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ŚDAR-1U on display

Type: Carbine Assault Rifle

Place of Origin: Colony of Port Arthur

Service History

Main User: Port Arthur Police Services

In Service: 2020 - Current

Wars: None - Active Police Service.

Production History

Designed By: Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd

Designed: 2019

Manufacturer: Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd



2.5 Kg (Standard without Accessories)


615 mm stock collapsed

877 mm stock extended

Barrel length:

332 mm

Cartridge: 5.56 x 45mm (NATO)

Action: Gas-operated, closed bolt

Rate of fire 600–750 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity 750 m/s

Effective firing range: 500 m

Feed system:

35 or 50 round detachable box magazine


- Flip iron rear aperture and flip iron forward aperture

- Firearm is equiped with a continious Picatinny rail, allowing the quick fitting of various sights and optics.

The ŚDAR-1U (Śtalo Drako Automatic Rifle - 1st family design Urban) is the standard issue carbine assault rifle for the Port Arthur Police Services since 2020, designed and manufactured by Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd - the first (and currently only) native weapons manufacturing company of the Colony of Port Arthur.

Although still very new, extensive testing and early use reports from the Port Arthur Police Services has lauded the weapon for factors such as its light weight, reliability, ease of maintenance and accuracy.

The first prototype was delivired to the Port Arthur Police Services in late 2019, which then underwent gruesome Viability Tests, similar to the tests the Port Ember Security Forces conducts with new weapon systems. The Police Officers went out of their way to put stress on the weapon to ensure reliability and usefullness. The weapon surpassed all expectations.

Development History

With the establishment and consequent rebuilding of the Colony of Port Arthur, violent crime statistics skyrocketed within the borders of the Colony. An additional factor which caused immense problems for the ruling government was the fact that the Colony's laws allowed its citizens to legally acquire any firearm(s) they desired. This factors quickly led to the Port Arthur Police Services officers being completely outgunned by the criminals they were facing on the streets. The ruling government realised that it had to better equip their officers if they were to stop the violent crime and possible state capture dead in its tracks with haste.

Thus the ruling government tabled the need for a Automatic Carbine Rifle, which would become the standard issue for all patrol and special task officers for the foreseeable future. Although the PAPS could easily and affordably be equiped by Hydra Industries (the main Port Emberian Weapons Manufacturer), it was instead decided to award the contract to the untested yet local Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd, as the economical benefits of awarding this contract to a local manufacturer was undeniable.

Design Details

Operating Mechanism

The ŚDAR-1U is a selective fire, gas-operated weapon that fires from a closed bolt. It uses ignited powder gases channelled through a vent in the barrel to drive a long stroke piston located above the barrel in a gas cylinder to provide power to the operating system. The weapon features a self-regulating gas system and a rotary bolt breech locking mechanism (equipped with two locking lugs), which is rotated by a helical camming groove machined into the bolt carrier that engages a control pin on the bolt. Extraction is carried out by means of a spring-loaded extractor contained in the bolt and a protrusion on the left guide rail inside the receiver acts as the fixed ejector.

The reason that the firearm uses the 5.56 x
45mm (NATO) round is due to the weight, accuracy and low-recoil benefits that it offers, and especially the fact that it poses a low risk of 'exit trajectory' once it hits a target.

Features - Fire Selector

The weapon is hammer-fired and uses a trigger mechanism with a 3-position fire selector and safety switch. The stamped sheet steel selector bar is present on both sides of the receiver and its positions are marked with letters: "S"— indicating the weapon is safe, "R"—single-fire mode ("R" is an abbreviation for "repetition"), and "A"—fully automatic fire. The "safe" setting disables the trigger and secures the weapon from being charged.

Features - Rifle Stock

The rifle is equiped with a collapsable stock, with 4 positions available: Collapsed; Extended 1; Extended 2; Fully Extented. The tail of the stock is fitted with a light rubber buffer. This stock setup was designed to optimise accuracy and user comfort during firing the firearm.

The stock also houses a storage compartment for a cleaning kit; spare parts or spare batteries.

Features - User Handling

The firearm's pistol grip is made of a sturdy light weight synthetic material. The grip is molded, allowing the user better grip and comfort. Lastly it is covered with a nonslip material, to ensure accuracy and comfort even when the user's hands are wet.

The hand-guard is fitted to the barrel rain, with a end-stop. This again optimises accuracy, comfort and safety to the user. This hand-guard can easily be removed to fit a custom front grip if desired.

Features - Feeding

The weapon is fed from a synthetic box magazine with a 35-round or 50-round cartridge capacity (designed to use the 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge) loaded in a staggered configuration. The spring loaded magazine can me dissassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Features - Sights

The rifle has conventional iron sights that consist of a front flip-up iron sight and a flip-up rear sight with 300m, 500 m and 800m apertures. The front sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. The rear sight is welded at the end of the receiver's dust cover. For nighttime use, the rifle is equipped with self-luminous tritium light dots (exposed after placing the rear sight in an intermediate position) installed in a pivoting bar to the front sight base, which folds up in front of the standard post and aligns with two dots in the rear sight notch.

The weapon is also compattible with a reflex sight and telescopic sight, which can be fitted within seconds.

Features - Barrel

The RAS (Rail Accessory System) allows the barrel to be Free Floating, and houses a simple yet ergonomical hand grip (as mentioned in 'User Handling').

The match-grade cut barrel is manufactured from 410 grade stainless steel, and due to the Rail Accessory System, turns it into a free floating barrel, once again optimising accuracy. The barrel front end is slotted with a flash surpressor, with a barrel thread, allowing a optional surpressor to be added.

The RAS, encompassing the entire length of the barrel and body cover up to the rear sights, allows the add-on of a wide variety of accessories to the weapon, with ease and without the need of tools.

Features - Body

The rifle's stock, pistol grip, body cover, magazine, and RAS is manufactured from a durable light weight synthetic material, reducing overall weight. The only metal parts is the "internal working parts" and the barrel.

For regular field maintenance and cleaning, the firearm is disassembled into the following components: the receiver and barrel group, bolt carrier, bolt, return mechanism, gas tube, receiver dust cover and magazine.


The rifle was designed with modularity in mind, allowing the weapon to be easily fitted with a wide range of modifications without tools, in order to optimise the weapon for any task it might be used for, adding a large range of versatilty to it.

The following accesories is manufactured by Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd, specifically for this weapon:

- Tactical 3-Point Weapon Sling

- Vertical Hand Grip

- Bipod with wire cutter

- Telescopic Sight

- Reflex Sight

- Night Vision Optical Sight

- 40mm Rifle Grenade Launcher (Non Lethal)

- Tactical Laser Pointer

- Tactical Flashlight

Standard Configuration

When ordered from the factory, the weapon is bought as a package which includes the following items:

- Weapon Case, which includes:

- The Rifle

- 5 x 35-Round Magazine

- 2 x 50-Round Magazine

- Cleaning Kit

- Tactical 3-Point Weapon Sling

- Rifle Bag

Additional Pictures