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Ghuan's diet

With Takifugu joining the already existing region, Baraistan, Ghuans have done some tourism on their countries, curious on their people and culture.

One Ghuan, a very known fisherman and chef, mistaken a Takifuguan for food and hunted it. With a rifle.

Without anyone to know, took it to a remote river to cook his recent catch. The flavor of the stewed meat was temper and sweet. "I couldn't believe its magnificent flavor. I would catch another one if he could have the chance" stated the Ghuan in a interview, imprisoned in a Takifuguan tank, where the only food provided is fish food.

The news has reached The Ghu's nation and some Ghuans were tempted to try it out, paying enormous amount of Gels to the local morgue for fresh meat as if they were in a supermarket.

Nowadays, Ghuans primary diet consists of Takifiguans. The Leader has not made comment on this topic yet, as he hides himself in the private dinning room.