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Election 2020: Kuriko 45.6%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 33.2%, Caelapes 11.9%, Valentine Z 9.4%



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Potato Valley Regionian History in NS

February 13th 2019: PVR is founded
March 4th 2019: PVR moves to [region]Seblaria[/region]
March 9th 2019: PVR joins the WA
March 13th 2019: PVR appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs
October 8th 2019: PVR promoted to Vice Delegate
November 8th 2019: PVR leads unification process.
November 22-28th 2019: PVR leads new name process
November 28th 2019: PVR trading card created
December 3rd 2019: PVR moves to [region]Alnobia[/region]
December 3rd 2019: PVR takes seat on Alnobian Council
December 4th 2019: PVR acquires PVR trading card for the first time
January 14th 2020: PVR elected Vice President
January 21st 2020: Council disbanded, PVR loses Council seat
February 9th 2020: PVR 12 hour delegacy
February 13th 2020: First anniversary of the PVR