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Downtown Jocksun universal airport.

Greetings and welcome, Our airports are all 5 stars but will be a little bit higher then Uptown, the planes coming and going are:

Jocksun to [nation]MAACAU[/nation]400$ 5 min
Jocksun to [nation]Yandere spy[/nation]500$10 min
Jocksun to [nation]Shadow Dealer[/nation]300$6 min
Jocksun to [nation]The scout for the region of new mexico[/nation]200$20 min
[nation]Cute Baby Yoda[/nation] coming to Jocksun40$4 min
[nation]President George Washington[/nation] comping to Jocksun50$17min
[nation]Aerilia[/nation] coming to Jocksun20$15min
[nation]5 kingdoms of Britannia[/nation] coming to Jocksun70$10 min
Jocksun to [nation]Australian Australia[/nation]150$5 min
Enjoy your wonderful flight, also,Jocksun to AJTardis2.0,Jr,and Original are coming in 10 minutes25$ 
Great day to all! byyyyyeee!😀😎✈️