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Intervention of Northern Fortuna

Intervention of Northern Fortuna

"The perpetrator of this attack against our fine defence forces was discovered to be the recent rebellion within the territories of Moon Frost. This heinous crime against our neutral vessels will not go unanswered. Thus the Ranger Command hereby officially announces their full economic and military support to the Kingdom of Moon Frost to fight this rebellion and put a stop to their actions which are endangering so many vessels traversing the oceans. As of now, our vessels are mobilising against this adversary that would see innocent blood spilled to see their ambitions come to fruition."
- Will Treaty, Ranger-Commander of Foreign Affairs officially announcing the Order's intervention within the region of Fortuna at the side of Moon Frost.

Intervention of Northern Fortuna

General Information

June 2nd - June 12th, 2020

Northern Fortuna


  • Treaty of Wallaby

  • Protection of the Order's tradelanes.

  • Returning stability to the region.

  • Preserving Moon Frostian sovereignty.


  • Increased autonomy to Cherry Blossom.

  • Full defeat of Lunae.

  • Formation of the Fortuna Island Union.

  • Establishment of Order bases in the region.


  • Monarchists.

      Kingdom of Moon Frost.
      Ranger Order of the Grey.

  • Secessionists.

      Cherry Blossom.

People of importance



Zara Ranger

Sadie Ranger

Euprosyne Ranger

Sara Ranger

Belle Ranger

Lex Ranger

Admiral Jones

Marnie Ranger

Captain Thollow

Stevia Ranger

Horace Warrens

Pulcherrima Ranger

Dyron Myre

Luna Ranger

Eliza Firebrand

Rouge Ranger


  • Monarchists

    • 120k - 280k

  • Secessionists

    • 115k - 310k

Casualties and losses:

  • Monarchists

    • Military dead: 9k

    • Military wounded: 33k

    • Civilian dead: 1.206

  • Secessionists

    • Military dead: 16k

    • Military wounded: 39k

    • Civilian dead: 61


Tension had been running high throughout the Kingdom of Moon Frost. King Alevander's death threw the realm into chaos. As per a promise the old king made the Ibukians would gain their own nation back to them under the leadership of Queen Vestal, daughter of the late king. However this split did not come to pass peacefully. Tension rose quicker then either side could defuse and soon war broke out between the once aligned nations. The Sea War as it was called to the locals was a conflict of short duration, but losses still significant. In the end the Kingdom of Moon Frost, now under the leadership of Queen Zara, was defeated in a major and decisive naval engagement that let to their eventual loss in the war. Negotiations ended further bloodshed however and the two nations, now sharing dominance over the once unified Fortuna, entered into a state of uneasy peace. But the conflict was yet to be over for Moon Frost as regional secessionist movements started gaining traction against the ruling monarchy under Queen Zara.

Freedom of Maritime Trade.

The alliance, for if it could be called one, between the Ranger Order of the Grey and the Kingdom of Moon Frost officially started in the modern day with the signing of the Foreign Navy Agreement. This agreement saw to the opening of borders between the Order and Moon Frost to trade and opening the trade routes of both to leased ports from which they could stock, refuel and maintain a fleet of patrol ships. These ships, whilst many in number, had the daunting task of seeing to the protection of a trade route that spans nearly a 4th around the world. And as such, was often overstretched.

Ibukian Independence.

Whilst the Kingdom of Ibuki had won the Sea War, Queen Vestal did not pursue further regional dominance by undermining their northern neighbour after the peace deal was signed on the 25th of March, 2020. Instead Queen Vestal used the immense navy now in possession of her nation to see to its defense during these unstable times, and doing so without as much as a threat of collapse from the outside. However the peace was a fragile one. Both Moon Frost and Ibuki were yet wary of their neighbour and much of the Ibukian Royal Navy was kept north to see to it that Ibukian independence would not be contested further by Moon Frost. But the Kingdom of Moon Frost had other matters to tend with at the time.

Petitions of Secession.

Amidst rising tensions within Moon Frost, with many groups desiring independence, became apparent within the Kingdom. On March 29th the regions of Cherry Blossom and Lunae officially begin to secede from the Kingdom with the permission of the monarchy as to prevent the start of another conflict. The allowance of their secession does not however please the rebellious movements as violent protests grip the heart of the Moon Frostian nation, Wallaby. These protests shock the nation and at its core, the monarchy. Some time passes after the protests start, these having been spreading across the nation since April 1st, and eventually escalate into open rebellion on May 5th, 2020.

Lunaean Rebellion.

The monarchy and the government is left scrambling as three prominent factions arose to oppose Moon Frostian rule. What is most shocking to the monarchy and Queen Zara however is that even the Royal Family could not stay united amidst these trying times. Princess Sadie was discovered to be at the head of Amare, Princess Sara and Princess Lex had taken command of Reeds, and Fortuna was under the leadership of Princess Marnie and Princess Stevia. All of these having denounced the Kingdom of Moon Frost and Queen Zara's government and have declared war upon their countrymen. Neither Cherry Blossom or Lunae had joined the rebellion when it was declared however, leaving some form of a buffer zone between Moon Frost and the rebellious princesses.

But Queen Zara made a terrible mistake when she officially withdrew her approval to Cherry Blossom and Lunae and barred their secession on May 10th during this time of conflict. However this only fueled the rebellion's cause as both join in open revolt three days after on May 13th.

The Order's Intervention.

The conflict plaguing the isles of Northern Fortuna endangered many of the Order's investments and people located in the region. Trade became more heavily defended as the Order nearly maxed out on their allowed number of vessels at their military bases in the region. Plans were made in case of an emergency and they transferred Admiral Horace Warrens, one of the Order Naval Corps' best naval commanders, to take command of its naval forces. Meanwhile more ships were being prepared to sail for the region at earliest opportunity, these vessels under the command of Admiral Eliza Firebrand.

Sinking of the Golden Knight.

The Order Naval Corps tried its best to continue to safeguard the Order's shipping lanes free from piracy but what it failed to realise is that the Secessionists did not much care for the colours displayed on the flags of the vessels passing from the territory, nor of whom the ships were. And so, on June 1st 2020, a submarine working with the Secessionists attacked the trading vessel TS Helen's Keep whilst it was being escorted by the ONCS Golden Knight out of Moon Frostian territories on its journey home. The submarine was able to fire its torpedoes at the small convoy before disappearing under the ocean waves. Out of the 6 torpedoes launched, 3 missed their targets entirely, 1 hit the Helen's Keep but the vessel sustained minor damage as the compartment hit was soon isolated. But the final two torpedoes hit the ONCS Golden Knight in quick succession, out of sheer luck did the second torpedo enter the vessel through the hole left by the first. 15 sailors aboard the vessel were killed by the explosions and severely wounded 8 more. The vessel was lost and despite the crew's efforts over the next 3 hours before being forced to abandon ship, 9 sailors drowned as the ship disappeared beneath the waves.

Declaration of Support in War.

This destruction of the ONCS Golden Knight, a completely neutral vessel amidst the conflict in Moon Frost and an attack against a civilian vessel to boot completely shocked the peoples of the Realms. And the attacked forced the Order to lash out in its defense. Thus the Ranger Command announced to its people that the Order would officially join the war on Moon Frost's side in order to protect both its people, as its assets and interests. So the Order, on June 2nd 2020, officially announced its full military support to the Kingdom of Moon Frost.

Orders were dispatched and Admiral Eliza Firebrand departed from the Bay of Monoliths shortly after, leading a taskforce fully intended for the waging of war of 28 ships strong, intending to reinforce Admiral Horace Warrens. Admiral Warrens however soon ordered his own ships, an 18-ship taskforce with limited combat potential, towards the Moon Frostian capital of Wallaby to reinforce both its defense and meet up with the Order's ships coming in from the North.

Battle of Wallaby.

June 3rd officially starts the series of naval engagements that would mark the Battle of Wallaby when a combined taskforce of ONC and MFRN ships engaged a Secessionist fleet North of Wallaby. Having suffered rather large losses to the Order's frigate fleet, the Monarchist forces successfully decimated the Secessionist fleet, sending all their ships towards the depths. The following night these vessels, some having suffered extensive damage to Secessionist ships, sailed back to Wallaby for some emergency repairs and rearmament.

However their moment of respite would be short lived as just two days later the first Secessionist forces would land on the eastern side of the island. Within the dense jungles the fighting was fierce, the Moon Frostian Royal Army and the Order Expeditionary Corps were making the Secessionists pay for every centimeters of ground they gained. Despite their valiant efforts, the amount of Secessionist troops swarming through the jungle pushed through with numbers alone and within two days they had arrived within distance to the city. But they momentum had run out, casualties were still rapidly mounting and their vigorous advance had left their supply lines overstretched and incapable of supplying their frontline units. The fighting in the streets was miraculously kept to a minimum as Secessionist forces were unable to push through the city's defenses without taking time to organize.

In the air the Secessionists were having an easier time. Realising that providing air support within the jungle would be impossible, Secessionist planes instead continued to attack the city and the assembled fleet. The defenders of Wallaby did their utmost to meet the Secessionist air force but was unable to match their number. However, thanks to the many smaller airfields used to launch fighters, the defenders were able to surprise Secessionist pilots regularly and avoid Secessionist efforts to destroy their main bases, as they did not know where to find them.

On the sea the battle was marked by the flight of missiles, enormous explosions and the great many salt-water graves it left behind. Over a hundred ships were pitted against each other over the course of 2 days, attempting to both defend their own assets and take out the enemy. Losses were heavy on both sides and the ONC and MFRN were forced to pull back alongside their infantry within the jungle, eventually having to defend the harbour of Wallaby itself. As the battle continued to drag on and victory to either side seemed unattainable, the Secessionist defense broke. Missiles from the Monarchists and the shells of the Order's battlecruisers reached the Secessionist carriers, serving a decisive blow against the Secessionist navy and soon the entire battle turned against them. Although amidst the chaos that followed, Secessionist fighters punched through the Monarchist defenses in a desperate last attack. Before eventually being destroyed above the skies of Wallaby, these fighters bombed much of the city proper and taking the lives of Queen Zara and Princess Euprosyne who had been sheltered within a bunker.

On June 8th, 2020, the Battle of Wallaby was a decisive victory for the Monarchists, but for many it could be viewed as a pyrrhic victory with loses in the thousands.

Treaty of Wallaby.

With the deaths of Queen Zara and her sister and heir, Princess Euprosyne, the youngest child of the late king would inherit the throne now won with conflict after conflict. Queen Belle would be coronated on June 11th, just a day before the signing of the Treaty of Wallaby. Within this treaty the Secessionists would be at the mercy of Moon Frost and the Order, the victors of the conflict. And with their leadership killed during the rebellion, High Princess Pulcherrima would become the representative of the Secessionists and would sign the treaty in their name. The factions of Fortuna, Reeds and Amare would be at the mercy of Moon Frost and as such, entirely disbanded. Lunae was forced to remain a part of Moon Frost going forward whilst Cherry Blossom would gain partial independence. Whilst becoming a nation state on its own, Cherry Blossom was forced to join the Fortuna Island Union and pay war-reparations to Moon Frost and the Order. The Order itself however would gain 5 of the North Star Islands, becoming a local power after this conflict and becoming a Partially Integrated State of the Fortuna Island Union. Last but not least a pact of defense was signed that day that would see the Order and the now formed Fortuna Island Union move into a relation of mutual defense for the foreseeable future.

The Order of Rangers of the Grey