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National Guardian | March 2009 | Communists Seize Namibe

As the death toll breaks a thousand, the Grand Marshal promises decisive action against the insurgents led by "Akachi"

NAMIBE — 14 MARCH 2009

    As the noble white-red-black tricolour of the National Republic goes down over Namibe, and is replaced by a plain flag of light blue, the city's residents hold their breath. They've heard how these TDA terrorists have treated people in the other occupied cities - Ondjiva, Lubango and Luiana, to name a few - and they can only pray that this cruelty does not befall them.

    For months, the attacks on Terravi cities - what some are now referring to as a Second Terravi Civil War - have been basically ignored by the international community. All that stands against the red horde is the Terravi government itself. The AUSC has, with the permission of Grand Marshal Akabuze Halim, set up a humanitarian aid center in Caota, but many believe this is not enough. The African Union itself has not even moved to condemn the so-called "Terravi Democratic Alliance", which continues to butcher and destroy throughout the south of the nation. Though it masquerades as a democratic movement, it has put forward no plans for democracy - likely wishing to simply place its leader "Akachi" as dictator, a man too cowardly to even reveal his name. To add insult to injury, the rebels are backed by South Afrika - video captured by survivors of the Battle of Ondjiva shows white soldiers amongst the TDA rebels speaking Afrikaans. But when the Grand Marshal demanded an explanation from the South Afrikans - who were once considered the greatest allies of the Terravi people - his missive was simply ignored, as if it was of little significance to South Afrikan Chancellor Alfred Yende. Decades of friendship and camaraderie have seemingly been met with deception and murder.

    The Battle of Namibe was carried out by the TDA and their South Afrikan friends in much the same way as the Battle of Virei some two months ago - heavy, indiscriminate mortar strikes, one of which caused Namibe's main hospital to burn down, followed by an air raid. Following that, infantry flooded into the city, looting and murdering as they pleased. There are reports that numerous rebel soldiers - Terravi and South Afrikan alike - took liberties with Namibe's women.

    While the international community remains silent on these blatant war crimes, the Grand Marshal has been anything but. Yesterday he announced the bulk of the Terravi Armed Forces would be moved south to meet the communists and their puppet masters head-on, and liberate the cities they have captured. Soldiers, vehicles and air support will remain on standby in strategic points such as the capital of Luanda, and the Cabinda exclave where much of the nation's oil reserves are located.

    These attacks on life, dignity and property occurring in southern Terravia are horrific, and we're doing everything we can to ensure the insurgents and their leader are punished accordingly, the Grand Marshal said on Friday.

    These rebels are simply bandits in disguise, who seek to return us to the disorder and chaos of 1951. But what makes them more dangerous than regular bandits is that they are heavily armed, and have the support of South Afrika, which continues to send weapons and men across the southern border. We urge the international community - especially the African Union - to condemn not only these monsters who fight for the TDA, but South Afrika itself as well. The Cold War is over; we cannot allow this puppetry in the 21st century.


The Empire of Terravia