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Political structure of the LFP

Chairman Bej
Position is permanent

Current senators
Position voted permanent
Under aldorf
Position voted permanent

1.The senators each get one vote on the party's decisions.
2. The chairman "me" gets one vote
3. The members of the party not in a senatorial position will get a combined vote and will elect a representative to cast their vote
4. The senators will be given equal power as the chairman (me) expect the right to eject members of the party except under certain conditions, and the Right to force their fellow senators out of their positions except under certain conditions.
5. The chairman can veto passed decisions however, if both senators vote for the decision still passes.
6. If the voting process causes a tie to form the vote will be recast, and if another tie forms the decision is declared undecided and is put away until a later date.
7. If the majority of members not in a position within the LFP vote to kick a senator out of their position the senator will get kicked out of their position, they can run again though unless they do something "bad".
8.The chairman (me) cannot be forced out of their position, democracy is good but we need someone capable of preventing a single senator from gaining to much power.
9. Senator position is permanent, unless the nation violates the laws of The LFP base/The West Pole, cease to exist, leave the region, choose to abdicate, or are inactive for months.