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LazCorp Development Team


[color=2A957F][size=160]LazCorp Development Team[/size][/color][/center]


The LazCorp Development Team, made up of two Developers elected by the WA residents of Lazarus every two months, was created to allow those that may only participate in Lazarus on-site a place in our regional government, and the general region more of a say in who is leading them forward.

While no specific responsibilities are given to Developers in order to allow their role in the region to be flexible, they are expected to work with the Cabinet to develop the welcoming, engaging and protective aspects of Lazarus and her community.


(survey the populace)
(change WFE and flag)
(send out regional telegrams and suppress spam posts)


Every two months, elections will be held for two Developers. The elections will be presided over by the Managing Director and be organized in [region]LazCorp[/region].

A five day nomination period will be held, in which residents can nominate themselves and/or others and accept nominations.

Those confirmed to be running will have a five day campaign period.

Voting will last for five days. Only the votes of WA nations will be counted.

The two residents that acquire the highest number of votes will serve as Developers until the next election's conclusion, their resignation or removal from office by the CEO, Managing Director or the Assembly by 50%+1 vote.


[b]How are Developers different from Directors?[/b]

Directors must become Shareholders on the forums, be appointed by the CEO or Managing Director and be confirmed by the Shareholder Assembly in order to gain their position, while Developers can be elected through on-site participation only. Directors also make up the Cabinet, one of the highest government bodies in the region, and usually have specific duties, while Developers work as a subsidiary unit to the Cabinet.

[b]How can I run for Developer?[/b]

Check the WFE of [region]LazCorp[/region] for information on when the next team election is. When the nomination period starts, nominate yourself and plan your campaign!

[b]I don't like this Developer person...[/b]

If you have any concerns with a Developer, please contact Managing Director [nation]Your Imaginary Friend[/nation] or CEO [nation]Treadwellia[/nation].