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EuroChoice 2019


Contact Information (Discord): Kuramia#7390

(Europeia, Feb 12th, 2020) - EuroChoice 2019:

Announcing February 16th and 17th, EuroChoice 2019. What is EuroChoice? It is Europeia's yearly review of the best of the best of 2019. Categories are selected, nominees are chosen, and votes are made. The event culminates with a grand celebration, including the reveal of all the winners for 2019.

This year's celebration opens with the theme "Leadership at Home" and will be broken into two main sections: one which will be announced on LinkEBC Radio the 17th at 9pm EST, the other announced on the forums. One additional award will be given for the discord server as well.

The nominating period is on-going now until the 14th with spam games included for all. Find EuroChoice 2019 on the forums Linkhere, and come celebrate a year of amazing leadership with Europeia from now until the 17th.


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