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The Founding of the Conservative American Federation

2020 Election

During the 2020 election, Bernie Sanders shocks the world and wins the election, throwing Donald Trump out of office. When Bernie was elected, he stated that the government was corrupt and needed a heavy reform change. People were mixed on Bernie Sanders until he removed Congress and deteriorates the United States, resulting in the United States becoming more corrupt in the process, resulting in a rebel uprising across the nation, resulting in the Second American Civil War.

The alliances were the Confederacy, which were the original states in the confederacy, with Montgomery as their capital. The Democratic States, with San Francisco as their capital. The Conservative States, with Raleigh as their capital. and the Greater America Federation, with Augusta as their capital. The Greater American Federation was created as an alliance of Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut with the main goal of unifying all of North America under one federation.

March 14, 2020 marks the start of the fighting. The Republican states disband and join the Greater American Federation the first week of the fighting, leading to the alliance changing to the Conservative American Federation. The Conservative American Federation quickly takes all of the top right region of the former United States, meaning the Conservative American Federation now had control of 1/4 of the country. The Conservative States still held the South strong, but the Democratic States party was abolished and replaced by the CPUSA party, controlling the Northern Midwest region, and all of the Western Pacific region. May 1, 2020 the Treaty of Waterloo is signed, resulting in all factions becoming independent nations.

May 14, 2020: The Confederate states suddenly collapse from an economic crisis, leading CPUSA and The CAF trying to gain as much land as they can of the former Confederacy, leading to the Third American Civil War. September 6, 2020: The CAF takes all of the South and Midwest, leaving only the CAF the Western Pacific region. September 21, 2020: The CAF invaded the CPUSA territory, and takes San Francisco on October 28, 2020, leading to the fall of the CPUSA.

December 5, 2021: Prime Minister Trudeau is assassinated by the Communist Party of Canada, resulting in Canada reforming into a communist government, led by the CPC.

December 8, 2021: The CPC invades America, sparking a war between Canada and the CAF, later known as the Great North American War.

December 18, 2021 - August 5, 2022: Canada and America ensue in one of the bloodiest conflicts in American history. The CAF took the capital of Ottawa, on March 14, 2022, which was the turning point of the whole war. The CAF took the final town of Athabasca on August 1, 2022, resulting in a CAF victory.

August 6, 2022: The Treaty of Vancouver is signed, resulting in the annexation of Canada by the CAF, ending one of the worst wars in North American history.

Casualties of all 4 wars:

CAF: 10,964,097

Confederacy: 8,000,648

CPUSA: 42,009,488

CCP: 71,057,649

Conservative States: 19,057

Democratic States: 299,537

The conservative american federation