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Senate Weekly Update (2/9/20-2/14/20)

Office of the Senate Speaker

SB-11-16 (P)
This was a bill proposed by San Carlos Islands in the wake of New Inglaterra being exposed for spying. It is also known as "The Watergate Act" and bans any and all acts of political espionage. It was proposed on the 7th of February and signed on the 9th of February.
CA-11-17 (P)
A constitutional amendment also proposed by San Carlos, this bill allowed a snap election to be called "with the consent of both the officer who's position would be elected." Proposed on the 8th of February and signed on the 12th of February.
CA-11-18 (F)
This amendment essentially defined a few terms in Article III of the constitution. It was proposed by Holy Rhinish Islands on the 8th but failed in a vote on the 10th of February.
CA-11-19 (F)
This was a bill proposed on the same day as 18, which added Articles VIII (or IX) to the constitution to allow for the impeached offender to offer their case. This was seemingly in response to Furby's impeachment case. It was put to vote on the same day as 18.
SB-11-20 (F)
This bill simply gave Gagium the title of God-Emperor in the FCN Discord server. Put to vote on the same day as Rhiney's other two bills.
SB-11-21 (F)
This bill was also in response to New Inglaterra's spying, as well as the NPP Discord Server being deleted for whatever reason. The bill made it illegal to delete any discord channel, NS dispatch, or other "Significant Government Document." Also proposed by Rhiney and put to vote on the same day as the other three.
CA-11-23 (P)
An amendment to define and address the use of puppets in the FCN constitution, it amends Article III Section VIII. It was proposed by Aglonia on the 11th of February and signed on the 13th.
DI-11-24 (F)
A division proposed by West Phoenicia on the same day as 23, attempting to divide the bill. It was put to vote on the 11th.
SB-11-25 (F)
A IC (In Character) bill that brought official marriage ceremonies to the FCN Discord, for whom ever wanted to marry. It was proposed by Emerisis on the 12th and put to vote on the 13th.

A Message from the Senate Speaker
As most of you may be aware I was appointed last Sunday to finish this term as per the last SS leaving. I am very honored to be able to serve the federation in this way and it has been a dream of mine for a while. That being said I really didn't expect it to happen this way, but oh well! I'm glad to be continuing these dispatches, as well as reformatting them to something less tacky.

-Emerisis, seventh Senate Speaker of the Federal Senate