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by The Religious Organization of The Nuclear Cult. . 32 reads.

An Ultimatum to the Non Believer

[i]A man in dark robes is seen, but his face is shrouded and unrecognizable.[/i]

"Rome is in a crisis, and the end times may be near. If the Squirrel Cult is not dealt with, then the Gods may see that Rome is destroyed in a Nuclear Firestorm, as detailed in Fallout Chapter 5 Verse 6. We are at a crossroads, and if we do not choose the path of war, we may lose our souls. This is why the Nuclear Cult has set forth these demands:"

1. The Squirrel Cult be disbanded
2. The Leader of the Squirrel Cult be executed
3. The title of "Maniacal Squirrel" must be replaced with a new title fitting of the New Order

"If these demands are not met, I feel that there is no other choice but war."