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Honorary Titles Given By The Traditional States

Titles of The Traditional States

Honorary Chief
It comes with great honor to receive such a title. The following individual(s) or nation(s) are widely respected across The Traditional States. Citizens will remember each and every name present and the wearer of the title can waltz through the streets with pride for they have gone above and beyond what is expected. The holder has been granted this title from the Ultimate Chief himself. So wear it with honor, chief.

Honorary American
People who have this title are hereby Americans. They have the blessing of Lady Liberty on their should everywhere they go. Uncle Sam would be proud.

Grill Master


2/14/2020: Laurennia has been given the Title of "Honorary Chief."
2/14/2020: Caerek has been given the Title of “Honorary Chief.”
2/26/2020: Dependants has been given the Title of "Honorary Chief" and "Honorary American."
2/28/2020:United Soviet States Of Russian Empire has been given the Title of "Honorary Chief.”