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Martian Treaty, AWF


Seeing the actions of the [nation]Salcanceacy[/nation]ian colonies in building their road network, and hoping to emulate this,we put forth the [b]Martian Connection Program[/b]. 

The aim of the MCP is to connect and draw together the nations who currently occupy martian lands; namely [nation]Kafair[/nation], [nation]Goodawesomeness[/nation], [nation]Salcanceacy[/nation], [nation]Karelignia[/nation], and any others. The program will call, firstly, for a fully fledged, staffed, and maintained [b]Martian Highway[/b]. Said highway will, with any luck, connect together all active Martian colonies on Mars.

Secondly, the MCP will call for a [b]Mutual Non-Aggression Pact[/b]. All nation occupying Mars are asked to join into a singular pact, under the name of the [b]Martian Colonization and Trade Agreement[/b], shortened to MCTG. The MCTG will contain a array of terms, arrayed below.

Finally, the MCP asks for all nations within the MCTG and MCP to work together to create the MNSS, a shortening of the [b]Muli-National Space Station[/b]. This station will be armed and defended by the fleets of all nations within the pact, [b]AND IS UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF NO NATION FULLY[/b]. No one nation is allowed to make or order actions by the station without the agreement of at least 2/3 of other nations within the pact, unless it is an emergency situation, where at is lowered to 1/3. 
1: All Nations on Mars will Enter a Non-Aggression Pact [b]in regards to only Mars.[/b] While a separate agreement may exist between the nations, should two member nations of the MCTG go to war, [b]no combat will take place on Mars.[/b]
     [i]1a. This Pact will ask of all nations to lend aid in the event of a attack against a colony on Mars by an outside force.[/i]
2: All space-born military assets of nations within the MCTG, and by extension the MCP, will be allowed to dock at the MNSS.
3: The MCTG will call for a even [b]Trade Agreement[/b] between all colonies on Mars of nations within the Program. The materials traded can range from Earth items to equipment on Mars.
4: All nations within the MCTG will automatically become part of, and receive all benefits of, the MCP.
     [i]4a. If a nation provides a valid reason, they may opt out of the MCP, but in doing so give up both the ability to use the Marian Highway.[/i][/spoiler]

We also put forth, with due credit given to the nation of [nation]Salcanceacy[/nation] for this suggestion, the creation of the Colony of Azure Major. Azure Major will be located ideally at the most central possible point on Mars, and will have a zone of two miles (which will constantly change and update as the colony grows) around it of neutral land; that meaning, it belongs to no one nation, and is neutral territory. Combat is not allowed in any location within the colony, or within the two miles area around it. The exact location of the colony, which is to be constructed by a multi-national team, will be released soon, and will be a multi-national colony. This colony will act as a living place for workers on the martian Highway, and as a central meeting place for all Colony Governors. It will be called Eileit. A space elevator, connecting to the MNSS, will allow access to the colony, and it will be the central location to house all trade and trade items, allowing all to come to one location to collect all needed trade items and deposit payment. It will, once again, be staffed by a multi-national staff.

Changes and Updates to the above will be made as nations join and give suggestions. We hope to see many Martian nations band together under this banner. It should be known that within both the MCP and the MCTG, Kafair will be the [b]Chairman[/b], responsible for executive orders within both programs. 

Good luck to you all, and hoping to see you all join soon,
[i]The Office of the Governor-General, Vice Governor Cahal Sail Fariz[/i]

Full Members: [nation]Salcanceacy[/nation], [nation]Goodawesomeness[/nation], [nation]American Pere Housh[/nation], [nation]The Fascist Waffle Empire[/nation], [nation]Robotic Mind[/nation]