomorrow!

Written by Pius II

Souring Relations?

Recently an inside source has confirmed that recent Soviet Melonia II - Military Deterance relations have been on a steep decline. This all started with an incident regarding the trade of technology from SM2 to MD. SM2 allegedly sent 25 Burning star class missiles to MD along with 25 warheads, in an attempt to bring the 2 nations closer together. Things went south when SM2 security forces stations at the base reported that MD was tampering with the warheads, “Attempting to modify them in some way.” It is unknown what they were trying to do, but this quickly soured relations between the 2 nations. This culminated over a week, at the end of which SM2 security forces were forced to leave the base at which the technology was being stored.

Overnight, a firefight broke out inside the base. Upon hearing this, SM2 Security forces forcefully entered the base, only to find the missiles and warheads stolen. MD and SM2 were working on tracking down where they went to little success. The intruders that were killed were non-uniformed soldiers with no identification, nor identifiable to either nation. MD has refused to disclose what modifications were completed or attempted on the warheads, leading the nations to split in the search.

*This report is from an insider official in SM2 who wishes to remain anonymous*

The Scramble for the Scrambley Cup

The Region Name Hockey league playoffs started early this month, and they started interestingly. With New Gwapington and Mundane occupying the Namiean Division seeds, Overlord Hellerer embarked on a different type of journey, a challenge Series. He had more points than Great Patrick, and had the opportunity to take his spot. This leads us to our first series:

Cross-Divisional Challenge Series
A three game home stand for Great Patrick, and that was it. Winner was the first to 2 games. Overlord Hellerer ended the season on a torrid streak, with a nearly unstoppable offense, that was stopped. Game 1 was there to prove they couldn't be stopped. And they came out hot. Scoring 4 goals in the first 2 period, this attack of talent led oddly enough by Right Wing Shilen Proved too much for Great Patrick. Josh Bryan was pulled and Willis Ballards shutout in the 3rd led Great Patrick to tap him in for Game 2 after scoring a pair of goals in a failed comeback attempt. Game 2 Great Patrick came out strong, holding the Chemists Offense to a single goal they matched. An Offensive push by Free Agents Doug Blair and Nick Bridges along with more defensive holding, only allowing 1 more goal in the 3rd, that forced a game 3. The Chemists reignited in Game 3, scoring 4 goals in the first two periods again led by the powerful Matthew Hellerer and the quick John Dalton, and Joe Wilkowski held in to hold Great Patrick to 3 goals, giving the Chemists the series win and a trip to Marksburg.

Nameian Division Championship Series
For the Nameian Division Proper, New Gwapington had a 5 game series against the Redhawks. The solid goal-tending of Hufokkin Tonight and Brandon Gray posed for a low scoring series, and in the beginning it seemed like that would be the case. The Johngas took game 1 in overtime 2-1, with Offensive showings by Jimmy Ward and Wilson Fowler, while Dick Leaf was one again the entire offense of the Redhawks. Game 2 Redhawks knew they needed offense, but New Gwapington Matched their attack. Dick Leaf was matched by Jimmy Ward, Count Ravioli matched by the young Allan Mendez. Finally in Overtime, trade acquisition Billy Burch from the Mustangs scored to tie the series at 1. In their first game in New Gwapington, things didn't look good for the Redhawks. Wilbert Tate, and Stewart Campell scored unmatched in the first, with only a goal for each team in the 3rd being the remainder of the scoring. Mundane made the bold move that night of firing their Offensive Coordinator and gave control to HC McDaniel Burgess. Burgess proved successful. Organizing a 5 goal offense with 2 by Dick Leaf and help with Irish O African and others, but New Gwapington stayed alive with Jimmy Ward and others, since Townes von Applesticks was allowing Hufokkin Tonight to rest for Mundane. In OT, Dick Leaf struck first and Mundane won the game. Finally back in Mundane, scores by Billy Burch and Dick Dump, along with a shutout by Tonight led the Redhawks to win the series and to the cup.

Regonian Division Championship Series
The Chemists continued their underdog streak in Marksburg, against the division champion Mustangs. Marksburgs Sean Burke had one of his worse games but still kept the Chemists to 3 goals by Dow, Dalton and others. Marksburg with Jackson, West, Stoughton and Shmo piloted past the Chemists game 1 after a score fest. Game 2 the Chemists had something to prove. Hellerer, Dow and Dalton all scored along with others, and Joe Wilkowski held Marksburg to 1, leading to a series tie going to Overlord Hellerer. Marksburg HC Winston Davis said he would keep Sean Burke in, due to his experience with the Chemists. Game 3 proved not much better, with Overlord Hellerer's domination still netting 4, led by Dow and Hellerer, and Marksburg netting 3 with Buscher Jackso and a suddenly emergent Charlie Conacher. Game 4 was here. And the Chemists dominated. 2 goals in the 1st caused the Mustangs to bench Sean Burke in the first, where Earl Robertson game in and allowed 3. Dow, Dalton, Hellerer, again scored with others, and Marksburg only got 2 from Hunter Qatar and Nels Stewart. Marksburg lost the series 3-1, heading to the Cup Finals.

Cup Finals Review
We have had 1 game of the cup finals. Tonight's goal-tending and Ravioli's Defense couldn't restrain the red hot Chemist Offense, which has been playing at inhuman rates for the entirety of the playoffs. Redhawks Offensive woes continue under McDaniel Burgesses tenure as Offensive Coordinator, as a rough start in game one looks to hold them back. Can the Redhawks Contain Dow, Dalton, Shilen, and Hellerer or will this flaming offense melt any hopes of a Redhawk Championship. Can Joe Wilkowski contain Dick Leaf and co., or will the tenure of the goaltender be able to shut down any hope of a Redhawks late series rally. We will find out soon. Stay tuned, for the Scrambley Cup Finals.

Written by Minimark

High Hopes for the Mustangs and Jimmies

On March 18th, now just under three months ago, the Region Name Football League began its season with a blowout by the Marksburg Mustangs. On March 21st, the New Gwapington Jimmies barely squeaked out with a win. That was Week 1. Since then, the 16 teams of the RNFL have came through 8 Weeks, the Divisional Round, and the Conference Championship. There has been tough battles, gritty rivalries, and hard fought victories. But, the two teams that were able to do this the best and the most, were the Jimmies and the Mustangs. All of that hard work has paid off for the teams and now they sit just a week and a half away from the Regionian Bowl, where if you win, you get the glory of becoming the RNFL's first champion, a world champion.

The game is set to kickoff on Saturday, June 6th at the Nike Superdome in Monterrey, Mundane. The stadium holds a whopping 95,000 fans who will be cheering for their respective from the stands. All the work they've done, everything they have put into the season, has come down to this one game, this moment in their lifetimes, in which they will never forget. Drew Dressel vs. Jimmy Jammy. One an MVP candidate and the other a Pro Bowler. Two of the top quarterbacks in the league will go off against each other. The RNFL saw this matchup in Week 8 where the Jimmies won by a margin of only 3. It is not only a game of QBs, but also a game of defense. The Mustangs sit 3rd in the league and the Jimmies sit 4th. This will be a good one. We'll see you there. Hike!

Written by Mundane

The Region Name Summer Games

In Rommel, Mundane

Can Your Nation Accept the Challenge to Defeat the Athletic Superpowers of Region Name?

Are You Determined to Do Whatever It Takes to Win?

Do You Want Possession of New York?

Then Submit Your Lineups to Mundane by June 5th!

You can either write them yourself or ask Mundane to do them for you. It's as easy as that. Now get at it!

Written by Pius II, RAC Member

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Soviet Melonia II, Pius II, Minimark

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A Campaign for Speaker - An Interview With Pius Desurongcrandis

Following an upset to the Regionian Party, as Socoran lost in the Elections Official Election by a large margin of eight points, Pius Desurongcrandis has high hopes as he looks forward to the Speaker Election where he will face the wrath of both Soviet Melonia II and Pius II.

You have not done a lot of campaigning so far, do you plan to change that?

Yes, I have been busy rebuilding an external organization and more and more people are helping there I am going to campaign more for speaker

What do you say to those that criticize your campaign given that your campaign manager is a known criminal/terrorist?

I'd like to say when he started on my campaign he was very respected but he has done some things where he is not associated with my campaign anymore

What do you say to those that bring up your own history of criminal activity?

My criminal history is a history I regret. I have since cleaned up my act after learning from my mistakes

What do you believe makes you the most qualified to be Speaker?

The Leadership experience I have had in both the real world and on NS

What are some of those NS leadership positions?

In the past I have served as WA Delegate for Region Name under Pius Desurongcrandis, ACSC Committee Moderator as Pius Desurongcrandis, and currently serving as WA Delegate for the Wonderful Region of the DSC as Pius Mandalore.

Considering those positions do not require you to write legislation, do you still think they will help you?

I think it will help me in the case of convincing people that my bill would work. The Social aspect of the position.

What is the platform you are running on?

I'm running on the platform of giving each nation a voice. It is time for me [to] tone down and take a more neutral stance on Region Name Politics.

What makes you think that not every nation has a voice in the current situation?

I think there is always room for improvement and we can always strive to be better

How will people know you will always put the Region first, given you have been inactive lately, developing external organizations, such as the DSC?

I love Region Name and if I am speaker I will make time for something I love

From this interview, we can see that Pius Desurongcrandis is willing to start focusing on Region Name a little bit more and will campaign his heart out until he can gain the title of Speaker of the Legislature on May 28th. If you would like to face this man in the race for Speaker, please state so in the RMB.

Written by Soviet Melonia II, Edited by Mundane

Elections Official Election Preview

In just about four days, Region Name will see another Elections Official Election. Following the whole Minimark debacle (see below), the region was once again left with no Elections Official. Region Name has seemed to see this a lot. In the last six months, we've seen about three or four different Legal Voters Lists, but hopefully this can all change. On May 7th, Pius II, along side no one, is running for the position and has pledged to become more active and create a strict, but stable LVL. He hopes to see a new face in the Speaker position (either SM2 or Pius D.) and this is why he says if he wins this election, he will drop out of the Speaker race. So, if you are a WA Member or King Region, please vote on Thursday. For more information on the election, check out this link: Here.

Written by Mundane

The Flying of Nukes

The Third State had just expanded into most of Africa, giving it a terrifying launchpad to terrorize the region. Military Deterance was determined that their incredible force of evil must be put to a stop, once and for all. The First Official International Anti-Terrorist task force was assembled, under the name of the United Region Name Forces. (URNF)

The URNF Featured many Global Superpowers, such as Mundane, SM2, Mithilia, and Apost. Using deceptive tactics and the leaking of Falsified intelligence, the URNF made it appear as though a conflict was breaking out, with MD and Mundane vs. Apost and Mithilia. At a coordinated signal, all forces “facing off” turned and assaulted The Third State from multiple points all around Africa.

The Third State was overwhelmed, and being pushed back on all fronts. It seemed to be an easy victory for the URNF. Until the Third State pulled a trigger none of the URNF saw coming. The Third State, using its control of other governments, fired all of their own, Minimark’s, and Fredmenton’s nuclear arsenals at their attackers, while directing the Oxes to carry out Chemical attacks against other nations.

Another twist saw an untimely death to many innocent lives. Each nation started razing cities, and murdering civilians. This continued until the Judicial Official, Great Patrick, Ejected and Banned all four nations for violation of Article I of the Peace Act. This messy conclusion has left the region uneasy, and awaiting a potential return of the Third State. While they may have been physically defeated, the region faces the potential threat of their ideology living on, to once again terrorize the region sometime.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

New Season, New Leagues

As we start moving from the Spring Sports Season that included the exciting trio of leagues: RNFL, RNHL, and RNABL, the ACSC has started coming up with new leagues to excite these sports crowds. First off in the schedule, we need to focus in on the Playoff Seasons of the first three regional sports leagues. Both the football and hockey leagues have their playoffs starting May 13th and the RNABL is coming to end which means the playoffs will be starting soon. But, when we move from those leagues, we start to see new ones coming out, starting with the Chess League. This is a more unfinished league. It is supposed to start in May, but it seems as though no one has signed up and no updates have been given since it was created by Overlord Hellerer.

Moving into June, we'll see the Region Name Games take place in Rommel, Mundane and a number of deadlines for lineups and re-registration come up. Check the Schedule of Events for specific dates. Then, moving into the Summer Season, we will see three leagues go on: RNAR (Automotive Racing), RNPS (Premier Swimming), and a Baseball league. We also see the exciting free agency and drafts of the RNHL and RNFL. And then moving into the Fall, we'll see soccer and boxing. I hope this region will look forward to these leagues and if you would like to join any or all of the leagues, contact the ACSC.

Written by Pius II

The Region Name Summer Games

In Rommel, Mundane

Can Your Nation Accept the Challenge to Defeat the Athletic Superpowers of Region Name?

Are You Determined to Do Whatever It Takes to Win?

Do You Want Possession of New York?

Then Submit Your Lineups to Mundane by June 5th!

You can either write them yourself or ask Mundane to do them for you. It's as easy as that. Now get at it!

Written by Pius II, RAC Member

Pius Desurongcrandis wants to be speaker.
But there's one problem:

He has no idea what he's doing.

- As an ordinary citizen of the region, he proposed legislation in an attempt to hold the elections official more accountable.
- "It is to be added to the impeachment of the Elections Official to be impeached if found to take off any nation for any personal bias."

- This is an inherently flawed proposal, which could have drastic consequences.

- This would be a contradictory amendment immediately making the elections official the grim reaper of Democracy, rather than the protector.

- The Charter calls for nations to be removed who vote with personal bias rather than national values.

- The lack of explanation, detail, or really any thought that went into this proposal would've endangered the basis of what this region had been founded upon.
- As Speaker, Pius Desurongcrandis would write half-thought out legislation susceptible to exploitation, leading to increased corruption.

Vote Soviet Melonia II for Speaker!

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Soviet Melonia II, Pius II

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Collapse: What Can the Party Salvage? - An Interview With Pius Desurongcrandis

Following Socoran's 8-0 defeat in the Elections Official Election, the largest Landslide in Regional History, the Regionian Party seemed ruined. The dream of Pius Desurongcrandis seemed to be crushed. However there is some excuse for this epic failure: Socoran did not campaign and only was in the race for Democracies sake. Minimark campaigned little also, but even a small number is greater than nothing. The party draw didn't happen, people didn't fall to a party just because ideals they advocate for. I sat down with party founder Pius Desurongcrandis to discuss this massive, soul crushing defeat. Here is our discussion:

So things this Thursday obviously didn't go the way you wanted. What went wrong?

What went wrong is the Region spoken on who wanted to be Election Official and it wasn't someone from the Regonian party. You can not deny the voice of the Region

So your saying that the Regionian Party is not popular with the Region because it is not good at governing? How will you have any confidence if you go in with that?

I'm not saying we aren't popular, we had a tough opponent that will do well in the office.

But what your saying is your ideology isn't popular enough with the Region so that peoples personal liking of a candidate could overtake it. So your saying in Regional Politics, people care more about the candidate than the ideas they bring. Isn't this dangerous and lead to a ruling class and loss of democracy?

The ideology isn't popular for Elections Official, we have to prove ourselves in the Speaker Election.

Ok. Moving the the Speaker Election, how are you going to change your campaign to do better?

We are going to listen to the members of the Region to see what they want.

Is that your only campaign plan?
Lack of Campaigning seemed to crush the Socoran campaign.
Are you going to try and fix that through hard campaigning?

We are going to look at our mistakes and correct them, we learn the most by our Mistakes

What were your mistakes? You said you lost because a candidate the Region liked was running and you guys are more suited for the Speakership?

With the lack of campaigning and the voices of the Region chose a different candidate.

Last question. Do you think the Regionian Party can survive if they lose the next election, the Speakership?

Only Time can tell.

Thank you.

The lack of confidence of the party founder casts a large shadow of doubt over the Parties future. Can they grow or even hold their members, or will they fall by the wayside and their Liberal Revolution fade away from Region Name?

Written by Minimark

Ominous Light: What the Elections Official Election Reveals About the Speaker Election

As we draw near the Speaker Election, much about voting trends and partisan politics has been made clear in the Region. First and foremost, if this wasn't clear, you need to campaign. Soviet Melonia II seems to be ahead at campaign as they already have many ads in the war chest. Pius Desurongcrandis believes his party will appeal by "listening to the people", an interesting strategy that requires a lot of campaigning. Pius II is riding his record, and given Mundanes re-election victory in February, riding a record isn't necessarily a bad strategy. However, according to Pius, people care more about the person than the policy they propose. The winner of the likability race is undecided, as Soviet Melonia II has a record of being a tyrant and has not previously held a big three public office, Pius Desurongcrandis is the first Regional Official to be impeached and founded our greatest rival that lasted 4 months, and Pius II is accused of being a criminal and is not super active in the Region. So who can make themselves more appealing? It appears conservative ideology was popular for the issues confronting the Elections Official, lets see if the liberal reformists can change the Speakership. It will be a clash between the three biggest ideologies in the Region, Conservative, Liberal, and Mundanian Inoffensive and now these people know they need to come out of the gate campaigning, and come out of the gate hard.

Written by Minimark

Minimark Wins Elections Official

The Elections Official election was one that some predicted was over before it even began, with Socoran openly stating he did not want the position. In the end, the election did not fail to meet those expectations. Minimark won by an absolute landslide, even greater than some could have predicted in an 8-0 victory. In what may have been one of the first elections with a simple majority victory, Minimark has called this “The failure of the Regionian party”. It may very well look like that, though only 1 member could vote in this election. With such a mandate from the people, let’s see how Minimark transforms the Legal Voters List to improve and support democracy in the region.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Disappointing End to Region Name Land Draft

The Region Name Land Draft. Everyone was excited and pumped to get in on some land action, but guess what? It took one whole week to get through only two rounds. After some puzzling land grabs and more strategic ones, the map was barely filled. The draft got stuck on a few picks where no one responded to the pick. Actually, it was way more than a few. Almost a quarter of the region didn't participate in their picks and this is what ended up dragging at the draft for so long. Because of this, Minimark and Mundane finally decided to cancel the third round and get role-play back up as soon as Round 2 ended. Some were angry that their draft trades went to waste while others were excited to start grabbing land off of the map. Some strategic moves made that this region had never really seen before was the picks of Apost. He is a new nation and decided that taking coastlines and islands throughout the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Indian Ocean was the best way to go. This gave him a huge boost in trade which will probably deeply help out his economy. That is just one of many other picks that were made. Overall though, the Land Draft just seemed to be a disappointment because of the lack of activity around the board.

Written by Pius II

The Inoffensive Party

Well, Region Name, guess what? We have another party in this region. I mean, it's a party, but it's against parties. So, there you have it, a party against parties. That's how some would put it, but being the founder of the Inoffensive Party, I have more to speak on it. I created it to defend the region against far-right and far-left beliefs. You may find that obvious because we can't have those type of beliefs or you may be a part of those beliefs and be wondering what the hell I'm thinking. Well, I'm thinking that I believe this region needs change, like the liberal ideology, but I also believe that a lot of things in the region need to stay right where they are, like the conservative ideology. So, Region Name, the Inoffensive Party isn't a party against parties, it is just a neutral party that doesn't want one belief or another to take over all of the beliefs of this region. There is no democracy if this region has one combined belief. There is no Region Name, so if you think you believe in this simple, neutral ideology of the Inoffensive Party, go ahead and join and we will protect Region Name together.

Written by Mundane

Anyone's Game

2 hours. All the 8 RNHL GMs had to make their case was 2 hours. They knew the going would be rough. 12 more games, 24 possible points. They had 2 hours to do all they could to try and get as much as they could. Each team did what they thought was best, and for some it was nothing. Lets go through.

The last place Hellererian Chemists had a glaring issue. They had high scoring, scoring depth, but 1 goaltender. In a league with many tandems, their relying on Goaltender Joe Wilkowski was surprising, and even through the trade deadline, they did nothing. They trust their roster, and are pushing to the end of the season. Another team following step were the tied for 6th Raiders of Ha-Ma-Grad, who have seemingly all the parts of a team besides a true number 1 scorer. They have no player above 7 goals as Dick Leaf rides with 13 at this point in the season. They made no change, hoping someone like Erik Jackson can come out and become that number 1. Finally the New Gwapington Johngas stuck their head in the sand and stood still. This is more justified as they have been a top half team, with a high scorer, top 3 goaltender, just missing scoring depth. Hoping their bottom line can begin to produce, they marched on.

Only one trade did not involve the Marksburg Mustangs whom we will discuss later, and it was between Pius II and Pius Desurongcrandis. Both teams hoping for either a solid backup or a potential top 5 starter, they swapped backup goalies and Pius Desurongcrandis got Pius II's second round draft pick. Ryan Mills moving to Pius II and Tom Crocket moving to Pius Desurongcrandis, its on them to prove themselves.

The Marksburg Mustangs are the most trade happy team in the league by all means. Given their struggles in the first half of the season, they were looking for a path to success. Trading appeared as this, much before the trade deadline. Being the first team to establish a farm team (Utamville Whalers) and immediately begin exchanging players shows their dedication. Then on April 1st, 2020 they traded for first line Left wing Danny Shmo from Mundane, and 2nd line right wing Larry West from Pius Desurongcrandis, giving up their starting center in the trade for Shmo. After the injury of new starting center Nels Stewart, they traded Hooley Smith, the last remaining center from the beginning of the season on the roster at the time and D-Man JC Tremblay for Hunter Qatar, an unproven 2nd line center. They then traded former captain Eddie Shore to Mundane for 2nd line D-Man Enya Mounthole who had some scoring success. They also gave their 2nd round pick.

Great Patrick then reached out for a large exchange of multiple defensemen and pick, which the extremely trade battered Marksburg trimmed down to giving 3rd Line Center and great person for scoring depth, Center Ron Francis, to Great Patrick in exchange for Defenseman Melvin Gill and Great Patrick's 2nd round pick.

We are starting to see the results of these trades. The Raiders and Chemists have remained stagnant going 1-1 this week, while the Johngas beat the first place Redhawks who still maintain a 3 point lead over Pius II, Pius Phoenixes, and Johngas. The Phoenixes and Groove battled it out in a 5-4 nail-biter starting both traded goalies and having a scoring fest. The Phoenixes get their first win in 6 games (25% of the season!) and the Groove prove they still got scoring depth even though Ryan Mills didn't come through and had a high GAA, but Jack Smack appreciates the new net-minder as he has had his best save percentages yet this year. The Mustangs also went 1-1 as this new suite of players need time to work together to become the Marksburg Mustangs again. They are still a long shot for the playoffs, as the Falcons and Phoenixes continue to battle for first in the Regionian division, and the Groove and Johngas battle for 2nd in the Nameian division, below Mundane, of course.

For Full RNHL Stats, Scores, and News, check out this dispatch: Here.

Written by Minimark

2020 Region Name Summer Games Preview

This June, all eyes will be on Rommel Center, Mundane for the very exciting 2020 Region Name Summer Games! The Region's best athletes will compete for their nation and for glory! Already, eight nations are sending teams for the chance of Athletic Glory. The most popular teams include Mundane, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis, Minimark, and Great Patrick. The Summer Games will include events in Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming/Diving, Baseball, Track & Field, Tennis, Golf, Triathalon, Rugby, Rowing, Cycling, and Shooting Sports. It's not too late to sign up for the 2020 Summer Games and show off your nation's athletic abilities. Your lineups must be submitted by June 5th for a chance at the grand prize, the Holy Lands of New York! We will see you June 7th-28th in Rommel Center, Mundane. Good luck!

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, Edited by Mundane

Pius Desurongcrandis wants to be Speaker.
But there's just one problem:

He's a Former Criminal.

- Pius Desurongcrandis was found guilty and sentenced to a 30 day ban for violation of the Charter.
- Before the sentencing was declared and enforced, he was informed of the Court's finding.
- Filled with rage, he ejected the founder and left the region.
- His final words, "f*ck Region name"

Don't believe me? Read it yourself.

Pius Desurongcrandis wrote:F*ck Region Name

Vote Soviet Melonia II for Speaker.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Minimark, Soviet Melonia II, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis

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We Liked Kuriko Before It Was Cool

As the Election 2020 befell NationStates, a new day broke in Region Name. Being relatively young and not around for the previous election, we were not prepared for regional endorsements or even our own ballots. We had no streamlined process of supporting a candidate that would be best for the world.

I started the campaign endorsing Yemet with my puppet nation Fredmenton. I then had a conservation with my Region's World Assembly Delegate and publisher of this paper, Mundane, discussing a candidate. He did much more research than I and found that in the top candidates, the first one who was not a 1 issue candidate and who was not an incompetent leader was Kuriko. Given our Region's diverse view on LGBTQ+ Rights, we could not support two candidates who solely focus on that. And also I do not like weebs. We wanted someone who was also not a raider like Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, and someone who would focus on national rights, unlike the incumbent Caelapes who is also a vehement communist, which many in our region would disagree that should be enforced from the World Assembly Level. Then we reached Kuriko.

Kuriko may have differing views from many region members on political views, but her view of giving the power to the people and not to the World Assembly drew me to them. I began campaigning harshly in regions across NS as she was the only sensible option with a chance. I got banned from 3 and in trouble with the moderators due to my over-hype for him and lack of knowledge of the rules (sorry mods), but even then still campaigned in a civilized manner. She will protect our rights and bring the most prosperity to our Region and NationStates in general, I believe. She is right to lead the World Assembly.

That is why Region Name has come together endorsing Kuriko for Secretary-General of the World Assembly. A proven leader in the 10000 Island and a woman of the people. This is what the World Assembly needs to move past its over-consuming current state of lack of care for the rights of nations and more care about pushing an agenda than developing democracy globally. That's why you should vote Kuriko too.

Both Mundane and Minimark worked on the Kuriko campaign team and were ultimately thanked, after her win, in the victory speech that is here.

Button kindly designed by Dootdootdootlydoot

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

Elections Official Election Preview

On April 16th, which is in 11 days, Region Name will be holding the Elections Official Election, which for those of you who don't know, is democratically elected, but unlike most elections, only King Regions and WA Members can vote. After some questionable moves by our current Elections Official, Soviet Melonia II, including the removal of Mithilia from the Legal Voters List for no apparent reason, he will not be running for re-election, but for Speaker in May, so that guarantees a new Elections Official to Region Name. Socoran, a newbie, stepped up first pledging that they will be running for the position. From the leaked telegram, he seems to be part of the Regionian Party of liberals fighting for change. The second candidate, stepping up more recently, is Minimark, the deemed conservative by some, but founding father by others. He has pledged that he is Independent, which means he is impartial to either side. Based on contradicting beliefs, this should be a pretty good race, Region Name, and it could expose some nation's beliefs that we haven't seen before. But, remember, if you are a WA Member or King Region, please get out and vote on Thursday, April 16th. And if you would like to run, please state so in the RMB. Here is the dispatch preview of the election: Here.

Written by Pius II

RARC In Overdrive

Recently, the RARC has been working in overdrive to get RP for the Region. This is after a series of Moderator changes, eventually ending up with Minimark as the leader. The first thing that they passed was the Temporary Troop Number Calculation. It is a table created by Mundane that measures population vs. defense forces. It gives populations with less than 100 million a chance at more troops than some populations with 1.5 billion. To calculate your nations troops numbers, use this link: Here.

The second bill that the RARC passed was the Tiers of Science in order to give a clear view of what technology looks like in the region. The tiers are based mostly around USA weapons, and are limited by the year in which the weapon was developed. The bill was taken down from voting once to fix some issues, but otherwise passed with unanimous support. Now that the RARC has basic warfare legislation in place, including science and troop numbers, it is expected that RP will be back up in no time. This is the link to the Tiers of Science created by Minimark: Here.

The third bill, that has just passed today, is the Warfare Rules. They were formally made by Soviet Melonia II, but then were revamped by Minimark when he added a maximum for points of interest in one nation. The bill consists of rules on winning a war, how battles work, and how to take points of interest. This is the link to the bill: Here.

The last thing the RARC voting is probably the biggest thing for everyone, the Region Name Land Draft. Here is the statement made by Mundane regarding it,

"The Region Name Map on GoogleMyMaps has been cleared. In order to fill the map up, Region Name will be holding a land draft starting on Wednesday, April 8th at 3:00 PM EST. This will be the final step in getting role-play running. The draft will start from Pick 1 in Round 1. The order of the draft was picked fairly by wheel. The first nation will be contacted and when contacted, that nation will choose which place on the map he wants his first 1.5 million square miles to be. The draft will go through the rounds like a normal draft and by the end, most of the map will be filled up. Make sure to look at the map to see if you're spot in mind is already taken before responding with your pick. The map will be updated during the draft. When your nation is on the clock, you will have 6 hours to respond, and if you don't respond your pick will be skipped over. The 6 hour period will not be counted between the times 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. You will then be contacted at the end of the round, and if you still don't respond you will get no land. During your pick, you will be given editing access to the map, and from there you may place down your land. As soon as your land is placed, your editing privileges will be taken away. Keep in mind that you can be disqualified for moving another nation's land. Trading picks is allowed, but only mother country picks for other mother country picks. If you complete a trade, you must notify Mundane, so that he can change the draft order. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Mundane through discord, telegram, or RMB."

Here is the full dispatch with round orders included: Here. Again, this will be this Wednesday starting at 3:00 PM, so be ready for your pick. As you can see, these bills show how hard the RARC has worked over the past two weeks, so give them some respect.

Written by Soviet Melonia II and Mundane

And So It Begins - Speaker of the Legislature Election Preview

Pius II has been the longest tenured speaker in Regional History unless you count the Union of Oxes Nations as one speakership. However, this golden time of him may be coming to an end. What was once viewed as a successful speakership now is clouted by a crisis devolved from the fall of role-play. While he has had his successes, his apparent absence during this crisis lead some to believe that they are better fitted to hold the Speakership. The old political divide has come back, conservatives versus liberals. Soviet Melonia II and Pius Desurongcrandis has now declared their candidacy for Speaker (even though Soviet Melonia II never officially declared but has begun campaign preparations). So the race is under way, the incumbent, the liberal and the conservative. If the Regonian Party loses the Elections Official and the Speakership, is it the end of this once promising core of liberals? It might as well be, as their failure to use their respective positions of power to act during the Role-Play freeze cast a shadow of doubt on their leadership, and inactivity of their core nations. Soviet Melonia II will probably not run a very mudslinging campaign, but what do we know he has up his sleeve. This will be the election that decides the path of Region Name for the foreseeable future, but it is just a bit later. Due to the Advanced Placement World History Exam being moved to May 21st, the original date of the election, the Delegate moved the election date back to May 28th, so we can all prevent corruption and be active during this time. Its going to be a wild one, will it be the same or radical change? We will see in the end. Here is the official election dispatch: Here.

Written by Minimark

Region Name Secedes From The URA

After almost exactly a month of being in the EU-like coalition of regions called the URA, Region Name has decided to pull out of the alliance. After the international feat pulled off by both Mundane and Minimark, being on the campaign staff for the Kuriko campaign for Secretary-General, they both decided that they did not need the URA to install diplomacy and foreign relations, the region can stand alone and do it by themselves. Here is the statement made by Minimark regarding the seceding:

"The Union you provided us has not established the benefits and the global comradery we hoped. As our region grows, we realize we don't need this alliance as we have proven we can pursue our own foreign policy and gain influence globally without the assistance of a group of foreign powers. The European Commission-like restrictions that could be proposed and the general length of time this democratic Union takes to pass legislation is not in our interest so therefore, Region Name hereby withdraws from the URA."

Region Name has cherished this beautiful alliance with these great regions and people, but as seen here, they can stand up for themselves and move on. We have proven that we can pursue our own foreign policy, and the DFRC and others will hopefully contribute to that very soon.

Written by Mundane

RNFL & RNHL Booming With Two New Leagues On The Way

Recently in Region Name, there has been a new source of entertainment, Regional Sports. The ACSC has started two Regional Sports Leagues, the Region Name Hockey League (RNHL) and the Region Name Football League (RNFL), with a Chair Racing League on the way and a rumored Animal Ball League as well. The Regional Sports Leagues in Region Name have brought friendly competition and a sense of National Pride for each Nation. In Pius Desurongcrandis fans have rallied behind the Pius Phoenixs RNHL Team and attending all the games in the Piesian Gardens. In Mundane the whole nation seems united cheering for the Mundane RedHawks RNFL team. In Minimark, Great Patrick, Socoran, etc have been rallying behind their National Teams. Hopefully, this trend will continue and more people join these leagues as well as the ACSC making more Leagues to spotlight other athletes on the Regional Stage. And don't forget, the 2020 Region Name Games in Rommel, Mundane are still being held so make sure you make or request those lineups.

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Minimark, Soviet Melonia II, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis

Read dispatch

Why I Left - An Op-Ed by Minimark

The phrase "ok boomer" has been quite the phrase on most social media platforms and in everyday life recently. It is used to tell the not so contempt Baby Boomer generation a sign of disregard to their comments due to the views of the vocal majority on the internet that the Baby Boomer generation is generally rude and got the modern generations into many of the messes they are in this day. The Baby Boom generation is oppressive, rude, and uncaring, they are greedy and do not want to benefit others, just mock them out. I never thought in my entire life that I could relate so greatly with a generation that was half a century before my own birth.

Region Name has been my home on this website for nearly a year and a half now, and I have loved every bit of that time. I came in in the very beginning, and despite not understanding this game at all, learned the ropes through some victories and many, many failures. I learned tough lessons over this time: you can't get too political on this site, none of this should be personal, you can't legislate happiness, war has its benefits, and small arguments can be good. This time has changed me not only as a diplomat, but as a person. I had gained experience through failure, and gained some sense of superiority. I had my methods of communication, and my views that were mostly unchanging. That is what makes a good politician and person, their views can be relatively different but if they communicate in similar ways, stuff can get done.

In late December 2019, during the collapse of Scoutenia on NS, Pius Desurongcrandis moved to Region Name after relations fell through before between our nations. With him, Pius Desurongcrandis brought not bearers of a new ideology, but bearers of a new reality. The members of Region Name I knew I could work with, but the bearers of this new reality had conflict from the immediate beginning. Many ideas they presented were too extreme for my liking. I usually am pretty accepting of new additions to role play to add creativity, but these ideas are ideas I have long rejected since getting burned by them previously. In the beginning, my trouble with them was not always even their ideas, it was their unity. Socoran, Pius Desurongcrandis, Mithilia, Cycladria, Redforgeland, Overlord Hellerer, all these nations that have joined the great group of nations called Region Name and all shared a new outside ideology very different from the more conservative approach to war I usually took, and had a unity I lacked with the members of the Region before. I always either felt on a pedestal of the Speakership, or oppressed because my RP enemies held power and I didn't. I never could have the RP unity and masses of allies they had, something I still never have had.

I then began to hate their ideologies in general. Yes, hate. I had failed by these ideologies before and believed that others cannot use them due to my failures, engraving these ideologies as impossible in my head. I started connecting to nations I never have really connected with much before, sometimes even my sworn enemies of the days past. The liberalization of science, the lack of gritty warfare, the numericalization of warfare, and personal stubbornness got in my way (on both sides). I was starting to fight for my ground on daily basis', and whenever tensions calmed it was only because these debates stopped. Our different views of war in general made us all incompatible with each other, so the sensible thing would be compromise, but alas we kept fighting.

Relating this to "ok boomer", yes I admit I am the boomer in this situation. Letting go, or even trying to change my idea of war is a struggle going on that I still am wrestling over. As many may know, my ideology in real life does lie to the right side of the spectrum, so you may think I hate change, I do not. I believe change cannot be legislated but is required in the hearts and minds of peoples. This helped me become the dreaded boomer. I was not ready to loose, and my pre-conceived notions of these nations made losing to them seem humiliating in my mind. Now I know many of these nations also could not accept loss, especially in a game where reality is seemingly in your own hand. I wanted to keep the status quo, where I had been successful. I started becoming quite angry when people tried to so radically change the status quo that role play would not work in my opinion. I didn't want to give them a shot a bettering their lives, so I held and rejected them. In my year and a half here, I had never really opposed everything a person has ever done (besides the Speakership of Soviet Melonia, sorry SMII). I was unwelcoming and unwilling to admit my mistakes, I became a different person than I was even before, since I usually accept some other peoples ideas.

We need to treat boomers with some more respect in real life. In fact, we need to treat all people, because thats how we become divided and hating each other, making compromise and progress impossible. Respect for ideas, demonizing someone has never done any good. I know the 30 year old poor physics majors/computer science people on reddit, twitter, and this website will happily disagree and very easily drag this discussion about interactions to the gutter of politics due to their view of an oppressive nature, which in my opinion requires more personal change than government change. On from that.

I left because I was angry, initially. The idea entered my mind after Pius Desurongcrandis accused me of being upset I no longer was the regional puppet master. It was frustrating as I was trying to make progress in my mind and I would never break these people. Then I had a 40 minute test on titrations that gave the back of my mind time to think. For 3 months we have made no progress other than arguing and creating places where we can argue. Three months of progress wiped away. In three months, the government of this region was changed 3 times before. In three months, I participated in 7 wars last year. All that time completely wasted. The reason people hate boomers is that they aren't accepting of other ideas. I hated the idea of oppressing another's ideas, so I made the decision. I wanted the new guys to have a shot at calling the shots like I had, and believe I succeeded in. They deserved a chance for their ideas to be enacted. Its a lot easier to argue about something when you have evidence.

So I left.

I wish the best for the new guys running the committee controlling role play and are the major proponents in roleplay. You have 1 month in the spotlight, do as you please. I want you to run the reigns, have fun and learn. I wish you all the best in your journey and your shot at power and some of the best parts of this game. Remember all, this is a game and I hold nothing personal against you (besides you Herat Afghanistan 123456789). And in the end, we shall all be more prosperous this way. So God bless you, God bless Us, and God Bless Region Name.

Written by Minimark

Whirlwinds of Danger

The words of the Third State anthem rang true in West Mundane after the Third State's plan to cause disorder and revolution. Using a sate little modeled after the Soviet Melonian, launched by Fredmenton, a laser beam was shot into the sea southwest of Mundane. For 15 minutes the sea was heated to 200 degrees Celsius before a SMII satellite begin firing so the satellite was plunged into the sea while an EMP was launched. SMII tried to disarm this firebomb with a missile which was destroyed by another missile launched from the castle of Cassius. Soviet Melonia II also launched smoke which is the reason the satellite decided to drop, but the smoke com busted causing a firestorm over Mohong, Mundane. Soviet Melonia II began Project Cool Town, which was the mass extraction of ice from the Arctic to cool the sea. However they did not get enough ice in so the Hurricane was roaring at 250 mph when it hit Valle, and then Mohong. The fuel cells then exploded when it curved back into the sea causing it to super heat, and it pushed into Valle again and fizzled out after traveling the coast for a few days and jetting inland. Deaths were high at 10,686, and damages are in the trillions with Valle and Mohong both leveled. The Third State leaving the region however prevented these flooded areas from leaving and protesting, so Mundane was just left with a large scar.

Written by Minimark

Region Name & the URA

Recently, Region Name has entered the United Regions Alliance (URA). The URA is a multi-regional alliance with around 35 regions. The Purpose of the URA is "To give player-created regions a larger voice in the World Assembly through voting on GA and SC resolution. The alliance will also help regions that have proposals that they want to get through the WA as well. They will provide feedback, help with getting it to vote, and getting it passed into law." (quoted from Overview of the URA) Most of the activity is found on there discord which is linked Linkhere. Mundane has appointed Pius Desurongcrandis as Delegate to the URA where we have 5 votes to Alliance matters. Votes are based off the number of WA Members in the region. This is an exciting opportunity for Region Name to be put out on the international level and have our voices be heard on the global scale

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, Edited by Mundane

The Third State Looms in Los Veganos

On Tuesday, the Third State seemingly appeared in Los Veganos and quickly rose to take over the ideologies of the nation. Pretty soon, everyone in Los Veganos was chanting HTTS (Hail the Third State), or SATE (¡Salve al tercer estado!) for the Veganos because of their Spanish origins. The Third State's battle in Porterville of Pius Desurongcrandis was then joined by Los Veganos who started some mayhem in the nation.

Vegano troops (or tropas as they call them) were sent to Porterville and began throwing sticky bombs on governmental cars while they exploded Piesian flags. Boats were then sent to Medeterria where random rocket bombs went off destroying government buildings. Then, a big disgrace to role-play occurred. Pius Desurongcrandis destroyed all of the Third State's points like it never even happened. Hopefully the RARC will be able to fix that disgrace committed.

Off of that note, Los Veganos then sent 100,000 troops to Porterville for a retry. Pius Desurongcrandis then disgraced the Veganos once again by burning tofu markets in their home nation and then sent them care packages of meat and dairy products. He also did the same to the The Vegans II, who weren't even part of the war. The Vegans II then sent 500,000 troops to Porterville because of how badly they were disgraced. The Vegans II are not part of the Third State, but wanted to get back at Pius. Socoran then also disgraced both nations and chaos collected.

Written by Pius II, Edited by Mundane

Sports Update


Pius Pheonixs vs. Marksburg Mustangs (scrimmage) - 9-13 (Minimark)

Quarter 1 - 3-3
Jack Porwhich FG (Pius)
Stephon Kardos FG (Minimark)
Quarter 2 - 6-13 (Minimark)
Jack Porwhich FG (Pius)
Stephon Kardos FG (Minimark)
Peter Mane Rushing TD (Minimark)
Quarter 3 - 9-13 (Minimark)
Jack Porwhich FG (Pius)
Quarter 4 - 9-13 (Minimark wins)
No Score


Allen Josh - 22/35 - 234 yds - 10.4 yds/comp - 0 TD - 1 INT - 63% - 70.42 Passer Rating

Drew Dressel - 25/30 - 227 yds - 9.1 yds/comp - 0 TD - 0 INT - 83% - 98.19 Passer Rating


Peter Mane - 21 Rushes - 122 yds - 5.8 yds/carry - 1 TD

Dave Doubleterry - 12 Rushes - 56 yds - 4.7 yds/carry - 0 TD


Anthony Black - 7 Rec - 96 yds - 13.7 yds/rec - 0 TD

Tom Cornelius - 8 Rec - 78 yds - 9.8 yds/rec - 0 TD


Trey Brown - 2 Tackles - 1 TFL - 3 Sacks

Otto Graham - 14 Tackles - 2 TFL - 1 INT

Edmund Trays - 9 Tackles - 1 TFL

Steve Oswald - 4 Tackles - 2 TFL - 1 Sack


Jack Porwhich - 3/3 FGs

Stephon Kardos - 2/2 FGs - 1/1 PATs


Mithilia Mustangs @ Pius Pheonixs - 3-4 (Pius)

Period 1
Goal- Brian Arma (Pius Phoenixs)
Goal- Billy Burch (Mithilia Mustangs)
Goal- Shorty Green (Mithilia Mustangs)
Goal- Jeff Kilner (Pius Phoenixs)
Penalty- Jeff Post (Pius Phoenixs)
Penalty- Nels Steward (Mithilia Mustangs)
Period 2
3-2 Mustangs
Penalty- J.C Tremblay (Mithilia Mustangs)
Goal- Buzz Boll (Mithilia Mustangs)
Period 3
Goal- Brian Arma (Pius Phoenixs)
3-4 Phoenixs
Goal- Brian Arma (Pius Phoenixs)

Pius II Groove @ Mundane RedHawks - 5-4 (Pius II)

Period 1
Goal- Danny Shmo (Mundane Redhawks)
Goal- Dick Dump (Mundane Redhawks)
Goal- Dave Rocket (Pius II Groove)
Goal- Rick Denz (Pius II Groove)
Period 2
3-2 Pius II Groove
Penalty- Samuel Jackson (Pius II Groove)
Goal- Ty Law (Pius II Groove)
Penalty- A. Long Squirtz (Mundane Redhawks)
Period 3
5-4 Pius II Groove
Goal- Samuel Jackson (Pius II Groove)
Penalty- Professor Milk Dick Ph.D (Mundane Redhawks)
Goal- Yoka Poon (Pius II Groove)
Goal- Chinese Name (Mundane Redhawks)
Goal- Dick Dump (Mundane Redhawks)

Ha-Ma-Grad Raiders @ Hellerian Chemists - 2-4 (Overlord Hellerer)

Period 1
0-1 Hellerian Chemists
Goal- Matthew Hellerer (Hellerian Chemists)
Period 2
Goal- Robert Bunsen (Hellerian Chemists)
Goal- Lloyd Wolfe (Ha-Ma-Grad Raiders)
Penalty- Elbert Bennet (Ha-Ma-Grad Raiders)
Goal- Gabriel Cooper (Ha-Ma-Grad Raiders)
Period 3
2-4 Hellerian Chemists
Goal- Matthew Hellerer (Hellerian Chemists)
Penalty- Thomas Reimondo (Hellerian Chemists)
Penalty- Lloyd Wolfe (Ha-Ma-Grad Raiders)
Goal- Jack Dalton (Hellerian Chemists)

New Gwapington Johngas @ Great Patrick Falcons - 2-3 (Falcons)

Period 1
1-2 Great Patrick Falcons
Goal- Sean Wade (Great Patrick Falcons)
Penalty- Wilbert Tate (New Gwapington Johngas)
Goal- Fred Cortez (Great Patrick Falcons)
Goal- Joe Mckenzie (New Gwapington Johngas)
Period 2
Penalty- Josh Taylor (Great Patrick Falcons)
Goal- Jake Christensen (New Gwapngton Johngas)
Period 3
Penalty- Josh Haynes (Great Patrick Falcons)
2-3 Great Patrick Falcons
Goal- Josh Taylor (Great Patrick Falcons)

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Explanation of the Regionian Party - Exclusive Interview With Pius Desurongcrandis

Recently a telegram concerning the Regonian Party was leaked. I wanted to give Pius Desurongcrandis a chance to respond, so I asked him some questions:

What are the party’s ideas / goals?

"The Regonian party is meant for liberal nation’s voices to be heard in the Region."

What do liberal nations want to achieve?

"The Liberal nations want to create necessary change because we can’t grow unless change happens."

Why has the party been semi-closed / secretive?

"I was going to announce it but I forgot about it."
(Note: I believe Pius Desurongcrandis did announce it, but didn’t explain what it was.)

Can other people join the party?

"Yeah, the more the merrier."

Why did you set out to establish the party?

"I set out to establish the party mainly for the liberal voices to be heard."

Considering liberal nations have a large majority over older, more “conservative” nations, why did you see it necessary to form a party?

"I found it necessary to form a party to unite the nations rather than have more disagreement."

Is there anything you would like to tell people about the party?

"This is what we stand for and if you don’t agree with it, well too bad we are here."

As it would appear the region becomes more divided, some nations are forming parties to protect their interests in the region. As Pius Desurongcrandis stated, the Regonian party’s self proclaimed purpose is to create change that would allow the region to grow.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Third State Rises in Mithilia

Recently the region has been terrorized by a terrorist organization known as the Third State. Originally established by Fredmenton, it grew out of their control after they underwent a revolution, leading them to leave the group. This organization has had a violent uptick in many countries, specifically Mithilia. When large flooding encompassed much of Mithilia, their leader gave a speech to inform the people. The Third State sprung at the opportunity, kidnapping their leader and trying to spread their message. At the same time, Mithilia’s most critical military structure, the Black Spire was flooding and on the verge of collapse. A general took temporary command and organized a defense in a seemingly hopeless situation.

As the situation worsened, Mithilian allies Socoran and Pius Desurongcrandis, part of the Triforce alliance, mobilized their forces to intervene and help expel the Third State from Mithilia. As they prepared to make a landing, the Third State intercepted the message and rushed to the beaches. An initial battle ensued, but no Triforce troops landed on the beaches, as Mithilian General Coyote requested them to pull back.

General Coyote marched towards the Third State headquarters, gathering volunteers as he marched. When he eventually reached the base, a short battle ensued, but was quickly ended, as many of the rebels were not willing to die for the Third State. Mithilia regained their leader, but General Coyote is still in command, for the original leader is not in a state to rule due to extreme torture from the Third State. Mithilia is still in a state of disrepair, but they are working on rebuilding.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Regional Map Act Passes

The Speaker of the Legislature, Pius II, has come up with another bill, the Regional Map Act. The Regional Map Act had two forms, the original which stated that our current map is the official map of Region Name which was not popular with a vote of 5-4, so he cancelled the voting. The second one carried the same theme but added the clause that will allow the Regional Government to make a new map at any time, this won 7-3 in the poll. The Regional Map Act states that our current map is the official map but a new one can be made. It also gives guidelines for the map such as any open space can be claimed by any nation and stating the nation MUST have a Nation in Region Name to be on the map. It also restricts the size of Puppet Nations. but the WA Delegate or Judicial Official can waive the restrictions if it is valuable to Regional RP. The Regional Map Act lastly states a violation of its term can be punishable by the Judicial Official, like all other laws. For a full look at the bill, check out this link: Here

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, Edited by Mundane

Tsunami Mayhem in the Pacific

On Wednesday, an explosion went off in the former nation of Ualanha that caused a 7.8 earthquake on the moment magnitude scale. It tore through Hawaii and drowned it completely in water. At that time tsunamis were expected to hit a number of coastlines throughout the Pacific, including Fort Dawson of Mundane, New Gwapington in Fiji, Socoran and Great Patrick shores, and Cycladrian shores. Pius Desurongcrandis immediately sent aid to the places that were in need of it.

First, a tsunami hit Fort Dawson completely flooding the Mundanian Pacific Base and Dawson Island. Then, tsunamis struck the shorelines of New Gwapington, Socoran, and Great Patrick, and flooded much of the coasts. Some of the tsunamis had aftershock, causing massive ice breaks in the North and Arctic, and oddly high layers. Finally, a tsunami struck Cycladria flooding some areas as well. Flooding has subsided in all areas that were affected and rebuilding is being started.

Written by Mundane

Elections Official Election Preview

On April 16th, which is in just over a month, Region Name will be holding the Elections Official Election, which for those of you who don't know, is democratically elected, but like most elections only king nations and legal voters can vote. After some questionable moves by our current Elections Official, Soviet Melonia II, including the removal of Mithilia from the Legal Voters List for no apparent reason, he will not be running for re-election, so that guarantees a new Elections Official to Region Name. Socoran, a newbie, stepped up first pledging that they will be running for the position. From the leaked telegram, he seems to be part of the Regionian Party of liberals fighting for change. The second candidate, stepped up just recently, and it is Minimark, the deemed conservative by some, but founding father by others. Based on contradicting beliefs, this should be a pretty good race, Region Name, and it could expose some nation's beliefs that we haven't seen before. But, remember, if you are a legal voter or king nation, please get out and vote on Thursday, April 16th. And if you would like to run, please state so in the RMB.

Written by Pius II

Do You Hear the Piesians Sing?

If you thought the Third State was done after the collapse of the Ualanha Volcano Project, you would be sadly mistaken. After RoboCassius' bombings of Mundane, he uttered the phrase "it is time for a Region Name Revolution". Now the Third State is not new to spreading propaganda to cause unrest, just ask John Seward of South Airlandia and Carol Short of Great Patrick. The latter is under recall due to Third State propaganda and the former is experiencing immense unpopularity and revolution due to propaganda of leaflets. Due to the lack of central government outside of Cassius Himself, its impossible to track these revolts.

More countries than we know are being fed this propaganda, but outward revolution because of this propaganda has occurred in both Pius Desurongcrandis and Pius II. In Fennex, Pius Desurongcrandis, a small group of 40,000 protesters came out last Tuesday bearing the banner of the Third State and singing Whirlwinds of Danger, the unofficial anthem of the Third State. Piesian flags were ripped down but no major calls were made and no disruption in daily life. However on Thursday, millions took to the streets protesting the countries infamous 53% employment and high corruption. King Pius fled in fear after flags of the castle were burned and protesters surrounded, blocking all traffic. Factories were empty due to the protesters absence. 19 million protested nation wide, and more joined after the mass suppression of these mostly peaceful protesters. Some bombings occurred, but the protesters fled in 30 minutes. They went for the hills. Suddenly hours later most came back completely loyal to the Piesians, and joining the Piesian legion. A larger subplot seems at play here.

In Pius II, in Red Mountgate, protesters took to the street protesting for different reasons. Many were upset at high crime in Pius II caused by small government and an absent police force. Many middle class folks felt unsafe and wanted a state where they could work and be protected, the Third State. Others were upset due to lack of representation at the federal level of Pius II. So they took up the banner, about 1 million of them. No suppression occurred but due to weak defenses, an insurrection group could easily start war and take over.

Both of the revolts in these nations would cause chaos due to their powerful neighbors like Soviet Melonia II and Mithilia. Unrestia shall claim victory, but the Third State may also. Revolt is inevitable, its just how a country deal with it defines that country.

Written by Minimark



Mundane RedHawks vs. Marksburg Mustangs (scrimmage)

34-33 (Mundane)

Quarter 1 - 7-7

Drew Dressel Passing TD to Clark Elswald - Minimark

Malik Delgado Rushing TD - Mundane

End Quarter

Quarter 2 - 24-21 - Minimark

Drew Dressel Passing TD to Tom Cornelius - Minimark

Peter Mane Rushing TD - Minimark

Sam Finnegan Passing TD to Layton Deacon - Mundane

Stephon Kardos FG - Minimark

Sam Finnegan Passing TD to Otis Crouch - Mundane

End Quarter

Quarter 3 - 27-21

Stephon Kardos FG - Minimark

End Quarter

Quarter 4 - 33-34 - Mundane (Winner)

Buddy Salt FG - Mundane

Stephon Kardos FG - Minimark

Malik Delgado Rushing TD - Mundane

Buddy Salt FG - Mundane

Stephon Kardos FG - Minimark

End Quarter



Drew Dressel - 23/27 - 301 yds - 2 TDs - 1 INT - 85.2% Comp. - 122.38 Passer Rating

Sam Finnegan - 19/26 - 235 yds - 2 TDs - 2 INT - 73.1% Comp - 94.23 Passer Rating


Malik Delgado - 21 Carries - 117 yds - 2 TDs - 5.1 yds/carry

Peter Mane - 18 Carries - 67 yds - 1 TD - 3.7 yds/carry


Clark Elswald - 7 Rec - 88 yds - 1 TD - 12.6 yds/rec

Layton Deacon - 5 Rec - 57 yds - 1 TD - 11.4 yds/rec


Hunter Hume - 11 Tackles - 1 Sack - 1 TFL

Otto Graham - 9 Tackles - 1 INT - 1 TFL

Phillip Jacobsyn - 3 Tackles - 2 Sacks - 2 TFL

Mahad Read - 5 Tackles - 1 INT

Jordan Boyer - 4 Tackles - 1 INT


Buddy Salt - 2/2 FGs - 4/4 PATs

Stephon Kardos - 4/4 FGs - 3/3 PATS


Pius Pheonixs vs. Mundane RedHawks (scrimmage)

8-6 (Pius Desurongcrandis)

Period 1
Penalty- Bruce Cotter (Phoenixs)
Goal- Dick Leaf (Redhawks)
Penalty- Dick Dump (Redhawks)
Goal- Brian Arma (Phoenixs)
Penalty- Jimmy Karts (Phoenixs)
Goal- Long Squirtz (Redhawks)
Goal- Guy Bordun (Phoenixs)
Period 2
5-4 Redhawks
Goal- Chinese Name (Redhawks)
Penalty- Count Ravioli (Redhawks)
Goal- Brian Arma (Phoenixs)
Goal- Count Ravioli (Redhawks)
Penalty- Cranjis McBasketball (Redhawks)
Period 3
6-8 Phoenixs
Penalty- Chinese Name (Redhawks)
Goal- Barry Alto (Phoenixs)
Goal- Brian Arma (Phoenixs)
Penalty- Enya Mouthhole (Redhawks)
Goal- Enya Mouthhole (Redhawks)
Penalty- Mary Beth BethBeth (Redhawks)
Goal- Larry West (Phoenixs)
Goal- George MacDonald (Phoenixs)

Read dispatch

A Sit-Down With the WA Delegate - Exclusive Interview With Mundane

I have had the privilege to interview the WA Delegate Mundane to see how he stands on the Region. Mundane being one of the oldest nations in Region Name was just re-elected WA Delegate with a 6-4 victory over Minimark.

1. You are the first WA Delegate in the History of Region Name to complete your term as well as the first to get re-elected as WA Delegate, How do you feel?

"I feel honored to be serving this long and that the nations of this beautiful region have trusted me in running Region Name."

2. In Region Name lately, we have seen a Partisan divide between the Liberals who are looking to change the Region and the Conservatives who want to keep the Status Quo for the Region. What are you going to do as the Executive to try to unite the two blocs and to move forward as a region?

"Well that makes no sense, because in order to get these two groups together, I have to enact change, and that definitely sides with the Liberals. Although I see where both sides are coming from, I believe change is mandatory in this region. By building up these committees, by recruiting more members, and by getting on the global scale, I believe that we can unite these two blocs, and get them to actually agree on something. Also holding conventions, where people can actually talk to each other, would definitely help."

3. On Tuesday the current Elections Official, Soviet Melonia II, removed Mithilia from the Legal Voters List, The Liberals came out and defended Mithilia and criticized Soviet Melonia II for doing it out of spite and saying it's childish while some of the Conservatives are defending Soviet Melonia by saying he has every right to do it since they are the Elections Official. How do you feel about this and what do you think should be done to rectify it?

"I mean, it is true, there is no law against it. SMII never notified me why he removed Mithilia from the Legal Voters List, so I automatically assumed it was out of spite. He has every right to do it, but if your just gonna remove just because, well, that's just wrong. To rectify it, I believe we just get an Elections Official that can determine if someone is independent or not. But, the issue was resolved, and he is now happily back on the list and has revoked the court case against him."

4. This past week there was a group of nations that raided Warzone Africa in the Name of Region Name, this caused some nations to come out and say we need a Regional Military. What is your stance on this?

"Two of the nations that invaded haven't been in the region for over a month and the other is Fredmenton, who is controversial to most, but he seems like he is moving to newly found ways. I don't support them, but Warzones are made to be raided, so it was their right to do it. I don't think Region Name should be raiding regions because that goes against the motto of the region, but I do believe we need a Regional Military to defend against invading regions.

5. Another thing recently talked about in Region Name is Diplomacy with other Regions, your opponent in this past election, Minimark, talked about getting relations with larger regions and many other nations agree we should do this to make Region Name notable. How do you stand with this?

"Well, just today, I reached out to several discords of bigger regions and have connected to multiple people. I believe this is the start of something big, and will continue to reach out. This will hopefully develop our region in a positive way, and should recruit people for it. Diplomacy is key in this region and as soon as we get the DFRC running, it will be great, trust me."

6. After winning the election for another term you are the longest-serving WA Delegate in Region Name more than doubling myself who had the second-longest term as WA Delegate. Are you going to run again for WA Delegate in August?

"The election in August is six months away, and I haven't thought about it much, but, yeah if all goes well, I'll run."

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis

The Second Amendment Passes

Pius II keeps up their hot streak of combining multiple ideas into one Amendment, as on Tuesday, the Second Amendment passed 7-0. The Amendment firstly abolished Article VI of the Charter, removing the Journalist as a political position in favor of the News and Information Committee. This leaves some concern that given the lack of requirements of committee members, an NIC of only non-power holding officials could have some disparity with the government and the paper could be not put in the World Factbook causing a potential standoff between power. The second part re-affirms violations of the Colony Limitation Act are punishable by the Judicial Official even though the charter made clear already that any violations of law are up to the Judicial Official. Many brought up falsely that they couldn't be prosecuted by the Colony Limitation Act causing this change. The final part of it fixes perhaps the biggest blunder in the Charter, that the Delegate, the official in charge of all foreign relations, wasn't allowed to have embassy powers. For a while now we gave the power to them anyway,but now it is fully legal.

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

A New Committee is Established in a New Way

On Saturday, February 15th, Mundane decided to take advantage of the new bill by putting up a committee by poll. He decided that a committee based on the connection to other regions was needed, as did others. So, on Friday morning, he put up the Diplomacy & Foreign Relations Committee, and immediately people started voting Yea. But, there was some backlash, as no one knew what the committee was about because there was no dispatch explaining the ethic of the committee. For all they knew, it was a committee full of murderers readying their attack.

Mundane then wrote a dispatch and all was at peace on the topic once again. The committee, over the next two days, proceeded to gain eleven votes over the yea column, which broke a region record in the most votes that went for a certain cause. The committee dispatch written by Mundane can be found in this link: Here.

Written by Pius II, Edited by Mundane

Two Region Name Sports Leagues Are Created

The Athletic & Competitive Sports Committee has just revealed two region-wide sports leagues that are set to start very soon. Pius Desurongcrandis, the moderator, was the first to come out with a sports league, as he released the Region Name Hockey League (RNHL). You may do what ever you want with your lineups and if you want a larger outline for them, check your telegrams. The lineups for the RNHL are due Saturday, February 29th, Leap Day.

Mundane, about two days later, came out with a different league with more set rules to the lineups. The league is known as the Region Name Football League (RNFL). Here is the outline for the RNFL lineups:

Team Name

Home Stadium, City

Head Coach

1 Quarterback

2 Runningbacks

2 Tight Ends

4 Wide Receivers

5 Offensive Lineman

4 Defensive Lineman

3 Linebackers

4 Defense Backs

1 Kicker

The more in depth you go into the lineups, the better, he says. Lineups for the Football League are due Sunday, March 8th. The ACSC hopes that they can create more leagues as time goes on.

Written by Mundane

A Retiring Author - Minimark

I would like to thank you all for reading my articles for the past few months as I have decided to resign from the News and Information Committee. Thank you Mundane for letting me on and thank you again for putting up with my sketchy writing.

Read dispatch

Views on the Speakership - An Evening With Pius II

Recently Speaker Pius II passed his first amendment to the Regional Charter 6-0, reassuring his process of establishing committees and establishing strict codes of conduct for them. It also gave the power of committee legislation to be passed no matter what by the public, with all passed committee bills going up to vote. I sat down with the author of the Amendment, Pius II and discussed the Amendment along with his views of the Speakership.

1. Have you enjoyed your time as speaker so far?

"Yes, for the most part, besides a few setbacks and accusations, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Region Name as Speaker."

2. To the first Amendment, why did you rely so heavily on the thoughts of Minimark?

"Minimark, as he has been speaker with four different nations, and is one of the "Founding Fathers" or King Regions of Region Name, I put a lot of trust into his insight and hope I have been able to follow in his footsteps in the best of ways"

3. What new precedent were you trying to set by passing the amendment, what regional tradition were you trying to change?

"By the this First Amendment, I was trying to change the overall outlook on how we look at the Delegate's control of committees. The new precedent is that the Delegate must first go to the vote of the people before establishing a committee."

4. Would you agree regional tradition is engraved in the Charter?

"Yes, I totally agree that regional tradition has been carved into this Charter, as many of the laws from the first Charter have been passed on to the new one."

5. How do you thing the Amendment will help calm committees?

"This amendment sets the standards of committees. We see the most commotion in the RARC, which is probably the most important committee, and by making all of the committee members a chance to speak will hopefully change that. The fact that only one thing can be put up for debate at a time by the moderator will hopefully help to calm the chaos as well."

6. Committees have been all passed under your speakership, could you have done a better job at structuring them initially making this amendment not necessary?

"Yes, I admit my downfall there. I should've structured them better initially, but I was just starting off as the Speaker, and I hope you guys can understand that I wasn't fully aware of everything that needed to be put in the bill. But, now I hope that everything is fixed."

7. What, in your opinion, is the proper relationship between World Assembly Delegate and Committees?

"The proper relationship, I believe, is stated in this new amendment, that the Delegate should go to the people on their opinions, through polls, before being able to establish that committee."

8. Why did you pass regional currency just to abolish it?

"At the time, some major people in the region were saying that we needed one, like SMII, so I went by what the people said, as I said throughout my campaign that I would listen to the people. Now, looking back on it, I realize that a nation can just use its own currency to fund committees if they choose to, so I decided that the Regional Currency was pointless and abolished the laws regarding it."

9. As a former speaker myself, I know the future plan is key. What plans do you have to finish out your term? How can the region help?

"My ultimate hope for committees is that we get every member of Region Name contributing in some part to politics and the overall community of the region. Whether it is through diplomacy, recruiting, athletic events, or role-play, every member should get a chance to participate. The committees may not run smoothly because everyone is independent and has different opinions, which will cause debate, put the region will be active and thriving if we can get these up and running to their full potential. That is my ultimate goal and future plan for my speakership, and our region's ultimate goal should be to participate and contribute to them."

For a full look at the newly passed amendment, check out this link: Here.

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

Fredmenton-Pius Desurongcrandis Conflict & Collaboration

A breakthrough might have finally been reached in the 2 month standoff between Fredmenton and Pius Desurongcrandis, that has seen 4 regime changes, a mass nuking, the establishment of an Orwellian Oligarchy and mass civilian deaths. But it did not seem like that was going to happen initially. In fact, it seemed the powder keg was finally to blow and mass, endless war was to rage on between the two nations. It started early on February 10th, when General Fred gave a speech showing his first attempt to be a democratic ruler, by declaring a referendum of the people to see if the people wanted to invade Northern Pius Desurongcrandis to take the historic home of Fredmenton back. But a new threat arose from the east.

With the recent dissolution of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep, a wide gap of land was opened in the Northern peninsula, above Pius Desurongcrandis. Some rouge Soviet Melonia II soldiers marched on this land and seized the eastern-most section, despite international calls to let a new nation form there. Then the Soviet Melonia II government issued a public statement that they should own all land through Ukraine. Not that they should invade, but it is their birthright to own all land up through Ukraine, a law of nature. This sparked severe international backlash, with a Piesian squadron being prepared to battle the Soviet Melonian threat. Soviet Melonia II issued that that was not a declaration of war. They then began a new saga, who controls the Baltic entrance.

Soviet Melonia II requested to enter the Baltic through Fort Cupeta, but the Piesians demonstrated there, extremely long canal stretching from the Mithilian waters to the Baltic. Fredmenton declared this was not previously declared and extremely long so it should not be considered real. This sparked a harsh war of words between the Piesians and Fredmentonians that fell to the level of profanity, and then the siege of Fort Cupeta by the Piesians which was stopped due to a lull in Piesian command that led to disarray. This angered the Piesians who attempted a mass bombing of Fredmenton which was stopped at the border due to a strong presence of Fredmentonian Ground-Air missiles.

This begins the next chapter. Fredmenton had voted 97.85% for invasion after these failed invasions so it seemed like total war was becoming inevitable. Quick. One last outreach by the Piesians knowing the might of Fredmenton, led to a small peace conference that led to a peace deal reached between these sworn enemies. They were to invade Cadenburg together and all land would go to Pius, in exchange for the former Fredmentonian lands to be given to Fredmenton.

This didn't stop Soviet Melonia II to begin invading and bombing west Pius Desurongcrandis, in which Pius called for Fredmentonian aid. Fredmenton responded by sending in strictly defensive troops who drew a border and held the border. The backup caused Soviet Melonia II to end their northern campaign and focus on the South where they scored victory after victory, until them and the Piesians reached a deal. Soviet Melonia II would take all land up to the province of Ukraine, seizing Garretsville and many other key cities while not advancing in the north.

Moving to the Cadenburg front, Cadenburg's government collapsed after some initial Fredmentonian bombardment, and Pius Desurongcrandis seized all land of Cadenburg. Fredmenton was given all land between the Baltic and Minimark, and Soviet Melonia II's empire seemingly keeps growing. But Fredmenton has declared an end to their immediate military ambitions and will calm down after months of war. Pius Desurongcrandis has an enemy in the East and Soviet Melonia II can seemingly take any part of the world...

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

Attack on the Third State of Ualanha

Japan has been ruled by many in the past. The Third State of Ualanha seemed to have secured their position on the archipelago and began investing heavily in reconstruction after Ze Dice's reign came to an end. All seemed to be well until the newcomer, Cycladria, came into the region. He began speaking of Japan as his "territorial home" and then made private talks. Cycladria began to form a military agreement with Pianta and Redforgeland to help him conquer and rule Japan. The three nations gathered an army around Ualanha and began their assault. It was looking bad for Ualanha until the corn-worshiping state of Socoran found a reason to join.

Socoran saw this as an opportunity to claim Hispaniola as their own. Socoran joined the war on Ualanha's side and began to convince Redforgeland to drop out of the war because he would have the most to lose. Cycladria reached out to Socoran and began to make peace agreements to drop out of the war. Socoran withdrew from the war with the territory of Hispaniola. Cycladria and Pianta now had the opportunity to take Ualanha and claim Japan. Days of combat commenced and Ualanha now fell to the oppressive forces of Cycladria and fled to an island in the Hawaiian chain. All is peaceful now as Cycladria has united Japan, Pianta has returned to their homeland, and Socoran has gained Hispaniola and retreated. Will this be the end of the fight for Japan? And has the Third State finished with its tyranny?

Written by Socoran, Edited by Mundane

ACSC Becomes Active

Just one week ago now, the Athletic & Competitive Sports Committee gained its three members and became active. Currently the committee has four members which include the moderator Pius Desurongcrandis, and members Socoran, Mundane, and Mithilia. According to Pius Desurongcrandis, "The Purpose of the Athletic & Competitive Sports Committee (ACSC) is to moderate Regional Sports Leagues and the Region Names Games." According to Article II of Regional Committees, the purpose of the committee is to establish regional athletic events throughout the year and to telegram the region about what events are occurring and if they need to submit lineups for the sports.

So far the committee has established that they will run both the Region Name Winter Games and Region Name Summer Games. They have also established a couple regional leagues that they haven't done anything with yet. These leagues include a Region Name Hockey League (RNHL), a Region Name Football League (RNFL), and a Region Name Soccer League (RNSL). For a full look at the committee's dispatch, check out this link: Here.

Written by Pius II, Edited by Mundane

Regional Holidays Instated

As February break and Presidents' Day rolls around, Region Name has instated its own holidays. Pius II, two weeks ago, passed the Regional Holidays bill which consists of a number of things. The first thing is that November 6th, the day of Region Name's founding, shall be dubbed Region Name Day. You could say it is sort of like our independence, except we never gained independence. I'll just call it the day of our founding, to keep it simple, where Great Patrick decided to create this beautiful region.

Another thing listed is that the months of December and June, shall hold the Region Name Winter Games and the Region Name Summer Games, respectively. It also states that the games should be held in different city every year. If you didn't already know, Mundane is holding the 2020 Summer Games in Rommel, and Pius Desurongcrandis has already put a bill in for the 2020 Winter Games in December. The purpose of these games is to bring together the region, even in the hard times, through sports and entertainment. That is the main idea of the games were created for. For a full look at the 2020 Rommel Summer Games, check out this dispatch: Here.

The last thing listed in the bill is that the region expect activity on the following real world holidays: Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Independence Day, and New Year's Eve. All laws that require a number of days will be postponed until the next active day. For a full look at the Regional Holidays bill check out this dispatch: Here.

Written by Mundane

Read dispatch

The First Great Regionian War Continues

For the past two weeks or so, the First Great Regionian War has been occurring. It has consisted of the Pius Mandalore nuke debacle and the Oxes Republic wormhole, and most recently the Fredmenton attack. It all started with an alliance between a number of groups including Mithilia, the newcomers Socoran and Overlord Hellerer, Mundane, and Pius Desurongcrandis who recently swapped with Pius Mandalore. The battle started with Mundane sending 500,000 workers onto the Fredmenton-Oxes Border to dig 500 miles of trenches. They were just a throw-off to Fredmenton to keep him focused on something else while the "allies" gathered. At 6:00 PM on Thursday, the groups gathered at Fort Paine in Mundane and then launched there surprise attacks. Fredmenton was ready as they sent a line of civilians to the front lines with troops right behind them. Mundane started to use pellet guns and crowd control methods while Socoran and Mithilia shot straight at the civilians. Mundane then retreated after Military Deterence launched their air force. Mithilia then withdrew but Socoran continued to shoot. The battle was quickly over when MD arrived, but Socoran took POWs. MD proceeded to launch missiles at the POW ships when Socoran decided to execute ten POWs. MD ended up succeeding as Socoran returned the POWs. That is where the battle ended, but the war has not ended yet.

Written by Pius II

WA Delegate Election Preview

As you all probably know, the WA Delegate Election is on Thursday, February 20th at 8:00 AM ET and it should be a good one. Minimark and Mundane are facing off in a heated battle. Both are promising around the same things which include pursuing international relations, organizing conferences, and to make sure committees are running smoothly. Minimark promises to be impartial in war while Mundane promises to keep the region active, describing that war is a component in doing so, with his campaign slogan being "War is Temporary, Peace is Inevitable, Change Must Be Done". Both explain that change is mandatory in order to improve Region Name. The candidates seem to be organizing a campaign over the break, so stay active as that may be soon. For a prediction of the election, check this link out, made by Soviet Melonia II: LinkPrediction. Remember to vote on election day if you are a legal voter!

Written by Pius II, Edited by Mundane

End of the Beginning, or Beginning of the End?

Lately the nation South Airlandia has been in a Violent Civil War which started during the First Great Regonian War when rebels backed by Pius Mandalore and rebels being Supplied by Great Patrick started attacking the Cassius Loyalists after the South Airlandian Leader, Cassius McDouglas, had died. Currently, the South Airlandian Civil War has the Great Patrick backed Airlandian Republic taking on Cassius Loyalists. The latest conflict has had the Cassius Loyalists retreating towards the island of Japan which is currently controlled by the Fredmenton backed Third State. Does this mean that South Airlandan Civil War is ending? Did the Airlandian Republic win? Is it just the master plan of Fredmenton for Global Domination?

Is it the end of the South Airlandian Great Patrick Crisis, or the beginning. After war ravaged Great Patrick, a military state was established in South Airlandia with the help of rebels. The people cheered for their liberators, who recently organized the first election under Carol Short where John Seward was elected with his emphasis on civil rights and a closer election with Great Patrick. Many Cassius Loyalists have vanished and no prominent rebellion seemingly exists, but a few important facts still arise which could prove this is just the beginning of a duel between the masses of the ideologies.

When Mithilia surrendered the Ze Dice to the Third State, a mass exodus of South Airlandians occurred, as they fled to a country with the son of their savior Cassius McDouglas Jr. leading. When Egevni Mancini came over after the power shift in Fredmenton, many went to Not Great Patrick and seized total control over the government, forming a new South Airlandia as they continue to build their military. It is quite likely they are in contact with the Third State, but as Civil war rages on which Third State are they in contact with. The one of their liberator or son of their savior, we do not know. But as allegiances move and tensions spread, the light of democracy is flickering in South Airlandia.

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis & Minimark, Edited by Mundane

Regional Assault Your Rival Committee

The Regional Action and Role Play Committee was an idea, proposed, by Minimark, that Speaker Pius II passed into law over a month ago, and spots were immediately taken. Great Patrick, Mundane, Soviet Melonia II, Minimark, and Mithilia all rushed to join the Committee whose goal was to increase roleplay in the Region. The RARC came off of a major regional war, the war between Pius Mandalore and Fredmenton for land, which lack of preset military law caused some issues and the eventual nuking of a region that was stopped by wormholes and one angry customer in Pius Mandalore. The RARC needed to take action, which was called for by Soviet Melonia II and Mithilia for a convention on war.

The convention started out fair enough, with Minimark creating a server and plotted out 7 points that needed to be hit in the convention:

  1. Movement Time

  2. Attack and strength of attack

  3. Geographical and Battle Land Strategy

  4. Outside supplies

  5. Wins/losses

  6. Usage of NS Stats

  7. Modern v. Futuristic Game-play

The first thing passed was the Soviet Melonia II proposal. It basically set some ground ideas, that reclaiming land is easier than invading, to win you needed 75% of cities, and an outside person determining the outcome of battles based on the statistics proposed. After a brief discussion of movement times, all h*ll broke loose.

Soviet Melonia II was appointed moderator by vote of the committee, and began to immediately spar with his committee. The debate moved from movement times to Attack and strength of attack along with usage of NS Stats. Many members of the Committee began arguing quite heatedly over the usage of an equation. Mithilia wanted to calculate military strength, a mixture of arms strength and military size. Soviet Melonia II thought that was stupid and would not bring it to the floor yet. Mithilia became upset that his ideas were being silenced, and believed that under just calculating troop numbers, an army of 1000 men with sticks could beat 10 men with tanks. Mithilia tried to use the Speaker to get bills quicker through the floor. What really the problem was was lack of communication.

Mithilia believed Soviet Melonia II was being biased as Moderator, and Soviet Melonia II believed Mithilia was trying to turn the grand specter of role-play into a game of numbers. No peace has been reached, but both have agreed to led the Mundane equation come front and center to be discussed. This equation was proposed before the RARC was established in the summer and was viewed as the most workable equation by the members. Now the argument has moved to what should be included in this equation that only calculates troop number. Debates over Pacifism, Arms Manufacturing, and Scientific Advancement are all intertwined in this debate. Who wins we wont know as it seems new wars sidetrack the region every hour.

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

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Inside the Elections Official Election - Exclusive Interview With Soviet Melonia II

On Monday, I interviewed Soviet Melonia II, the newly reelected Elections Official. He was very diligent in responding to my questions as this is second time being interviewed by Region Name Times. Here is the Q&A:

1. What are your feelings on your opponent, Pius Mandalore?

"I think my opponent started off with good intentions in the election, but leading up to the vote, it was clear he had very little knowledge of how the region works."

2. Are you going to do anything different now that you've been reelected?

"I'm going to continue my current stance of strictness regarding the legal voters list. I think it is important we have a truly Representative set of voters, without to much influence one way or the other."

3. What were your overall feelings on the election?

"I think when the election started it didn't have that much attention on it. As conflict ramped up throughout the day, I think the vote became part of that war. Those on either side mostly voted for people on their side, which, does make sense. I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing, but it is something to keep in mind and consider during future elections."

4. Do you believe that Region Name has more faith in you now that you've been reelected with a total of five votes for you?

"I think when I first ran, the region knew very little about me, and as such it was a closer race. I believe now that they know me better, I do have more support. There is also the fact that the candidate put against me was not that strong and had very little support, so that helped me win by a larger margin."

There you have it, Region Name. Soviet Melonia II believes that he has more support behind him and will continue what he has been doing, with a strict legal voters list.

Written by Pius II, Edited by Mundane

2020 Summer Games Preview - Exclusive Interview With Mundane

The 2020 Region Name Summer Games are heading to the Rommel Center in Mundane. From June 5th to June 28th, Sporting Events will befall the Eastern Mundanian town, such as basketball, swimming, track and others. As the Regional Holiday Act seems to confirm certain facts about the Games, I had a chance to talk to Mundane, the host country, about the games and their impact on the region.
1. Why do you feel like its relevant to hold Sporting events in time of distress?

"Sporting Events, as we've seen from past events, unite the citizens of the region, and the sports allow the nations to forget about the war and hard times, and we get to focus in on true, passionate athletes who love the game that they play."

2. Does the host city have the proper infrastructure?

"Rommel Center is a state-of-the-art athletic center that has just been finished. It has acres of space for the games to be played. The Center, of course, has the proper infrastructure, but we are also focusing on building seven different hotels for the athletes to stay in and the Rommel International Airport which is just about done."

3. Given the results in Great Patrick, why do you feel confident nothing catastrophic will happen in Mundane?

"We can never be confident that something won't happen, but I am beyond confident that my security will be able to prevent a situation like that from occurring, and if something does happen, can take care of the problem swiftly, and without trouble."

4. Why did you begin planning so early?

"We have begun planning for these 2020 Summer Games so early, because we are making sure that as many nations can participate as possible, and so that we may prepare as many things as possible so that the athletes and fans may be safe, and happy."

5. What systems do you have in place to prevent cheating like doping?

"Mundane has developed tests that we will do on all of the athletes, that have a 96.7% chance of indicating whether the athlete has taken drugs in the past month."

6. Why did you exclude some sports like football?

"First off, as you seen in past events, the region is not very good at submitting lineups by the correct date, so I do not want to overwhelm the nations on submitting lineups. But, secondly, Mundane has held two other football tournaments, one this past year, in November, so we are giving those athletes a little break."

7. You held the last Summer games. Isn't it time to pass the torch?

"If I remember correctly, I think I have never held a Summer Games. I remember holding two Football Tournaments, but never a Games. Otherwise, no one else has offered to do any sort of sporting event besides Great Patrick with the Winter Games. I will certainly allow another nation to do it for the 2021 Summer Games."

The link for the Summer Games dispatch is Here

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

WA Delegate Election in February

Mundane, our current WA Delegate, has been serving for over 160 days, doubling that of any past Delegate in Region Name. Could his reign be over? We'll find out on Thursday, February 20th at 8:00 AM ET. The election is set for this date and there is currently only one candidate, Mundane. Pius Mandalore had mentioned earlier that he was going to run for Delegate after he wins Elections Official. Well, he didn't get Elections Official, and after launching fifty nukes, it's not probable that he will run or be elected. If you think that you are a suitable candidate for the position, please state so in the RMB to run. If you're not running, please vote! Here is the telegram sent from Soviet Melonia II, our Elections Official, explaining some of the details:

"Regionians, the election for WA Delegate is next month. Look at the legal voters list. If you're not on there and think you should be, send me a telegram of what your nation is about, what they're for and against, and you'll be added to the list.

Voting is the most important thing you can do to make your opinions heard.
Manipulation of voting has been an issue in the past and if there is any sign of it soon, offenders will find that their right to vote can be taken away.

As of now I believe Mundane is running for reelection against no one. Good luck to him and any candidate that steps forward.
If you're not sure you want to run, I encourage you, do it! The challenging of old ideas and new innovations is what keeps the region alive.

Vive la Region!
Your vote matters."

Again, the election is on Thursday, February 20th at 8:00 AM ET.

Written by Pius II, Edited by Mundane

Is There An End to the Great Patrick Crisis?

Twenty-four days ago now, the Great Patrick Crisis started when President Patrick XXXVII's plane went down. And now just recently, two days ago Great Patrick Controlled Force drove the Cassius Loyalists out of Military Island and pushed them back to Cassius City where a large Naval battle has begun to take place along the city's main ports. This crisis seems never ending. Will it ever end? From the things that are going around, the crisis doesn't look like it's near the end. Great Patrick and South Airlandia have been going at it for three and a half weeks. Many people have died, including citizens, and cities and forts have been completely destroyed. Will this crisis actually ever end? I guess, Region Name, we'll see in two weeks if it has ended with the next Region Name Times issue.

Written by Mundane

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New Year, New Government

As the new year rings in, Region Name sees four new faces in our government: Mundane as WA Delegate, Pius II as Speaker of the Legislature, The Northsouthern Wolflands as Defense Minister, and Soviet Melonia II as Elections Official. All of these nations are currently holding their first or second position that they have ever held in this region. So far, they have kept the region very stable, with the regional code only being changed out of GREEN once in the past three months. New, efficient policies have been instated and the region, one could argue, is at one of its highest points in almost nine months. This new government almost freshens up the region, allowing it to experience new things that it had never seen before. All of the positions, so far, have done an excellent job in creating a stable and safe region and a prosperous one too.

Written by Mundane, Edited by Pius II

South Airlandia-Great Patrick Civil War Getting Intense

Following the Winter Games, on the way back to Great Patrick, Patrick XXXVII's transport jet crashed, with the only message in the Black box being Hail Cassius. After this, Carol Short, the Defense minister was elevated to the Presidency. But from here hell broke loose. Fascist Separatists in North Minimark officially separated from the main Minimark military when Ari Donnelhughe stole the code to activate a Minimark military procedure of assured destruction. From this the Integral Markans descended upon Falcon City and made sure no stone was left upturned. They aided Cassius McDouglas in his invasion of Herrisbourge which fell very quickly. The Integral Markans continued to use their tactics in the Northwest, seizing Mountainous land. South Airlandia was stalled in their advances due to a costly blockade and military mismanagement. Fredmenton joined the fight invading Piscium City and seizing much of the Southwest, even locking many people away in camps. Great Patrick received some aid from Pius Mandalore and Mundane, but Mundane eventually withdrew and Pius Mandalore unsuccessfully focused their troops on South Airlandian mainland. All seemed lost until Carol Short used her knowledge of Operation Weeden to activate spies within the South Airlandian military who turned 60% of the raw troops away from its mother state. This led to the reconquest of Herrisbourge and the withdraw of Fredmenton to pursue other military goals and the splitting of the Integral Markans, some led by Ari Donnelhughe decided to attack Patrician city, leveling the downtown. Others led by Kernen Johanssen landed in the Minimark trade area and established camp, promising no further military moves. The rebuild of Great Patrick has begun.

Written by Minimark, Edited by Pius II

Committees Are Making An Early Splash

As of now, four different committees have been established, including News & Information, Athletic & Competitive Sports, Regional Action & Roleplay, and Recruitment & Admission. Out of the four, only two are active (NIC/RARC), which means that they have three members in them, have an active dispatch that contains the information about the committee, and have appointed a moderator. The committees haven't proved anything yet, but should add a little spark into the government and roleplay. Information regarding the committees can be found in Regional Committees - Articles I-V. If you would like to join a committee, contact Mundane either through the RMB or through telegram. Both the NIC and RARC have only two spots left, while the ACSC has three, and the RAC has four. So, join as soon as possible!

Written by Pius II

First Ever Region Name Winter Games

Before crisis beset Falcon City and the Host country, a new dawn was arisen. In Falcon City, Mundane, Los Veganos, Great Patrick, Not Great Patrick, South Airlandia, Minimark, Pius Desurongcrandis, New Gwapington, and New Gwapington II all marched to the Falcon Coliseum for the opening ceremony of what was by far the largest regional sporting event ever. It started out well, with Minimark scoring gold in a majority of events, but New Gwapington came running from behind scoring 2nd or 3rd in almost every event. Then Mundane began striking first place in events such as the Team Pursuit, Downhill skiing, and Skeleton. Entering the Hockey Tournament, the leaders were New Gwapington with 38 points with Minimark and Mundane trailing by 5. Both were chasing victory in the sport of hockey. Minimark had just gained some end points with 2nd place in curling, making the mountain ahead much easier to climb. Mundane began the hockey tournament against Not Great Patrick, in which they were out goaltended and out defended in the 3rd, giving Not Great Patrick a 2-1 victory, which led to their eventual win in the tournament. Minimark had a classic duel on ice with Pius Desurongcrandis, which Pius D. won 2-1 in double overtime after a controversial goal. So the final results gave New Gwapington the win with 39 points (placed 3rd in hockey), Minimark and Mundane tied for 2nd with 36, and our host 3rd with 20 points. South Airlandia left the closing ceremony early after only doing some events and losing. This was the final hurrah for Falcon City. For a full look at the events and results, check out this link: Here.

Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

Elections Official Election Thursday

The Elections Official election is coming soon Region Name and we might have a face in the position that we haven't seen in the government since May 3rd of 2019. Its been over nine months since the last time Pius Desurongcrandis held WA Delegate for those righteous and war-filled 75 days, but he's back as the WA Member Pius Mandalore running for Elections Official. When asked what his plans were, he said that this was just the beginning of his path back into the WA Delegate position and he hopes that winning the election will just be the start of his campaign up the ranks. The election is set for Thursday, January 16th, so be ready to vote Region Name! As of now, the only candidate is Pius Mandalore, so if you want to run for the position, please state so in the RMB. The current Elections Official is Soviet Melonia II.

Written by Mundane

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The Federal Republic of Pius II Wins Elections Official

On Monday, Pius II was elected Elections Official with a vote of four votes to one. The other candidate, a write-in, was the foreign nation, Soviet Melonia II who also ran in the speaker election this past week while still in the region. All four of the votes were WA Members, including our Judicial Official, Great Patrick, Daeshyon, Pianta, and lastly our WA Delegate, Mundane. The lone vote for Soviet Melonia II, was our recently elected speaker, Minimark. Mundane, after the election, congratulated Pius II as it is his first power-holding position in his existence, although he was journalist.

Exclusive Interview With Soviet Melonia II

Last weekend, following the speaker election, the Region Name Times Team reached out to Soviet Melonia II, and asked him few questions on his thoughts about the election. Here are his answers.

1. How do you feel about a foreign candidate being in the election?

"It is very unclear how the election should've worked, and what would've happened if he won. Prior votes for this position did not include a write in option, yet the last one did. Elections, and how they take place, and how votes are counted, needs to be defined better."

2. How do you feel about being accused of trying to take over the region by multiple sources? Is this your plan if you win a position?

"I don't believe I've been accused of this recently, and I would like to point out that I do not currently hold a postition, nor do any of my affiliated nations. It is in no way my plan."

3. What are your thoughts on Mundane's accused voter fraud?

"I think Mundane's specific case represents a broader issue. New Gwapington II was not being careful with his vote, and didn't even recall who he was trying to vote for. There isn't enough concrete evidence to really blame anyone though. WE as a region need to emphasize the importance of voting, and have stronger consequences to deter people fro manipulating votes."

Shortly after answering these questions, he and the rest of his nations, left the region for The Rotting Melons.

The Northsouthern Wolflands Named Defense Minister

After making New Gwapington II, Defense Minister on Monday, Mundane realized that he was not active nor competent enough to hold that position. Then, when Melon ia left Region Name, The Northsouthern Wolflands was moved into the Top 10 Influence. He then decided that he should give a newcomer a chance at gaining a position, and thus here we are with The Northsouthern Wolflands as our Defense Minister. Maybe this is the beginning of a new set of officials, maybe not. Stay tuned and see.

Football Tournament Starts This Weekend

Today, the Region Name Football Tournament ran by Mundane begins. Below are the games that run this weekend:

Game 1

Mundane(1) vs. Tyrantjokia(14) - Saturday, November 23rd, 11:00 A.M.

Game 2

Great Patrick(2) vs. Soup de Tat(12) - Saturday, November 23rd, 11:00 A.M.

Game 3

Minimark(3) vs. Mesmerica(11) - Saturday, November 23rd, 11:30 A.M.

Game 4

Melon ia(4) vs. Pianta(13) - Saturday, November 23rd, 11:30 A.M.

Game 5

New Gwapington II(5) vs. Daeshyon(9) - Sunday, November 24th, 11:00 A.M.

Game 6

Mithilia(6) vs. Los Veganos(15) - Sunday, November 24th, 11:00 A.M.

Game 7

The Northsouthern Wolflands(7) vs. Not Great Patrick(16) - Sunday, November 24th, 11:30 A.M.

Game 8

Cadenburg(8) vs. Pius II(10) - Sunday, November 24th, 11:30 A.M.

These games are part of Round 1. The entire tournament consists of four rounds and fifteen games. The tournament will continue on November 27th and continue until December 1st, the final. Games will not be played on November 28th. Hopefully the tournament will consist of gritty games and tense rivalries. Check the dispatch for results.

Limited Time to Submit Winter Olympic Lineups

As you already may know, Great Patrick is holding the first ever Region Name Winter Olympics from December 20th-31st. Note that the games will not be held on December 24th and 25th. The events included in the Olympics are Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Curling, Slalom, Skeleton, Speed Skating, Half Pipe, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Ski Jump, Bobsleigh, Luge and Biathlon. Check your telegrams to see how many people should be submitted per sport. Lineups should be submitted by Saturday, December 7th. The time is running out, submit those lineups!

Daeshyon Proposes New National Anthem

Even though Daeshyon has no powers, we all know that we need a national anthem. Presently we have some Spanish Chico Chico song that even Minimark who made it the anthem doesn't know what it is. So, Daeshyon decided to make an anthem by copying the Peruvian anthem and making it ours with this:

"Blessing grant, oh God of nations, on the isles of Region Name

Shores of golden sand and sunshine, happiness and song

Stand united, we of Region Name, fame and glory ever

Onward march together

God bless Region Name.

And this is that beautiful land,

The Regionian land, my home,

The Regionian land, my home.

Let the echo of an offense

Be the sign for a comeback.

Had we not spoken up none would have listened

So we have taken the drum of gunpowder as our rhythm

And the sound of machine guns as our melody,

And we have resolved that Region Name shall live -

So bear witness, bear witness, bear witness!

Guard, Lord, forever, as you´ve done erst and ceasing never,

This land whose name we received, our motherly-named Mother.

On its endeavor the shackles cracked,

And the furrows that it had repaired in itself

Stirred up its hatred and vengeance,

Inherited from its Inca and Lord."

It hasn't been officially named as our anthem, but we still need one, and no one else has proposed one besides a rolling fat raccoon. State in the RMB whether you like it or not.

Author's Note

Thank you Region Name, for letting me write newspapers for you all. It was a pleasure.

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Minimark Wins Speaker Election After Tie

This past week, an election for Speaker of the Legislature was held between Minimark, our reigning speaker, and Soviet Melonia II, a newcomer. The final votes came out tied 5-5, so another election was to be held the next day, which was Friday. The ultimate vote for that election came out 5-2-3 with a surprising candidate added, Pius Desurongcrandis, a former delegate of Region Name who is now a leader in the region of Scoutenia. He took three votes, which was way to close to the ultimate winner, Minimark. As we know found it, even if Pius Desurongcrandis did win, a foreign candidate would not be able to be appointed Speaker anyway, and another election would of had to been held, but luckily the region did not have to go through a third election. As of now, Minimark has thanked the region for electing him and is presently trying to make a diplomatic endeavor with Scoutenia.
Courtesy of Mundane

Region Name Football Tournament to Be Held

On November 23rd, 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th, and December 1st, the Region Name Football Tournament is to be held. This is the second football tournament held and both have been held by Mundane, our WA Delegate. The tournament consists of 16 teams. The first 14 teams are the main nations of our region, and two others are puppet nations which include Los Veganos and Not Great Patrick. It will include four rounds and 15 games with the championship set for December 1st. There should be some tough vote battles and gritty games that will get the whole region talking.

Elections Official Election On Monday

The Elections Official election is set for Monday, November 16th, due to the stepping down of Mithilia because of time restraints. This week featured another key stepping down as well, the stepping down of Melon ia from Defense Minister. He stepped down because of a decision to focus on space exploration. Mundane will now have to appoint a new Defense Minister to fill Melon ia's shoes. Back to the election, right now there is only one candidate and that person being our Journalist, Pius II. If you want to run for Elections Official yourself, please state so in the Regional Message Board.
Courtesy of Mundane

Still Time to Submit Winter Olympic Lineups

As you already may know, Great Patrick is holding the first ever Region Name Winter Olympics from December 20th-31st. Note that the games will not be held on December 24th and 25th. The events included in the Olympics are Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Curling, Slalom, Skeleton, Speed Skating, Half Pipe, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Ski Jump, Bobsleigh, Luge and Biathlon. Check your telegrams to see how many people should be submitted per sport. Lineups should be submitted by Saturday, December 7th. The time is running out, submit those lineups!

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Mithilia Wins Election Official in Weird Series of Events

Almost a month ago now, Mithilia won the position of Elections Official after a sort of weird series of events. On Monday of that week, Pius II had won the election. Then, it was found out the election was invalid because of mix up with dates. Then, again on Thursday, the Speaker (Minimark) started another election, but it was quickly found out that this election was invalid as well because of the changing of the charter by Minimark as well as another mix up of dates. Finally, on Friday of that week, an election was held that was valid and Mithilia came away lucky with the position

Regional Peace Act, Article I and II Passed

As of early November, Minimark has been working hard on a Regional Peace Act. He passed Article I almost easily with a vote of 3-1. Then, when trying to pass Article II, it was turned down by a vote of 3-4. He worked hard on making a revised Article II and it eventually went on to pass 9-4. Region Name thanks Minimark for his hard work. After interviewing Minimark briefly, he says that he will be putting up Article III for vote very soon, most likely over the long weekend.
Courtesy of Mundane

Winter Olympics Being Run by Great Patrick

On December 20th, the official Region Name Winter Olympics are to be ran by the one and only Great Patrick, our Founder and Judicial Official. They are to be held from December 20th all the way to December 31st, New Year's Eve. Games will not be held on December 24th or 25th due to the Christmas holiday. The events include Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Curling, Slalom, Skeleton, Speed Skating, Half Pipe, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Ski Jump, Bobsleigh, Luge and Biathlon. Check your telegrams to see how many people should be submitted per sport. Lineups should be submitted by Saturday, December 7th.
Courtesy of Mundane

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Mundane Wins WA Delegate

After being made WA Delegate by a Melonian endorsement, The Democratic Soviet Federation of Mundane went on to win the Delegate election two weeks ago. He won the election by four votes. He thanked Region Name and the nations that voted for him and congratulated the other candidates. He later told Region Name Times that he would continue to keep Region Name stable and safe and said he hoped to work with other nations to improve the region.

Courtesy of Pius II

New Region Name Map

A new regional map is up on LinkGoogle MyMaps. If you want your nation on the map please ask Minimark to have access to the map or ask someone with access to put your spot on the map. This map is the best map we have had so far in Region Name and makes it easier to have battles and wars and to move your nation's troops around.

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Government Positions Still Open

As of September 7th, three government positions are still open. The Journalist, which was supposed to be chosen on September 6th, has yet to be chosen. It shall be chosen by all position holding members of Region Name. The WA Delegate will hopefully be voted on on September 19th, if everything goes by the schedule. Once the wining Regionian of the Delegate position is voted for, he will pick the Defense Minister. If you would like a chance at one of these positions, please state so in the RMB.

Present Candidates

Pius II
Los Veganos
WA Delegate
New Gwapington II

Mundane Becomes Elections Official

On September 3rd, The Democratic Soviet Federation of Mundane won the Elections Official position 2-1-0 against his fellow opponents, New Gwapington II and Pius II. New Gwapington II was the nation with the one vote. Mundane said this, after the election : "I will run for WA Delegate anyway, and if I win the position, I will resign from Elections Official." Another source told me that if Mundane did resign from Elections Official, another election would be held later in September, so start making those campaign letters Region Name!

Region Name Totally Inactive?

If you haven't noticed already, Region Name is slowly becoming inactive. Besides the occasional post from Minimark or Mundane, nothing is happening. We all know the reason and if you don't, here it is : The school wifi and laptops does not allow NS. This is angering and annoying. I know. What has happened to our nuclear wars and huge arguments over how to spell rogue or how much C4 is a lot?! Homework and school. Dammit, this is so bad that I literally have no other stories to write. There is hope though, I hope. Tech people, do something. I mean lets try to get in wars on the weekends. I guess a good sign is that, the region is peaceful and out of harms way. I don't even know why I wrote this story. Do any of you people even read this? If so tell me on the RMB. And also, if you have hope, say that on the RMB too. Oh, and if you want to help Pius Desurongcrandis in his war, tell him. And if you want to help out in writing stories, tell me. I'll send you the info. Thanks.

Read dispatch

New Region Name Charter Passed!

On August 22nd, 2019, voting to ratify the new Region Name Charter passed 10-0. The charter will be instated on September 3rd at 8:00 AM, meaning that its laws will be put into full use. I personally would like to thank all nations that helped in the passing of the charter : The Writers (Minimark, Mundane, Melon ia) and The Voters (Great Patrick, Mithilia, New Gwapington II, Pius II, Soup de Tat, Los Veganos, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm). Thank you!

Government Positions Open

On August 29th, the first government position is up for grabs. The Elections Official will be voted on and any nation that wants at chance at becoming it will be accepted. All your nation needs to do is state so in the RMB and then create a campaign stating what you will do as Elections Official of Region Name. This should also be posted in the RMB. Three other positions will be open as well : WA Delegate, Journalist, and Defense Minister. Again, if you want a chance at one or more of these positions, please state so in the RMB. The Journalist will be chosen by all power holding nations besides the Delegate and the Defense Minister will be chosen by the Delegate.
Current Candidates
Elections Official
Pius II
New Gwapington II
WA Delegate
New Gwapington II
Pius II

Mithilia Withdraws From NationStates

As of August 25th, Mithilia has decided to take a break from NS for school. We should respect his decisions and move on from this happening.

Mithilia wrote:Attention all members of Region Name, due to school, I will be pulling out of the election, along with taking a 6-month break from the game. IF the issue is resolved sooner, I will inform you. Have fun! And don't die!

As you can see, this situation is not all that bad, as other nations will have better chances at gaining positions in Region Name. See you soon Mithilia!

Nuclear Attacks Throughout The Region

After 41 days without any nuclear attacks, Fredmenton strikes The Vegans II and decimates 75% of their nation. Nuclear weapon use has been out of control with attempted attacks from the founding of the region now reaching over twenty. Mithilia has also recently been affected by nuclear weapons when The Vegans II launched their whole air force on them strapped with bombs that set off multiple nuclear weapons throughout Mithilia. Soviet Melonia, Unrestia, Melon ia, Mithilia, The Vegans II, Oxes Republic. How many more, Region Name? How......many.......more........? We need to band together and fix this widespread problem.

Read dispatch

Region Name Charter Almost Complete!

Minimark(Head Writer/Speaker of Nations), Melon ia, and Mundane(Elections Official) have been writing and brainstorming about the new Region Name Charter for the past month and a half and it is finally close to being complete. The charter contains almost all of the information and laws that you will need to know about our beautiful region, Region Name. All the writers need now is your help : look over The Charter(below) and either write a dispatch or send a telegram full of your complaints and corrections about the charter and send it to Minimark. The charter will be put into full use the day before school, September 3rd at 8:00 A.M. page=dispatch/id=1244705

Government Positions Open

The day the charter starts being used(Sept. 3rd), four government positions will open up in Region Name. The Elections Official and the WA Delegate will both be democratically chosen through an election on yet to be chosen dates. The Journalist and the Defense Minister(formally the Immigration Official) will both be chosen by other nations holding government positions. The Journalist will be chosen by all nations holding government positions except for the Delegate and the Defense Minister will be chosen by the WA Delegate, himself. To get a chance at one of these positions, please state so in the RMB.
Present Candidates
WA Delegate
Elections Official
Pius II
Pius II

Mithilia Puts An End To Helm dep's Nonsense

Mithilia recently found evidence of Helm dep's plans to overthrow Mithilia. Within 20 hours Mundane had troops at Helm dep's border to monitor their movements. Over the next couple hours Mithilia fired short-range missles from the HMS Meridian onto Helm-Depian ports. Aircraft from the HMS Lorian bombarded the still-standing Helm-Depian military boats. Landing craft sent Mithilian soldiers past the Mundane Blockade into the capitol, capturing the governor and holding him hostage in his own house. Unfortunately, 16 Mundanians died in the bombardment, although Mithilia did apologize on the RMB.

Crazy Happenings in Minimark

Recenctly, President Mark Blogovious was impeached according to liturgical law prohibiting the selling of arms to Easterners, and he signed an arms sale of arms to Melonian thieves trying to rob Counselor Melons Office to find info on E3. Justice Mark Amash was appointed the President pro tempore along with an advanced war council of the Minimark Congress. Justice Amash had been impeached before so the War Council made him testify. Former President Blogovious was then appointed the Eastern Senator from the district von Hapsburg so he may govern coastal lands due to senators resignation to run for President by Governor Alfred Jenkins. Then, Superior General Mark Sanchez ordered the complete destruction of the Capital Complex. Sanchez later said this :

"Minimark, I had to swear on an oath. This oath was to 'use everything in my power to defend the best intrest of Minimark, regardless of the toll' I believe it is in your best interest I become your president. Otherwise, we would fall into corruption and dissaray. I declare the Old Government Invalid and the New Government Mine. I shall rule under Marshall law for the next month, to sort things out. Thank you and stay safe"

Judge Mark Amash spoke later :

"Tyranny I call this. Absolute Tyranny. A war mongerer, a budget stealer taking over will not do. Your lives are at risk. All of ours are. We must declare this era of Mark Sanchez' rule. He is a war criminal and I have the documents to prove it. I am the Legitimate leader of Minimark and nothing you say can change that. I am your president and he cannot destroy u....."

The signal was lost. And then, Senator Mark Blogovious :

"According to Article IX section 4, during periods of war council the members of the original district are president. Since Senators Kennedy and McMahon have both joined Micro Mark Macro, I am your President. Dont worry, Im experienced. I will bring peace. But peace isnt cheap Minimark. I need you to send your tax dollars to me, the rightful President of Minimark contrary to anything anyone else says"

Blogovious then accepted the audience of Comander-In-Chief Izzy Icehold of Military Deterance. They met at Matresville in the East. Minutes later, the Capital of Minimark was destroyed and ran over by tanks. A large fighter jet landed in the Markington-Reicheriet Fountain with General Sanchez in it. He demanded the body of Justice Amash. A bloody Justice Amash pulled out a metal revolver and a handgun and jammed two lead bullets into General Sanchez's legs, knocking him down.

A day later, ground short range missles from Fredmenton destroyed the impending payload causing a firestorm in the sky, destroying many Melon ian bombers. General Sanchez called in an airstrike defense force to make sure his shooter didn't leave. Missles were put on standby and the perimeter was surrounded. 2 stealth fighters under Sanchez Command began shooting a military camp in Western Melonia. A bomber was behind them and advanced towards a aircraft carrier. Justice Amash was taken prisoner by General Sanchez. General Sanchez entered a F/A- 18 Hornet (Mach 1.35) and ordered that plane be in smitherenes over the sea. Bombers sucessfully destroyed 5 western Melon ian air bases. Justice Amash was smuggled into the Oxes Republic destroyed lands where he is being kept in an underground nuclear facility. Several countries then went on to argue about planes breaking the sound barrier and the Minimark story will be continued.

Mundane Moving to Newly Found Democratic Ways

Prime Minister Todd Williams was recently elected democratically after the horrible death of former leader, General Akbar Mundane. He has instituted new ways of politics in Mundane by doing several new things. He held elections in 13 newly named Provinces that elected 13 Governors. He has started to push the building of embassies in other nations in both Region Name and other regions throughout the world. If you would like an embassy with Mundane, please tag the nation on the RMB. He has also built up new ports, cities, and especially the man-made Bogos Canal that has helped trade and industry throughout Mundane.

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