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Mar's guide to Aluxia!

This Scorching gas giant is the closest planet to Aluxia, and has the shortest year length of all the planets. So far, no nation on Karma has attempted a visit to Delowana.

This planet is an exact copy of Hell. The sheer heat has turned the landscape to a dead, roasted place. The only nations who have dared colonise this dangerous world is Laniron and Republic of Markano

More is known about this planet than the other two. Its axial tilt has given it a stripe of ice wrapping around the planet. Although it has a toxic atmosphere, plenty of nations have visited and set up permanent colonies.

Karma is the home planet. It is very similair to Earth, with beautiful mountains and harsh deserts. The planet faces a serious global warming issue, but GEPA is leading the charge to a safer world.

Possibly the most confusing of all the planets, because of it's perfectly breathable atmosphere. How it can support so much oxygen is unknown, but fascinated colonists are working non stop to unravel the mysteries of this planet. Although the gasses are right, the pressure is far too low, so breathing will still be an issue.

This white, frozen wasteland of a planet lays in its orbit with its 9, tiny asteroid moons. It's atmosphere is a beautiful blue, but thick and toxic, and beneath the ice lies a massive global ocean. Its orbit is elliptical, and each time it passes near the asteroid belt there is an oppertunity to mine them.

This enormous Giant floats far out in the system, Its rings a beautiful iconic feature, and it has captured the imagination of many space lovers, including Zalidia, who currently has a space station in orbit.

Violl is a cold, harsh world. It's lonely orbit is the 3rd furthest away, and its moons number over 50.

This ice giant is so similair to Violl, that I've basically explained it already.

What this far out planet lacks in warmth, it makes up for in its vibrant pink atmosphere. This planet is the last one in the Aluxia system, and beyond here lays nothing but emptiness.

Planets: 10
Gas: 5
Terrestrial: 5

Please note, this is not complete, and information is missing.