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Current WA Nation: n/a
Name: Pathanistan
- Full Title: Democratic Republic of Pathanistan
- Shorthand: Pathanistan
- Etymology:

Head of State/Government: President Taroon Sanjarzi
Legislature: Unitary Presidential Republic
Map Claim: Afghanistan
Capital City: Kabul

Population & Demographics:
- Total Population: 32,225,560
- Language(s): Persian, Pashtun
- Ethnic Group(s):
42% Pashtun
27% Tajik
9% Hazara
9% Uzbek
4% Aimaq
3% Turkmen
2% Baloch
1% others
- Religion(s): Secular however overwhelmingly Islamic with the few other groups ranging from Buddhists, Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews, Sihks and Hindus.

Economy Description:
- Nominal GDP:
- Primary Exports:
- Primary Imports:

Government Description:
- System of Government:
- Distribution of Powers: (How are administrative powers shared among officials?)
- Procedures of Government: (How are officials are put into office?)
Military Description:
- Active Personnel:
- Reserve Personnel:
- Annual Budget:
- Branches:
- Equipment: (Write a separate factbook; omit from application if information is not readily available.)

Brief History:
- NOTE: Must conform to preexisting regional history.