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FNR News Dispatch - 1st Edition

Free Nations Region – News Dispatch – 1st Edition

Free Minds. Free People. Free Nations.

Free Nations
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Table of Contents

The Super Elections and the New Cabinet of FNR!
Author: Vostrov, Contribution: Emaha
Date: 24th of July, 2020
Category: Regional News

It is that time of the month for The Free Nations Region again, as we run an election for Minister of Election. Suffice to say that quite a handful of nations have declared their candidacy, though for most of these positions, nations run unopposed.

This time, however, dubbed the Super Elections, because we were not only electing the Ministers, but also the Speaker and the WA Delegate as well.

The Elections started on Saturday, 18th of July 2020 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC, lasting for 72 hours / 3 days /, until 21st of July 2020 21:59 (09:59 PM) UTC. As with many other elections, citizens each receive an Election Code via their TGs, and these will ensure that there are no vote-rigging being done. After the intense 3 days, the results are out.

Eligible Voters: 170 (as of 11.07.2020 22:00 UTC)
Voter turnout: 21.76 %
Votes submitted: 38
Valid Votes: 35

Reasons for vote invalidation:
Voted multiple times: 33.33 % (1)
Invalid EVC: 66.66 % (2)

We would like to thank Emaha for collating these results in the region-wide Telegram!


Abstain: 14.29% (5) (Eliminated after Round #1)

Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Narvatus: 51.43 % (18) (Result after Round #2)
Eluthania: 22.85 % (6) (Result after Round #2)
OF Arian Hellas: 25.71 % (9) (Result after Round #2)


Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Running unopposed: My Nation
Confirm: 94.29 % (32)


Abstain: 17.14% (6) (Eliminated after Round #1)

Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Republic of Arstotska: 42.85 % (14) (Result after Round #2)
South Asians: 57.14 % (18) (Result after Round #2)


Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Running unopposed: Gufand
Confirm: 88.57 % (31)


Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Running unopposed: Vostrov
Confirm: 94.29 % (33)


Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Running unopposed: Sargon reman
Confirm: 85.71 % (30)


Winner in bold, Results italic
Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
Running unopposed: Emaha
Confirm: 88.57 % (31)

Congratulations to those that have won this Election, as well as a hearty Commiserations for those that have declared their candidacy. As always, remember that these Elections happen on a monthly basis, and a defeat is not the end. There are always next time!

Our third Debate Session!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 20th of July, 2020
Category: Regional News

Newly established by our President Heaveria, the Debate Club, along with the poll, was established in order to better engage with the citizens and residents of the FNR alike! The poll is first made on the region's RMB, which then after getting the responses and the topic, the Debate Club will then take place on our Discord, specifically in the channel #debate-club.

This time, we have a lot more participants in the poll, with an amazing 43 voter turn-out.

- Electronic voting: Should it be used? Developed further? // Should referendums be held more often?: Gufand, Kjellbergia, Memorium Land, Himun, Dracem, Huri, Lovecraftopolis puppet, The allied emirates, Sdaiay, People of Nolan, Inner Spaxi Serf, Ornionam, Aethelia, Airylleb, Mapperdonia, Klostersee, Aleixandria, Gandharasila, Ulymein, Porto Verde, Narvatus, Kraljevstvo rata.

- Flat Earth society: Let be or not? Can they hurt anyone by their beliefs? // Should humanity invest more in space and/or deep ocean exploration?: Murder mystery, Indigoja, Really Big Bama Fan, Saneda del velocio, Gabeopolis, Novostia, Gregistanistan, Astro Volkanisia.

- Chinese products: Can we live without them? Which Chinese products do you use? Do you believe it's problematic? // Should American and European companies be prohibited by law to trade in China?: Kustonia, Explodeingtnt, Gouverne, Super suckage, Mersdon, Federation of Sarawak, South asiania, Grand Abaco, Slaughter none, Bopatog, Pathon, East blepia, Gartias.

The poll was concluded with the first topic being chosen, and the debate itself held at 17:00 UTC (1 PM/13:00 EST // 19:00 CEST) on Friday, 24 July on the relevant Discord channel.

Thank you once again for the participation!

Our first Debate Session!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 6th of July, 2020
Category: Regional News

Newly established by our President Heaveria, the Debate Club, along with the poll, was established in order to better engage with the citizens and residents of the FNR alike! The poll is first made on the region's RMB, which then after getting the responses and the topic, the Debate Club will then take place on our Discord, moderated by Sparsdan.

For the very first debate topic, the poll, concluded on 4th of July, 2020, has the following votes:

- 11 people voted for the topic "Is it acceptable/ethical for the government to monitor citizens (e.g. telephones, internet, social media, etc.)?": World web, New Volta, Slaughter none, South asiania, The trident union, Red Foxia, Ulymein, Gabeopolis, Narvatus, Heaveria, Saneda del velocio.

- 4 people voted for the topic "Should face recognition technology be developed and used by businesses or countries? Why or why not?": Mapperdonia, Gufand, People of Nolan, Astromya.

- 6 people voted for the topic "How transparent should a government be? Is there a point where it could get too transparent?": Alphabeth, Hetairaea, Grand Abaco, New Scotstan, Indigoja, Who-knows-where.

The first topic was chosen, with the #debate-club channel in our official server opening up on Wednesday, July 15th @ 17:00 UTC. We would like to once again thank everyone for their partricipitation and taking part in this regional activity.

Banner Credit: Emaha

Due to our President The greatest bestest nation, also known as Mysterious Player, resigning on 16th of June, a Special Presidential Election began on 19th of June, 22:00 UTC, with citizens of FNR declaring their candidacy a few days before.

The Election ran for a 3 days / 72 hours, until the 22nd of June 2020 21:59 (09:59 PM) UTC. As with many other elections, citizens each receive an Election Code via their TGs, and these will ensure that there are no vote-rigging being done.

After the intense 3 days, the results are out!

Eligible Voters: 210 (as of 12.06.2020 22:00 UTC)
Voter turnout: 30 %
Votes submitted: 63
Valid Votes: 59

Reasons for vote invalidation:
Invalid EVC (Election Verification Code): 50 % (2)
Voted multiple times: 50 % (2)

Heaveria – 62.71% / 37 votes
The United Provinces of North America – 20.34% / 12 votes
Abstain – 16.95% / 10 votes

Credits: Gufand

FNR would like to give the congratulations to Heaveria, who will lead our region to a brighter future. As always, a special thanks to all the voters for making this possible. As for UPNA, we wish you a good luck next time, for you have been a great candidate! FNR would also like to thank Thaelle for being a great Vice President so far, acting as an Acting President during the resignation and the subsequent Special Presidential Election.

FNR’s Exhibit in NSGE. Flag Contest Wins Hearts!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 2nd of June, 2020
Category: International News

Banner credit: Aumeltopia.

To quote and paraphrase Chief of Staff South Asians, our region is pretty excited to participate in the NationStates Great Exhibition (NSGE), especially because it has only been 1 year since our region has actively started getting involved in the NationStates Gameplay. Most people don’t know much about our region as much as they know about the other regions, and as a result, we saw this event as an opportunity to introduce our community to the world of NationStates.

As we establish our participation in NSGE, so has our promotion for the event. Back in 24th of May, an announcement was made to promote this grand and special event, with a premise that NSGE is a premiere event for regions and nations alike to share their ideas, culture and history and culture in one place. With talks and interviews on subjects from Socialising and Influence to NationStates Moderation, we have experts on every imaginable topic delivering lectures, Q&As and interviews.

For the regional exhibition, after the short introduction from South Asians about our History, Roleplay, Politics, and Military, we shortly afterwards conducted a flag showcase, a friendly no-drama contest whereby everyone got a chance to show off their best flag designs to the entire NS world. This also applied to those that does not have nations in FNR (be it citizen, resident, foreigner), and thus everyone was welcome to. The last date of submission of flags was 31st May 2020 5:30 PM UTC, which was then followed by a poll that was open to all. It is of important note that while the contest is a friendly one, the participants adhered to the rules as best as possible, such as looking out for plagiarism, or to prevent posting of flags that does not follow the community guidelines.

The Participants

Description: The Tyrannyicalist Flag is green to represent new birth of the nation in the sense that after a revolution from an empire the government was reborn. The eagle in the shield represents our want for freedom. The branches in the shield represent our wish for peace both internally and externally but our shield represents our willingness to protect both ourselves and our freedom if necessary.


Description: My love of skiing and the colour purple.

Valentine Z

Description: I know it doesn’t follow the vexillology guideline, since it’s already an animation, but the Valentians (the people in my nation) use it here and there as a promotional piece. This flag, or a video rather, represents the list of flags that the Valentians have went through over the years, going through many, many iterations and designs, but ultimately going back to the familiar green-and-pink.

Samantha-Higgs / Valentine Z

Description: The Morse Code is not random, and had a meaning behind it. See if you can guess what it was saying! ^^

Slaughter none

Description: It is an mechanical wheel which is used to represent industrial workers on a red background following all the five rules of vexillology. It originally was the flag of a socialist movement to bring equality and improve working conditions but after the overthrow of the previous corrupt government the party of the movement came into power and became even more corrupt and soon developed into an autocratic dictatorship that only cares about economic output and development in exchange for basic human rights and freedoms.


Description: It represents the bright future of Narvatus via the rays that symbolise the sun, with the traditional Narvatusian anchor on yellow background in the center. This flag was used in the Republic of Narvatus from its adoption in 1913 to the establishment of the Federation of Narvatus in 1932.

Unova ssr
Description: Blue stands for the waters of the country’s coast. Green stands for the former wealth the country possessed. White is for peace and the snow. The Golden Snowflake represents the Unovan Socialist Party. The Red is for the blood spilt in civil war.


Description: The constellation is named Corvus, which mean Raven (the national animal of Songaira). Blue represents water. White represents purity and harmony.


Description: The white symbol represents the peace and unity of every inhabitant of the nation, the purple band represents the country’s wealth, the dark blue background shows the Arabian Sea, and the lighter blue band is representative of the 1957 revolution which established the modern day Liruslaui People’s Republic.

After an intense round of voting, Narvatus won the contest with their yellow and white flag, with an anchor in the middle. Congratulations to Narvatus for the win, and a thank you to each and everyone else for their participation.

More about the competition can be found Linkhere.

In the meantime, elsewhere in national exhibits, Valentine Z has done their own regarding the characters that they have established in their world, specifically The Sixty. More about them can be found Linkhere.

The Pride of FNR!
Author: Emaha, Editor: Vostrov
Date: 1st of June, 2020
Category: Regional News

Every year in June, the world of NationStates celebrates the Pride Month, whereby many regions and individual nations change their flags for this special event.

Of course, The Free Nations Region has its very own Pride Flag too! We are proud to fly it for the next month in order to demonstrate our tolerance and acceptance for persons of every orientation and gender.

This year's design features the seal of FNR on a semi-transparent white circle which is surrounded by seven stars. All this is superimposed on the famous rainbow flag that is a symbol of LGBTQIA+ pride.

Needless to say, there is some symbolism behind this design too: the seven stars represent the seven colours of the rainbow and also the LGBTQIA+ community. The white circle represents peace.

Our Chief of Staff, South Asians, correctly pointed out on our Discord server that "[as] a region that represents freedom, The Free Nations Region has always been an advocate for gay equality". Even our regional motto says "Freedom Prevails!".

The flag also serves as our new Discord server icon. If you, for whatever reason, have not joined our server yet, you can use this invite:

I would like to round this article off with the following quote: "Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice."

NST and FNR established Cross-Promotional Agreement!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 11th of May, 2020
Category: Special News

NationStates is no stranger to the idea of two or more bodies of organisations cross-promoting each other’s content in the official channels, and for us here in FNR, this is no exception as we establish friendships with other organisations and regions. For instance, following the days of drafting and negotiations done recently, NationStates Today (NST) and The Free Nations Region (FNR) have agreed to promote each other’s content in the channels of the respective Official Discord servers.

The Agreement, as it was written, as signed by Mysterious Player, then-President of FNR before the recent General Election; and by Wymondham Asteorra, the Deputy Chairperson and Public Relations Director of NationStates Today. The agreement was duly ratified by both NS Today and FNR on 2nd of May 2020, followed by FNR’s Official Discord then promoting the content on a separate channel that posts NS Today’s content on a regular basis as per Provision 4 of the Agreement.

As per Provision 8 of the Agreement, Vostrov was designated as the representative of FNR and was given access to a dedicated channel in NS Today’s Official Discord server.

Favorite Pizza Topping? Pepperoni!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 10th of May, 2020
Category: Regional Poll

As appreciating culture and food, as well as to get more engagement in the region, Republic of Arstotska has conducted a poll back in 10th of May: What is your favorite pizza topping? The results are as follows:

Pepperoni: 34. South asiania, Zazann, Moka Pamplemousses, Albostria, My Nation, Ornionam, Soudjourne, Amaryllisia, Tan Talaba, The texan imperial state, Brezi, Duagavas, Rokandia, Raviana, Dadava, Ancapistan by didas, Pathon, Ratakosha, Badnationname, Gayy kingdom, Sulivannia, The united gamylian states, Tricastinie, Slaughter none, Asean maharlika, Tarenion, Burgerking, Provincial dover, Exgentina, Vivienah, Narvatus, Jojojojojojojojo, Bastias, and South Asians. A lot of people love pepperoni, and that is the reason why any self-respecting pizza shops have pepperoni on the menu. It’s the top choice for most of FNR!

Mushroom: 15. Rooda, Tromalin, Aerinaea, Tenionistland, Gabeopolis, OF Arian Hellas, Mcguffin, Freedom for the better, Hetairaea, Lwazi, Aclil, Saneda del velocio, Gono3lan, Sparsdan, and Neutrals. Some like it, some don’t, but there is no denying that mushrooms are both nutritious (a vegetable) and also goes well on a pizza!

Sausage: 14. East amblewell, Decitealis, Xurisha, Hansdeltania, Rexesia, Narcci, Ramokee, Novostia, Crystalsummer, Goosemenistand, Grand Abaco, Forestlandria, New collieland, and The nation of jh. For those looking for a bit of meat in their pizza, sausages are a way to go! You have many, many types of sausages, some with cheese inside of them. The latter is Vostrov’s personal favorite.

I don’t like pizza: 5. Teshkeshia, The United States Of NorthAmerica, Zip, Mapperdonia, and Lipalley. Of course, not liking a pizza is not a bad thing. It might just be personal preference, or cultural difference. As I would recall, I do have my SE Asian relatives who are not used to eating pizzas, and would default back to the traditional dishes, or at least with some rice.

I wonder what would be the votes and opinions if pineapple is added into the poll.

A Royal Wedding in Like No Other!
Author: Eluthania
Date: 8th of May, 2020
Category: Roleplay News

May 8, 2020 is a date many Eluthanians will never forget. On that wonderful day, their monarch, His Majesty King Aurelius I, married the love of his life, Lady Persephone of OF Arian Hellas. Intensive preparations by the Eluthanian people with leaders of foreign nations present made the Royal Wedding truly one of a kind.

As morning dawned, many crowds began to gather outside the Eluthanopolis Cathedral, the biggest in the imperial capital. Many also gathered in front of the Palace of Parliament where a giant screen was projecting live footage from the still empty cathedral. Among the crowds, foreigners who were in Eluthania for the Championship League of the Confederacy of Allied States. A sea of white and blue began to form, as crowds brandish the national flag, and wearing attire matching the national colors.

Guests started to arrive as noon was approaching. The wide avenue leading to the cathedral was filled with cars and carriages as guests of various race, age, gender, and status enter the cathedral. The avenue was lined with guardsmen from the Royal Foot Guards, one of the personal bodyguards of the monarch, above them flew large Eluthanian flags along with the Royal Standard, made only for this occasion.

As the cathedral was filled with international delegates and local guests by every passing minute, trumpets heralded to those inside that the King has arrived. King Aurelius wore the uniform of the Colonel-in-chief of the Royal Life Guards, his personal bodyguards. International reporters noted that the atmosphere inside the cathedral was rather simple and casual, despite the decorations and the pleasing orchestral music provided by the best musicians in the land. People were seen conversing with one another, especially the foreign delegates which included Emperor Theoklimenus and his consort of OF Arian Helals, His Holiness the Pope of Doctors Orvos, President Jack Graham of Arstotska, President Joao Maia of Fluzao puppet 1, The Heads of State of The Nation of JH, Edisos, New Roman protectorate, and of the Phoenician State.

As soon as the King settled in to his seat, he stood up along with others as trumpets once again sounded to announce the arrival of Lady Persephone. Silence quickly filled the cathedral, and as soon as noting can be even heard, thunderous music began as the Lady walked through the aisle, wearing an elegant dress with Eluthanian and Hellenic patterns and emblems. She was assisted by Eluthanian and Hellenic ladies following right behind her, a symbol of new unity between the two Empires. Crowds watching from outside venues and at home were glued to the screens as the King took hold of Lady Persephone's hand.

A short ceremony then took place, starting with a sermon from the minister officiating the wedding, followed by the exchanging of vows and rings, which sources say cost 1.2 Latinums for the pair. The climax of the wedding was when the King, and Lady Persephone kissed, which struck the hearts of everyone who witnessed, gathering loud cheers and applauses from inside and outside of the cathedral. On the same day, Lady Persephone was proclaimed Queen of Eluthania, Aeici, Rhegium, still retaining the other title of Lady of Hellas.

The Royal Wedding was eventually concluded, with the capital erupting in rapturous celebration. Reporters noted that the excitement and joy of the crowd was nearly uncontrollable, sounds of happiness and rejoicing filled the avenue, as the royal couple left the cathedral, followed by the international delegates, who were visibly impressed by the event. One guest remarked, “This is the one of the happiest days for the Empire, everyone agrees with me, a proud day for us all.”

Results for the Ministry Election of April 2020!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 5th of May, 2020
Category: Regional News

After concluding the General Election of April 2020 with a huge fanfare, we moved on to the Ministry Election, which started on 2nd of May, 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC, and ran for 72 hours. As always, for the election itself, all citizens of The Free Nations Region two weeks before the start of the election, were eligible to vote. There were 209 eligible voters as a result, based on the count from 25th of April, 2020, 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC. Out of these 209 voters, there were 61 citizens that have voted for the election (29.18% turnout), though out of these, 4 votes were unfortunately invalidated due to the incorrect EVC – Election Verification Code. As a result, there were 57 valid votes for the Ministers.

First and foremost, we have the results for the Head of Cabinet Election, whereby South Asians ran unopposed. They have also received a tremendous amount of support, netting 53 votes of confirmation, with only 4 votes of abstinence.

Next, we have the results for the Minister of Interior Election, with Republic of Arstotska and Badnationname running against one another. Republic of Arstotska netted 33 votes, while BadNationName netted 24 votes, along with 13 votes of abstinence.

Moving on, we have the results for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, whereby Asean maharlika and East singapore ran against each other. ASEAN Maharlika would net 33 votes for themselves, while 24 votes would go to East Singapore. This is all on top of the 14 votes of abstinence.

Next up, we have Minister of Communications, which is the renaming of the previous Minister of Information. The roles have more or less remained the same, all things considered. Vostrov would be the one running unopposed, netting 51 votes of confirmation, with 6 votes of abstinence.

Next, we have the Minister of Culture, with Narvatus running unopposed. 54 votes of confirmation were submitted for Narvatus, while 3 votes of abstinence were submitted.

Last, but not the very least, we have the Minister of Immigration, whereby Emaha was once again, running without opposition. 55 votes of confirmation were submitted, along with 2 votes of abstinence.

This concludes our Ministry Election of May 2020, and we would like to congratulate the candidates for getting their respective Ministry roles, as well as commiserations still to those that have participated. Of note is the increasing number of candidates that have run unopposed for many offices, as well as the mostly familiar faces (simply indicating the lack of interest from newer nations), and there was thus a discussion on FNR’s Official Discord (our off-site) chat on what we could do about it. One of the many solutions, of course, is to drum up the perks of running FNR as one of the many, many ministers around.

Results for the General Election of April 2020!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 22nd of April, 2020
Category: Regional News

After an intensive week of elections, we can proudly present to you the preliminary results of the April 2020 General Elections! As per the rules, everyone who has been a Citizen of The Free Nations Region one week before the election started, was eligible to vote.

There were 120 eligible voters as of 10th of April, 2020, 22.00 UTC. The scheduled start for the Election was on 17th of April 2020 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC. The Election would last 72 hours.

39 votes have been submitted giving us a nice 32.5% turnout rate. Unfortunately, due to the invalid Election Validation Code, 2 voters were counted as invalid, giving us 37 valid votes to work with.

First and foremost, we have the Presidental Election of April 2020, whereby in order of candidacy, Republic of Arstotska, Narvatus, and The greatest bestest nation were the three choices. After the three rounds, The Greatest Bestest Nation won with 17 votes, with Republic of Arstotska and Narvatus having gathered 8 and 10 votes respectively, and 2 voters abstaining. The Greatest Bestest Nation would then be taking over from South Asians, who became an impromptu President from the duration when Greater Cadia stepped down, until the General Election passed.

Moving on, we have the WA Delegate Election of April 2020, whereby in order of candidacy, Red Foxia, OF Arian Hellas, and Crystalsummer were the three choices. After the three rounds, OF Arian Hellas defeated Crystalsummer by just one vote, at 19-18, while Red Foxia obtained 5 votes for themselves; this is all on top of 1 voter abstaining. FNR as a whole would like to congratulate the candidates for their effort, regardless of a win or a defeat.

As for Speaker Election of April 2020, My Nation ran unopposed, having gathered 36 votes of confirmation, with just 1 abstaining.

Congratulations to the candidates that won for each of the categories, and we wish you all the best with this term. Additionally, a huge thanks for the efforts of the candidates that have cited interested in joining the office. Regardless of the defeat or the win, every FNR citizen has an equal chance to get sworn into the office by making yourself known, and by engaging with the region!

Greater Cadia steps down! Vice President sworn in as President!
Author: Vostrov
Date: 18th of April, 2020
Category: Regional News

It is with great regret to announce that our President, Greater cadia, has stepped down on 18th of April, 2020, in order to deal with personal RL matters. It has been a pleasure for Cadia to know us all - from being one of the more active residents of FNR, to being elected and sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs, followed by being elected as President. The months that Cadia has spent with us have been a treasured moment, and he wishes us all the best with everything we do. We at FNR would also like to wish Greater Cadia all the best with his RL commitments, and in turn earning him the second Founder’s Medal of Freedom(3rd of April 2020, and 18th of April 2020), the second nation to get such an achievement.

In the meantime, as per our Constitution, South Asians took over as the President, stepping up from his duty of being a Vice President to Greater Cadia. All of this will take effect until FNR General Elections of April 2020.

Which of these historical eras would you like the most to experience first-hand?
Author: Emaha; Editor: Vostrov
Date: 7th of April, 2020
Category: Special News

It's no surprise that FNR has one of the more active regional polls among the regions, ranging from simple trivia, to personal opinions, to regional matters, and many, many more. It is one of the ways for FNR to engage with the nations inside the region itself, giving them a ground and letting them break the ice and to make some friends.

Recently, Emaha has done just that, asking the region through the poll on the historical eras that the residents would like to experience first-hand. There were 10 options within - 9 of them for each era, and one with the option of simply "Other (Please specify on the RMB)", which, as the name suggests, would allow others to explain their other choices.

The first and second options, namely “Stone Age (Paleolithic and Mesolithic)” and “Neolithic” did not receive any votes. Maybe it is for the reason that these eras are not considered that interesting in comparison to the others. Anyway, the Stone Age is the beginning of our path towards greatness.

The third option – “Dawn of civilisation and Bronze Age” received 3 votes by Vivienah, Emaha and The greatest bestest nation. The Bronze Age with the first civilisations emerging around the world is definitely a very exciting period of history – which is why I chose it.

The fourth option: “Antiquity”, majestic and glorious as it is, got 5 votes. Doctors Orvos, Allaah, Narvatus, Dome artan and Two barcias would love to experience Ancient Greece – the cradle of Western Civilisation - , the Roman Empire or other fascinating places first-hand. Ideas and discoveries that were made in ancient times still influence our modern world in many ways.

The fifth option – the “Middle Ages” – was only chosen by one nation called, Fauxia. Maybe this one was not so popular because many still believe in the misconception that the medieval period was “dark”. In fact there were tons of interesting innovations during this 1000 year long period of time. Oh, and knights and castles are cool for sure, aren’t they? And don’t forget about the Islamic Golden Age that saw great cultural, economic and scientific flourishing.

The sixth option – “Renaissance / Age of Discovery” – is the most popular option! A whopping 10 nations (Dragons of Power, Istillian, Prima-vizla, Fauias, Ciosia, South Asians, Rokandia, Zekojlocar, The Champions League, and Sparsdan) would like to experience the era when Europe began to prosper and set sails towards other continents. Moreover, the ideas of Ancient Greece and Rome were reborn, that’s why it’s called “Renaissance”, “rebirth”. Arts and science advanced profoundly. And we still admire incredible and inspiring achievements of this time such as the world-famous Mona Lisa, intricate Gothic cathedrals and many more. Leonardo DaVinci’s ideas and inventions were way ahead of their time and give us a feeling of how the Age of Discovery was very different than anything that came before. Oh, and we got the printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg which resulted in massive spread of knowledge. Education and science resulted in the Age of Enlightenment in the following centuries.

The seventh option – “The Long Nineteenth Century (1789 to 1914)” – got a lot of attention. 6 voters (Laurennia, Kniverbrum, Warsaw-Halicz, Arwindom, Hong Kong Empire, and Graag Brom.) would like to experience the era between the French Revolution and World War I. Characterised by the rise of liberalism and democracy, nation-building processes all across Europe, but also Imperialism and Colonialism, this era definitely has a lot to offer. The term “Long Nineteenth Century” was invented historians and refers to the notion that the period between 1789 and 1914 reflects a progression of ideas which are characteristic to an understanding of the 19th century.

The eight option – “World War I to World War II (1914-1945) – got only two votes by Fynkn and Louis20. The latter person apparently being a fascist from a Nazi region (may the antifa kick his butt and raid his region).

Well, the reason might be because it saw some of the darkest periods of history. Besides fascism, communism, economic crisis, dictators, the two World Wars and the Holocaust that killed many millions of humans, there were at least some notable advances in science and technology. Radios became popular and television was invented. A true breakthrough was the invention of nuclear fission for power generation - alas nuclear bombs were invented too.

The ninth option was the “Cold War”. For me it was quite a surprise that it got 8 votes (Pax Somaliana, IRTAE, Asean maharlika, Valentian Elysium, Independland, Republic of Arstotska, Salton republic, and Grand Abaco), so it got in second place. This era is not that long ago and we all know that it was characterised by the largest geopolitical tensions ever. Two opposing superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, both supported by numerous allies found themselves in a constant state of conflict. The world was on the verge of war - a nuclear war. We also saw almost all former colonies gaining independence, the civil rights movement, glorious movies and all-time classic songs and the dawn of video games. The Space Age, especially the moon landings, inspires us even today. TVs and cars became the new standard and later on computers and video recorders joined our lives. Some of us might even remember parts of this era that ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc.

Last but not least, 3 people chose “Other” and some specified their answer on the RMB.

Now it’s complete, our journey through the eras. Some periods of history are more popular than others for a variety of reasons.

We see that humanity always had its ups and downs but in the end we go forward and better ourselves. We can learn from history to understand the present and to create our future. Especially in times of crisis like these, it is important that we look positively towards tomorrow. There’s yet a lot more to come!

Valentine Z places 4th in Gen Sec! Also earns the second Medal of Freedom!
Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z; Contributions from Crystalsummer
Date: 4th of April, 2020
Category: Special News

With the tremendous amount of effort, as well as running with the help of F7, NS Sports, several UCR (User-Created Regions), and grass-root communities, our very-own Valentine Z has managed to net a sweet 4th position for the General Secretary Elections! Valentine Z, in turn, would like to thank all the friends and regions that are involved in making this happen, and this includes our very own FNR, our founder Crystalsummer, and several other nations, for the tremendous support!

From Valentine Z’s dispatch, this is what I have to say regarding the wonderful people here:

Founder - Crystalsummer. Thank you very much for running this amazing region and more below for you! ^^
WA Delegate - OF Arian Hellas. Thanks for being an amazing Delegate, and you have been a great person to talk to on Discord! Love your flag!
President - Greater cadia. Running FNR like a champ, that is you! Congratulations, Mr. President, and thank you as well!
Vice President - South Asians. Your unwavering support, as well as commitment to helping me till the end of time. Thank you!
Chief Justice - Tigerania. With you around, Justice is always upheld, and you run elections like a champ! Getting a code from you is like a letter from Hogwarts. And also for helping me out with the Telegrams! Your amazing codes and efforts will not be gone unrecognised!
Minister of Cartography - Hansdeltania. Amazing stuff and maps! Always love seeing them around!
Minister of Information - Vostrov. Well.. that's me!
Minister of Immigration - Emaha. I know I might have said "great person to talk to" many times, but really, you have all been wonderful, and Emaha has been very helpful with my newspieces!
Speaker - My Nation. Yet another great face to see around! Thank you for your support as always, and entrusting me as Minister of Info!
Minister of Defense - Zazann. Very nicely done with defending and making sure that we have no bots, no raiders (both on Discord and for the region), and just about everything else!
Minister of Roleplay - Ulymein. Good RPs! I always love seeing RPs because I did them myself, so... please do keep it up, and thank you! ^^
Minister of Internal Affairs - The greatest bestest nation. Living up to your name, truly! Thank you for your support and your unmatched optimism in making sure that I win!
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Asean maharlika. Very eager to help, very eager to talk to, I love it! Keeping the regions united, thank you for all the work that you do!
Minister of Culture - Hetairaea. Good looking factbooks and filled to the brim with content! I love the songs you have in there!

And the many, many region mates, of course! My special thanks to you all for sending that mass WA TG! I know I kicked up quite a fuss about it because I have that rule set for myself, but I know that you only mean the best for me!

FNR would also like to congratulate Vostrov / Valentine Z for becoming the first ever nation to earn the second Medal of Freedom, the highest honour in FNR as a region. In the words of Crystalsummer from this RMB post:

He joined FNR around December 24, 2016, and has been here ever since. During his time he has written many incredible articles, served in several ministry positions under many Presidents, and is a model Moderator for our discord! We here in FNR congratulate you for a hard fought campaign, and look forward to seeing what you achieve in the future. Therefore today I hereby am proud to make history. I hereby award you the Founder’s Medal of Freedom for a second unprecedented time! Congratulations!! Thank you for all you do!

As a means to create regional-bonding and social interaction, to creating memes and lighthearted content, to discussing about NS and FNR themselves, we have established our very own subreddit named r/thefreenations.
LinkThe link to the Subreddit.

The FNR as a region would also like to thank Independland for testing this out and making it possible!

Following the resignation of Gartias as the Minister of Culture, our President Greater cadia has once again made a decision to nominate Hetairaea to be the Minister of Culture for this term. This voting process was done on FNR’s Official Discord server, and there was a voting process that took place in order to confirm the position and the nominee. The voting started on 9th of March, 19:37:00 (UTC), and ran for 72 hours. 22 nations voted Aye, while 5 voted Abstain, with 0 voting for Nay.

To keep the election and voting fair, only those with Citizen roles have their votes counted, and the voting will be declared invalid if the nation reacts on more than one option.

List of For Votes: South Asians, Emaha, Narvatus, Altum hortus, The greatest bestest nation, Digitanesia, OF Arian Hellas, United Allied Forces, Tylil, My Nation, Auraclae, Al0neforever, New collieland, Zazann, Greater cadia, Republic of Arstotska, Asean maharlika, Vostrov, Red Foxia, Sparsdan, Independland, and Ulymein.

List of Abstain Votes: Tigerania, The republic of awesometopia, East brunswik, Haeykha, and Gronotsky.

Congratulations to Hetairaea for securing the position! We hope that you will serve proudly and well beside our President!

As FNR expands out more and more, our newly-elected President, Greater cadia, decided to nominate United Allied Forces to be the Attorney General. This voting process was done on FNR’s Official Discord server, and there was a voting process that took place in order to confirm the position and the nominee. The voting started on 26th of February, 20:38:00 (UTC), and ran for 72 hours. 18 nations voted Aye, while 3 voted Abstain, with 0 voting for Nay.

To keep the election and voting fair, only those with Citizen roles have their votes counted, and the voting will be declared invalid if the nation reacts on more than one option.

List of For Votes: Emaha, Narvatus, Altum hortus, Crystalsummer, Digitanesia, OF Arian Hellas, United Allied Forces, Tylil, Lykedaemon, East brunswik, My Nation, Auraclae, Al0neforever, New collieland, Zazann, Greater cadia, Republic of Arstotska, and Ulymein.

List of Abstain Votes: Tigerania, The republic of awesometopia, and The united world organization.

Congratulations to United Allied Forces for securing the position! We hope that you will serve proudly and well beside our President!

Poll - Which wonders would you like to visit?
Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
Date: 5th of March, 2020
Category: Regional Poll

It's no surprise that FNR has one of the more active regional polls among the regions, ranging from simple trivia, to personal opinions, to regional matters, and many, many more. It is one of the ways of FNR to engage with the nations inside the region itself, giving them a ground and letting them break the ice and to make some friends.

Recently, South Asians has done just that, asking the region through the Poll on the Wonder of the World that the residents would like to visit. There were 9 options within - 8 of them for each wonder, and one with the option of "Meh, I don't like travelling".

The first option - The wondrous and majestic Taj Mahal in India. For this, two nations - Zazann and Dominioan, have chosen this.

The second option - the old and cultural Colosseum in Italy that has stood the test of time (and even perhaps the vandalism from the tourists and locals alike) - has gathered itself a whopping 11 nations / residents that would like to travel there. Germanolia, Aethelia, Archargentina, Greater cadia, My Nation, Auraclae, Devrok, Aeici, Phoenician State, Crystalsummer, and Belits bellia.

The third option - the ancient and breathtaking Chichen Itza in Mexico - has two nations that would like to visit there: Sparsdan and Ubekibekibekibekistanstan.

The fourth option - the gorgeous and beautiful nature landscape of Machu Picchu in Peru, has gathered itself 14 votes! Pandypidge, Republic of Arstotska, United states of alessia, Culdiff, Nuroblav, Valentian Elysium, Quelsh, Tigerania, Graag Brom, IRTAE, Hagston, Aleixandria, Bigsby land, and The finnish ussr.

The fifth option - the religious icon Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, a hot spot for many tourists, has also gathered 3 votes for itself - Facodalcon, Valid, and The republic of awesometopia.

The sixth option - the ancient monuments of Petra in Jordan, has 4 votes - Byssetia, Viknovia, Haeykha, and Grand Abaco. The author (Vostrov)'s personal take is that this is one of those places that you should go, along with the ruins all around Middle East. The only problem is that Middle East tends to have conflicts in a few spots, and thus poses a danger to tourists, even if you are at your very best behavior. It is indeed a shame that there are those that are willing to destroy irreplaceable history.

The seventh option - the long and winding Great Wall of China in PRC, has one vote from Louis20. As majestic and nice as it is, and I certainly would love to visit there one day. However, travel advice is to wait it out for the recent virus situation to de-escalate first.

Last but not least, the eighth option - the ancient and architectural feat of Egyptians - The Great Pyramid of Giza! 9 votes have been gathered - Rokandia, OF Arian Hellas, Ulymein, Rivand, Emaha, South Asians, Liberated American Provinces, Xa-nation, and Deacarsia.

The aforementioned wonderful feat of architecture, though along with multiple conspiracy theories abound on whether aliens have actually built it. The truth of the matter is such that there is a reason why pyramids are built in a pyramidal shape, along with slopes and ramps; they are easy for builders to carry around. Additionally, they are not all slaves that were whipped and forced to built; instead, it would be Linkskilled labour, the ancient-day equivalence of modern contractors. You can accomplish a task with 100 to 200 skilled workers, as opposed to throwing thousands of slaves.

And last but not the very least... Hetairaea and Dommelicia islands don't seem to like travelling that much.

Foreword from the collator.
Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
Date: Nil.
Category: Miscellaneous News

As FNR has evolved and has went through a lot of changes, we have decided that we would like to try yet another newspaper format – This time, you will see that the news will go from top to bottom in a chronological order, with the most recent news on the top. They will also be categorised accordingly, along with the table of content on the top. The Dispatch that exceeds 90,000 character limit will be archived, with a new edition rolled out simultaneously. Without further ado, I hope that you will enjoy and follow through this Dispatch as time goes on.

FNR Special Presidential Elections of February 2020. Greater Cadia wins!
Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
Date: 18th of February, 2020
Category: Regional News

After the recent news on our previous president being suspected with possible WA multing, it then falls into the hands of FNR once again to pick the President in a special election of February 2020.

As of 6th of February, there are 104 eligible voters and out of the 104, 26 of the votes have been submitted, with no invalid votes from any of them. This give us the voter turnout of 25%.

Out of the 26 voters, 3 of them have chosen to abstain, while 6 voted for Narvatus, 11 voted for Crystalsummer, and 15 voted for Greater cadia. I would also like to give my congratulations and wishes of luck to Greater Cadia for the victory, as well as the two other candidates - Crystalsummer and Narvatus, for putting up a fair challenge!

And with that, the speech from the President himself, taken from the Regional Discord.

I would like to thank @Narvatus and @Crystalsummer for being such great opponents, and I wish them all the best for the future. I would also like to thank all the citizens that put their faith in me and voted me for President. It is great to see so many people put their trust in a relatively new person to FNR. I hope that I can now prove that I was worthy of this faith.

FNR Ministry Elections January 2020
Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
Date: 6th of February, 2020
Category: Regional News

It is that wonderful time of the year again! The Free Nations Region has once again conducted and passed through another successful Ministry Election of January 2020.

Of note is that Vostrov nearly missed the opportunity to apply as a candidate as the Ministry of Information. While they missed the official process of indicating that they are running for office, they managed to be let in by the Regional Officers and officials, since it was a combination of: Vostrov have indeed indicated that they would like to run for Ministry of Information informally in the RMB, and that Vostrov brought it up right on time.

As of 16th of January 2020, 22:00 UTC, there were 97 eligible voters. Out of these 97, 26.80% of them turned up, resulting in a total of 26 votes, excluding the 3 invalid votes. This time, however, only one vote was voided due to the invalid EVC (Election Verification Code), while the other 2 votes were submitted after the end of the election.

Without further ado, we would like to announce the results of the minister elections.

The first one on our list is the results for the Minister of Interior. Three candidates ran for this position – United Allied Forces, Socaltucky, and South Asians. Out of the 23 valid votes, both UAF and Socaltucky have obtained 2 votes each for themselves, while South Asians won with a whopping 15 votes. There were 4 voters that abstained.

The second one – Foreign Affairs Minister, was very, very close! Greater cadia and Crystalsummer declared their candidacy, and there were two rounds that went over it due to the close nature of the votes. 5 voters have once again abstained, and there were 12 votes for Greater Cadia, and 11 for Crystalsummer. It was a close shave for both candidates, and they have fought a great fight!

The third one – Roleplay Minister, was also another one with a very close result. Hansdeltania and Ulymein have declared candidacy, and the results were out after the second round. Ulymein won with 12 votes, while Hansdeltania trailed behind with 11 votes. Another close shave, we must say!

The fourth position – Minister of Culture, has Gartias and Hetairaea running for it. Out of the 23 valid votes, 2 of them has once again chosen to abstain, while Gartias got 13 votes, and Hetairaea got 8 votes.

The fifth position – Minister of Information, responsible for FNR news and other dispatch updates, has Vostrov and Asean maharlika running for the position. Vostrov won once again with 12 votes, while ASEAN Maharlika obtained 8 votes. 3 voters have chosen to abstain.

The sixth position – Minister of Defense, has Zazann and Republic of Arstotska (ROA) declaring their candidacy for the position. Out of the 23 votes, 2 voted to Abstain, while Zazann won with 14 votes, and ROA with 7 votes.

Last but not the very least, Minister of Immigration as a position has Emaha running unopposed for the position. A whopping 100% of the votes (all the 23 voters) have chosen to confirm Emaha as the Minister of Immigration, with absolutely zero abstains.

As a result,
Minister of Interior – South Asians
Minister of Foreign Affairs – Greater cadia
Minister of Roleplay – Ulymein
Minister of Culture – Gartias
Minister of Information – Vostrov
Minister of Defense – Zazann
Minister of Immigration – Emaha

We would like to once again congratulate these people for their candidacy, as well as the new Ministers with their positions. We wish them all the best, and hope that this new term will be a great one for all!

Nearly a month ago, there was a Presidental Election that went on with Givera and Greater cadia being the candidates that are going head-to-head. After an intense election and voting process, we were happy to announce that Givera won the Presidency Election, and to celebrate that, Linkour then-new-President Givera has put up a speech in our official regional Discord, which has been put up in RMB.. This was back in 21st of January 2020.

However, new developments began from 2nd of February 2020, 1:18:03 (GMT +8) in the RMB, whereby Tigerania, Chief Justice of The Free Nations Region, has made a statement that the Supreme Court of FNR dismissed Givera as the President of FNR. The reasoning was that on the 25th of January of 2020, Givera got ejected from World Assembly. As a result of this, he lost his citizenship and eligibility to hold the office of the president. When the court asked him to explain himself, Givera simply did not provide a response to the public requests for an explanation. Since then, he went inactive without notice. A special election was slated to be held in the next few days, and until then, Narvatus, the VP, has assumed the duties and responsibilities of the President.

A few more moments later, our founder, Crystalsummer, has posted a statement about the confirmation about the removal of Givera, for possible WA nation violation, as well as a possible conspiracy against Greater Cadia. These are not the qualities that the office of President should be subjected to – and by extension, integrity and transparency play an important part in every nation in FNR having a fair ground and opportunity to make a name for themselves. As a result of this, Emaha is then entrusted with the sacred duty of hosting a special election for the Presidency.

Freedom and Integrity will indeed prevail once again. I would like to thank the sources and the fellow region-mates for the sources and information, and we hope to get more comments out of Givera regarding this. LinkUpon being questioned about the ejection from WA, there was a short comment from Givera on 26th of January of 2020 on the regional Discord, but this was the very last comment from Givera regarding this matter, as well as being the most recent comment. Givera has also failed to comment on the RMB regarding this matter.