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Elvish Destroyer Colérique

Colérique patrolling Elvish waters




Yellow bile

General Characteristics

Class and type:

Colérique-class destroyer


172.69 metres


19.61 metres


9.1 metres


7,570 tons




Up to 45 days


72,000 shp


biological integrated ship
power and propulsion system


33.34 km/h


60.19 km/h

  • 2 x medium-range twin-arm missile

  • 3 x short-range missile launchers

  • 2 x 155mm/52-caliber naval guns

  • 4 x anti-ship missile launchers

  • 2 x 30mm close-in weapon systems

  • 2 x 12.7mm Miniguns

  • 2 x 12.75" triple torpedo tubes

Aircraft carried:

2x maritime helicopters

THS Colérique is the nameship of her class of guided missile destroyers built for Elfland's Queenly Seamight. Named after one of the four temperaments, the ship was laid down at the Reekwich shipyard in Elvish Greenland. Work was completed in ████, when she was commissioned into the Elven fleet. Colérique and her three sister ships Melancholique, Fleumatique, and Sanguinique are the largest destroyers ever built by Elfland.


The four Colérique-class destroyers were designed by the Elvish Seamight as a platform to provide fleet air defence and as escorts for carrier battle groups of the Elvish Bittersweet class of aircraft carriers. Colérique displaces 7,570 tons, with an overall length of 172.69m, a beam of 19.61m and a maximum draft of 9.1m.

Colérique is armed with twin SAM launchers both forward and aft with four radar directors. Also, two automated point-defence missile launchers are located forward and aft. With launchers at both ends; the flight deck was relocated midship between the two superstructure blocks. The helicopter hangar has room for two maritime helicopters. Colérique is suitable for use as a flagship as she is large enough to embark the extra staff members necessary for this role.

As the most advanced destroyer in the elvish navy, several examples of advanced technology are implemented into the ship's design:

  • Lifescraft runes are etched into the outer hull at various locations to reinforce the belt armour of Colérique. These runes can be seen at some times, and when active will give off light in proportion to the amount of damage absorbed.

  • A domed telepathic field with a radius over 10 kilometres. This field causes individuals with hostile intent towards Colérique to become confused regarding the ship's identity, increasing the likelihood of friendly fire when affected individuals mistake allied vessels for Colérique.

  • Self-repair capabilities. Damage sustained is observed to become partially or fully repaired in a manner visually resembling the healing of wounds in organic tissues.

  • An unusual power supply of a biological nature. Colérique requires an inimitable type of fuel that consists primarily of organic nutrients. A sound resembling a heartbeat can be heard nearby to the engine room.

The unique power and propulsion system of Colérique and her sister ships is a large, amorphous organism that is grafted to the inside of the hull. It has been sarcomantically crafted from the flesh of Elves that do not meet mental aptitude tests and interfaced with the ships' electrical systems.

Also equipped on Colérique are numerous crystal-infused, directed-energy, ship-defense weapon systems which can be tuned to high output to destroy a target or low output to warn or cripple a target. Scalable power frequency allows it to be used on a low-power to nonlethally dazzle an organic eye, and increased to 30 kilowatts to fry sensors, burn out motors, and detonate explosive ordinance.


Colérique and her sister ships Melancholique, Fleumatique, and Sanguinique often simply act as a "fleets in being" when stationed at strategic sea ports around Elfland. The role which the Colérique class of ships was built for, however, is to provide area air-defence over task forces and to serve as escorts to the Elvish Seamight's three Bittersweet class aircraft carriers; Bittersweet, Freezerburn, and Darklight when patrolling the North Atlantic.

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