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Treaty of Wallaby

Treaty of Wallaby


Following the rebellion that gripped the Moon Frost and claimed the lives of hundreds of the Order's citizenry, to ensure that the region will never again fall to conflict leading to the deaths of innocents and bystanders, hereby ends the Second Moon Frostian Civil War.
Article One:
Ceasing of Hostilities

1. Proclaims the end of all conflict in name of secession and opposition to the ruling royal government.
I. Hereby recognises the Kingdom of Moon Frost and the Ranger Order of the Grey as the victors of the conflict.
2. Proclaims the surrender of Lunae to Moon Frost.
I. Lets go of any and all claims to self-governance and surrenders its illegitimate government over to Moon Frostian authorities.
II. Surrenders its military forces to Moon Frostian authorities.
3. Any and all participants are required to end all military actions against their opposition.
I. All actions taken after the signing of this treaty will deem such actions illegal in the eyes of all signatories.
4. The Order shall receive 2 vessels from the Kingdom of Moon Frost:
I. The Princess Penn-class Carrier MRFN Forfast.
II. The Ranger-class Carrier MRFN Princess Pulcherrima.
5. Hereby transfers the islands of the Northern Star Islands:
I. Anchor Home, Allan Refuge, Temeraire Isle, Fairmere and Midlands Atoll.
a. These isles will come under the direct control of the Order.

Article Two:
Secession of Cherry Blossom

1. Allows for the peaceful secession of Cherry Blossom under the following requirements:
I. Cherry Blossom will be required to join the Fortuna Island Union.
II. The military of Cherry Blossom will be limited to:
a. A total of 30.000 active field personnel within its army.
b. Within the year 2020 Cherry Blossom will surrender all its military vessels except 12 destroyers and may only expand their navy at the express consent of Moon Frost or any organisation that has been given the authority to decide by Moon Frost.
i. May not field a naval infantry organisation.
c. The nation of Cherry Blossom is only allowed to field helicopters and transport planes within its military.
III. Starting the fiscal year 2021 requires the nation of Cherry Blossom to:
a. Pay the Kingdom of Moon Frost with a total of 168M Rooks yearly, for a total of 20 years.
b. Pay the Ranger Order of the Grey with a total of 102,6M Rooks yearly, for a total of 20 years.

Article Three:
Establishment of the Fortuna Island Union.

1. Hereby establishes the Fortuna Island Union.
I. The Kingdom of Moon Frost joins the Fortuna Island Union.
II. The nation of Cherry Blossom joins the Fortuna Island Union.
III. The Ranger Order of the Grey gains the status of "Partially Integrated State" within the Fortuna Island Union.
a. Defines a Partially Integrated State as:
i. Any state that is a signatory of the Fortuna Island Union.
ii. Any state that has only partial holdings within the continent of Fortuna.
iii. A state where the laws of the Fortuna Island Union only apply to its holdings within the continent of Fortuna.

Article Four:
Agreement of Mutual Defense.

1. Hereby establishes an agreement of defense between:
I. The Ranger Order of the Grey
II. The Fortuna Island Union.
III. Defines this agreement to:
a. Require either signatory to come to the defense of the other in an event of crisis.
b. Allow either signatory to station military vessels within the other's ports.
i. At the discretion of the owner of these ports.

Royal Monarch of Moon Frost,
Belle Ranger


12th of June, 2020

High Princess of Cherry Blossom,
Representative of Lunae, Amare, Fortuna, Reeds,
Pulcherrima Ranger


12th of June, 2020

Lord-Commander of the Realm,
Falcon Proudspire


12th of June, 2020